iPhone X Iphone x vs Galaxy s8 plus

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Gaprofitt, Oct 8, 2017.

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    Please do start. I'm interested to read your opinion about that.
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    Sep 12, 2014

    Really??? OP could just as easily stick with the S8 Plus and purchase a Samsung Chromebook Plus. It's still Android and chrome OS.
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    I have serviced my Verizon iPhone 5 in Japan, and my Japanese iPhone 6S in Singapore. Zero issues. The Apple stores helped me without any problems. Unless I know the exact story of that article you mentioned, I'm going with what I experienced myself.

    Compare that to my experience with Samsung support. Samsung USA refused support and told me they do not support unlocked devices, period. Samsung Singapore told me they only support local SKUs. And that's for a flagship Galaxy S4. Sorry, if I'm paying that much money, I'm going Apple. For Android, like I said, I can get a Xiaomi twice a year, and still save money compared to buying Samsung crap.
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    A common theme is "the ecosystem". Perhaps someone can enlighten me but I fail to understand this. Google photos can easily substitute for syncing your photos between machines, devices and it's also free. Facetime can easily be replaced by google duo. The only thing I can come up with is Imessage is you own a mac, that can be replaced as well with similar functionality but I'll admit it's not as good.

    If you did switch sure you lose all the apps, and would have to find replacements, but you gain the advantage is customization, being able to pick your own/sms messaging app.

    I would have went Iphone X is they introduced some newer technology, but with the highlight being FaceID, it's just not worth a $1,000 in my opinion. Lower battery life, smaller screen, NFC locked to the inferior apple pay..

    I'm not bashing Apple, I think both devices are great, but when one has inferior technology and cost more, you have to start to questioning things.
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    What makes the iPhone X tech inferior?
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    Then you have to ask yourself why Samsung priced the Galaxy S8 so high when Xiaomi Mi6 has the same SoC (SD835), more RAM and dual camera, minus the fancy screen, for about half the price.
    I fail to understand why people want to pay so much money for a Samsung Android phone.
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    Jun 9, 2017
    The iphone x is far from bezelless...
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    Smaller screen, smaller battery, NFC locked to Applepay, Applepay itself, 3GB vs 4GB ram, no headphone jack, no fast wireless charging, lower waterproofing.
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    Because Xiaomi is known by very few, it's like Heinz ketchup vs Kroger brand. Samsung has been doing this for a long, long time. You get the research and development behind the product. A product like that is going to be a drop off quality wise.
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    Well smaller screen is more of a preference. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s inferior. They are Samsung screens which everyone has said for years are the best. When it comes to battery life, they’ll be comparable, so I am not sure why it matters. iOS usually does a good job of power management. Same argument with the RAM. No headphone jack you could argue, but a lot of people are perfectly happy using Bluetooth. I am not sure what fast wireless charging is so I can’t comment, but I thought they had the same rating for waterproofing? I could be wrong. You have every right to prefer one over the other, but I guess Apple users tend to look at the overall package instead of necessarily specs. And definitely not compared to any competition on the android side. Apple tends to excel at build quality, performance, security, ecosystem, and support. With all of these coupled with a new advancements to the iPhone line, it is worth the cost. Just my opinion.
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    Oct 5, 2017
    Because to many people buy a Samsung and Apple, if they don’t the price will go down!
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    No phone is completely bezel-less. Its like most wireless headphones that still have wires connecting the headsets lool.

    but the iPhone X and the S8 are the closest things to bezel free phones you can get. I think the iPhone X has the edge tho more screen to body ratio.

    Show me an actual phone (not concept phone) that has better screen to body ratio than the iPhone X?
  12. pika2000, Oct 9, 2017
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    Unless you're a s.korean (which is understandable to be patriotic and defend Samsung), talking about qualities might work 5 or 10 years ago. Chinese phones qualities are up to par with the other brands now. Heck, look at Mi Mix, a ceramic bezel-less phone. Xiaomi even does its own SoC (Surge S1). And again, I can buy a Xiaomi, replace it twice a year, and I still save money from buying a Samsung.
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    Again, I have to ask those who are willing to pay $$$ for a Samsung phone, to only run the same apps as a Xiaomi for half the price. Seriously, people that are bashing Apple and yet go with Samsung should re-check their arguments.
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    Oct 15, 2011
    When I take a photo on my phone, it shows up on my iPad, Mac and Apple TV without me having to do anything else.

    I can share photo albums and can drop a photo into an album (from my iPhone, Mac or iPad) and they all are synced.

    I can buy cloud storage for backups, photos, etc. and have that shared so all family members can use it.

    I can use Find my friends to know where my family members are when we are going to meet somewhere.

    When I get a text on my phone, I can reply from my iPad (with keyboard) or Mac.

    Apps purchased on my iPhone can be shared across family members.

    For me, when it comes to “ecosystem” it’s also that it incorporates not just me but other family members that it integrates with.

