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Aug 13, 2011
Northern Virginia
Personally, with so many people now having gone through several iterations of iPhones with many using their older versions as back-ups, as music players, etc, I just don't see a new generation of the iPod Touch on the horizon.

Thats what I'm doing with my iPhone 7 Plus. I use an Android device now, and though I got most of my music over to my Pixel 2, Double Twist just isnt the same as iTunes. I really wish they would bring back the iPod Classic, with flash storage and cheaper pricing, but thats never going to happen.


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Oct 23, 2016
So if i buy this (

can i still use the phone without inserting a SIM or having to buy a plan?
I bought a Total Wireless 32gb iPhone se on Black Friday to use as an audio player. To clarify, you have to insert the SIM card during initial activation of the device. This should come with one taped to the box. Mine did. You can remove the card after that but then you’d have to put up with the occasional notice that there’s no SIM card inserted. At no point do you have to activate phone service. Aside from the phone services or cellular data services, the iPhone will function perfectly.

Look around a bit. I’ve seen them for 100 bucks here and there. Boost mobile used to have a 128gb for 200.


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Feb 4, 2011
I feel like the Iphone SE is at this point is basically an ipad touch with a sim card slot.

More than an adequate processor, storage, and camera at a decent price for what an ipod touch would be used for.

Honestly feel like there's an opportunity for apple to move in on the "action" cam/vlog market with an actual updated ipod touch.
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