1. brgjoe

    Carrier Sprint USA users, need some help/advice (iPhone 8+)

    I am using Sprint. Recently picked up a newer iPhone 8 Plus. It is Sim free/unlocked. In order to activate it with Sprint, once my newer iPhone set up, can I move my Sim Card from my older iPhone 8 plus and then have Sprint activate the newer iPhone 8 plus via the web? Or can I even use my...
  2. yellowtonkatoy

    Most Futureproof Carrier for iPhone?

    Given the upcoming transition to 5G, which cell carrier is likely to be most futureproof for current iPhones, especially since Apple won’t be making the jump to 5G anytime soon? I’m currently on Verizon, but since they’re shutting down CDMA sometime in 2019, I wonder how seamless that will...
  3. B

    Carrier Apple Upgrade Program Vs Sprint Flex 18mo

    hey guys just want to ask your opinion. am currently on sprint and i'm planning to upgrade my iphone. guys what is the best option.. upgrade thru apple or sprint flex lease.. thanks
  4. Stayfly2407

    Verizon iPads will be on MyVerizon app Tomorrow!

    For those who are looking to preorder for Verizon, I just left a Corporate Verizon store and happen to speak to a manager, they’ll have the new iPads on their app and website starting tomorrow. Other carriers may be the same.
  5. D

    Other no data on sprint with iPhone Xs

    I'm having serious frustrating issues with my data on the Sprint network. No one at sprint seems to know how to fix it. Gold iphone Xs 256TGB.
  6. Lammercy

    Carrier Sprint + Tmobile vs. ATT or Verizon?

    I'm coming to the point of complete frustration with Sprint after several excruciating years of waiting for service and quality to improve. Wanting to upgrade to the new iPhone Xs from my 7+ but I'm having serious reservations about signing on with Sprint again. I really just don't feel like the...
  7. crodonline

    Has anyone heard when 2018 iPad will be in mobile carrier stores?

    I was thinking about getting the iPad Pro 10.5, but with the new 2018 iPad having Apple Pencil support, I don't mind checking out that one first, based on my needs. I have an iPad Mini 4 16 GB through Sprint, so I would like to get the new one through them again. I've checked online and haven't...
  8. J

    Garbled or far away sounding

    I received my iPhone X and all of a sudden I now have issues with people complaining I sound far away or garbled intermittently. I contacted Apple and went thru every step they suggested. They replaced my brand new phone with another. Then I contacted sprint. The tech at the store tells me to go...
  9. A

    Applecare with iPhone Forever (Sprint)

    I just decided to go with the iPhone Forever plan at Sprint. They don't include Applecare or TEP with the base price/coverage. If I want to get Applecare do I have to purchase the 2 yr coverage plan, or is there a separate plan for the 12 month period I'll have this phone (iPhone X)?
  10. S

    Carrier Unlock sprint iPhone X (under contract)

    Got an iPhone X on contract from sprint and I will be leaving the country (to asia) for a while but I am sure it would not work since it is locked to sprint. Sprint wouldn't help (unless I pay the full amount) and I can understand but I don't really have the money right now. are there other ways...
  11. GDV217

    Shipping status change?

    My phone has been at the “pending shipment” status. It is expected to ship by November 14. Payment had posted a few days ago. Anyone have their shipment date update sooner?
  12. B

    iPhone X Orders 10/27 After 11am

    Hello, Has anyone who preordered the iPhone X after 11am on 10/27 receive their tracking information? I see everyone who ordered early morning have received tracking but i haven't seen too many people later in the day say the same. Please send a quick reply saying your carrier, date ordered and...
  13. Cooper326

    iPhone X Shipping - Sprint

    Hey everybody! This thread is to keep track of shipping and confirmation for iPhone X Pre-Orders placed through Sprint directly. To start, please post: 1) the date/time your order was completed (PST) 2) the quantity, capacity and color 3) your estimated delivery date. When you receiving...
  14. D

    7 plus A1661 Resale Value...I'm confused

    Why do Sprint phones consistently have a lower resale values- compared to Verizon or AT&T? Why is the resale value higher for an AT&T GSM only phone? My A1661 has the exact same specs of Apple Factory Unlock yet gets anywhere from $30-$100 less
  15. B

    Carrier Can't proceed through iPhone X pre-approval process because of Sprint

    Every time I put in the correct account PIN (yes, I've made sure its actually correct) and press on "Confirm Carrier", the app loads for about 5 seconds and then says "The mobile number that was entered does not match the account PIN. Please try again." Is anyone else experiencing this?
  16. G

    Swap Sprint SIM into iPhone X?

    I know with verizon you can just swap sim cards without having to contact them. But if i take my current sprint sim out of my unlocked iphone 5s and put it in an unlocked (paid full price on apple.com) iPhone X will it automatically work like verizon? I'm new to sprint and don't know if i can...
  17. jcsquid3692

    IPhone X Deposite/Down payment SPRINT

    Anyone Know any info on the Deposite/Down payment on the iPhone X for Sprint..? Ive legit contacted sprint numbers of times Still no answer :(!?
  18. jcsquid3692

    DownPayment Price Range - FlexPay Sprint iPhone X

    Anyone know the Down payment Or price sheet for Each carrier.... More looking for Sprint Flex Pay - ive since been with sprint since the 6S Plus & now with the 7P so im wanting to Jump to the X - But i want to be prepared on how much the Price is going to be last year i paid 212.00$ For the 7P &...
  19. gower2352

    Carrier Sprint 2017 iPhone 8 PreOrder Thread

    Does everyone have Marci's email?? Hahaha :):):) I hope and pray Sprint has their stuff together this year! I know Sprint sent an email out a few weeks ago about signing up to be the first to hear about new devices. They weren't specific though as to what those devices were.
  20. Bob Parker

    Carrier "Searching..." on my Sprint iPhone 6 (PLEASE HELP)

    I have been on vacation to Europe for 5 weeks, and I have just returned. Before the vacation, I turned my cellular data off, because I wasn't looking to bust the bank in order to use my phone. Throughout the vacation, my phone always said "Searching..." at the top left. As soon as I arrived at...