    I’m sure I could do something with Google Photos, but it seems like it would be more difficult managing photos and albums and it’s always an extra app to install and then having to sync.

    There’s a lot of little things too, like when I went to set up my iPhone 8, I can restore the backup from my 7 and go through a few screens to set up fingerprint etc and away I go. I’ve never been able to set up a new android device to have it be an exact copy of my last phone. It’s always redownloading apps, setting up accounts again, etc. etc. I can even set up a new iPad using my lPhone backup to so I don’t have to set that stuff up.

    So it’s not just about the ecosystem of Apple Services (like photos, messages, etc) but also about how their hardware devices all interact. My Airpods auto connect to my iPhone and iPad for example.
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    Sep 13, 2016
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    Dec 15, 2010
    smaller battery yet battery wise i think you will see the x having better battery life or at worse even

    the ram disussion is pointless as android generally needs alot more ram than iphones

    wireless fast charging is coming with an update

    waterproofing? cmon there isn't any real difference in IP67 to IP68. Not unless you are on the beach everyday

    you really are reaching here. Tech wise the x is on par with the flagships from android. Better or not depends on your needs
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    I don't see anybody yelling to get the X over the SE. In fact, most are praising the SE. Your comment makes no sense.
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    Feb 21, 2013

    Off the top of my head i know the gs8 and gs8 + do, the note 8, and the essential phone all are rated higher with my screen to body ratio.

    But they are all pretty close
  18. Droidbricker Suspended


    Sep 13, 2016
    The Note 8, the S8, the S8+ are all over 83% screen to body ratio. The LOL iPhone X is under 83%. It’s also not edge to edge.
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    Jun 3, 2015
    When it comes hardware specs, imo, i find it useless if software isn't optimize for hardware.
  20. Jetcat3 macrumors 6502

    May 3, 2015
    82.9% is pretty much 83%. It’s more Edge to Edge than the S8 IMHO.
  21. ronincse macrumors 6502


    Nov 2, 2013
    Especially since from people doing real world tests it seems like the iPhones are AT LEAST as water proof as Samsung phones. Remember they don't send these devices off to get tested and assigned a rating, they target a rating and then the device is tested to see if it meets that specific rating
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    Sep 13, 2014
    Just posted this in another thread. Gives you a good idea where they all stand.

    Essential PH-1:
    • Screen-to-body ratio: 84.9 percent
    • Screen size: 5.71 inches

    Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, and Note 8
    • Screen-to-body ratio: 83.6 percent, 84 percent, and 83.2 percent
    • Screen size: 5.8 inches, 6.2 inches, and 6.3 inches

    Xiaomi Mi Mix
    • Screen-to-body ratio: 83.6 percent
    • Screen size: 6.4 inches

    Iphone X
    • Screen-to-body ratio: 82.9 percent
    • Screen size: 5.8 inches

    LG V30
    • Screen-to-body ratio: 81.2 percent
    • Screen size: 6 inches

    LG G6
    • Screen-to-body ratio: 78.6 percent
    • Screen size: 5.7 inches

    Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL
    • Screen-to-body ratio: 67.9 percent and 76.7 Percent
    • Screen size: 5 inches and 6 inches

    HTC U11
    • Screen-to-body ratio: 71.4 percent
    • Screen size: 5.5 inches
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    Mar 12, 2014

    The foreheads/chins on those phones are fat. I prefer iPhone X's small notch a million times over those.
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    Sep 13, 2014
    Nah, they're far from fat on the Galaxy S and Note 8. Even if they keep those bezels for the next few years, they'll still have a better looking and symmetrical design language than the iPhone. But I gotta ask, where was your opinion of fat bezels all these years while the iPhones had/have truly fat bezels?
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    To Bixby, say this: 'Open Play Store and download Google Keep'
    Say the same to Siri and Google Assistant. Tell me what you see,

    For the first time, I am voting to keep Bixby on my Note 8. It is genuinely useful and does things faster on my phone than I could. I am blown away by Bixby actually....

    iPhone's 'better' ratio comes at the expense of the god forsaken notch :-(
    I can't believe how Apple's fans can justify it.
    To your second point, Mi Mix screen-to-body ratio is at 91% !

    The photo stuff can be easily done via Google Photos and it costs you nothing! And you are willing to pay for Apple's storage tiers but have an issue downloading an 'extra' app :)

    Play Store has a family library as well.

    How many times a year do you buy a new phone that a one-time setup becomes so bothersome?

    Apple has got Airpods. Not sure how the new Google ones will perform. But I am not sure whether this convenience is worth paying the hundred of dollars of premium Apple demands with every iPhone.

    Where Apple is an absolute winner is how the apps made for iOS perform better on the iPhone. Not to say that all Android implementations suck but it is apparently easier on iOS to develop a high quality app and this is Apple's strongest advantage.

    Personally, I have made a choice to use the Note 8 as my primary phone while keeping the 7 as a backup. I am ok with micro stutters here and there cause the phone and the ecosystem offers so much more!

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