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Apr 12, 2001

Earlier this year, Apple design chief Jony Ive and designer Marc Newson created a number of one-of-a-kind items to be sold at a Sotheby's charity auction to benefit Product (RED). Two items in particular were Apple related, a pair of solid gold Apple EarPods and a new Mac Pro with a special red finish.

According to a pair of tweets by photographer Kevin Abosch, Tony Fadell -- one of the creators of the iPod and the founder of Nest, the company behind the Nest Thermostat and Protect smoke detector -- may have purchased both the Mac Pro and the EarPods at the auction.

The Mac Pro sold for $977,000 while the solid gold EarPods sold for $461,000. Other items sold at the auction included a Steinway & Sons grand piano that sold for $1,925,000 and a magnum of Dom Perignon 1966 with a custom red label that sold for $93,750.

Both 1 of a kind... @tfadell with the (RED) Mac Pro and he s already trying to hack it!! - kevin abosch (@kevinabosch) December 11, 2013
The red Mac Pro is one of the few out in the wild at the moment, as Apple has not yet started selling the device to the public. First shipments of the new Mac are expected later this month.

My friend @tfadell stopped by with 1 of a kind solid rose gold earbuds. Very cool! Thank you!!!!!!!!!! - kevin abosch (@kevinabosch) December 11, 2013
We have reached out to both Kevin Abosch and Tony Fadell for confirmation of the purchase and will update if we hear back.

Image via Kevin Abosch

Update: Fadell has issued a Tweet clarifying that he did not purchase either the Mac Pro or the EarPods.
To be clear, I m not the owner of either. The real owner will reveal themselves if they so choose. @kevinabosch @tfadell with (RED) Mac Pro - Tony Fadell (@tfadell) December 13, 2013
Update 2: Abosch has now tweeted a picture of himself reflected in what appears to be the surface of the red Mac Pro, perhaps supporting the theory that he is the owner of the machine.
Article Link: iPod and Nest Creator Tony Fadell May Have Purchased (RED) EarPods and Mac Pro for $1.4 Million [Updated]


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Jun 7, 2001
That Mac Pro is so beautiful. I wish I had a chance at purchasing something like that.


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Nov 6, 2012
Spends 1.4 million on a computer and earphones yet cant use a decent camera to show it off??


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Jun 20, 2003
wow, seeing that i wish they would do several colors in that amazing color chrome? look. it is really hot! like to see it in a blue too.


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May 1, 2012
wow, seeing that i wish they would do several colors in that amazing color chrome? look. it is really hot! like to see it in a blue too.

The aftermarket is gonna go wild with this. Personally I'd just take a clear shell-- the insides of the new Mac Pro are just beautiful.


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Jun 27, 2007
Central U.S.
Tony Fadell is awesome. For some reason I see him back at Apple someday. Maybe Apple will purchase Nest and he gets a top VP position and a huge bag of cash, haha.


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Oct 24, 2007
wow, seeing that i wish they would do several colors in that amazing color chrome? look. it is really hot! like to see it in a blue too.
What's the point? The vast majority of Mac Pros live under desks anyway. (Which makes it all the more annoying that they're cylindrical, as you can't properly shove them into the corner.)


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Nov 4, 2013
Memory and SSD's can, and there's a slight chance the GPU daughter cards could be upgradeable.

Apple should have given an option to buy the Mac Pro with a standard SINGLE Radeon 280 or 290 instead of dual FirePro's. Those GPU's are completely useless to sound engineers and raise the price of the Mac Pro by a LOT.

As is typical with Apple and the Mac Pro, its always one step forward, two steps backwards. Its hard to tell if they want this computer to sell, or if theyre too incompetent to listen to the needs of prosumers or theyre purposely SLOWLY killing off the Mac Pro line.
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