Is it worth waiting for the new MacBook Pro?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by CinemaMaker97, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. CinemaMaker97 macrumors newbie

    Apr 3, 2016
    Hey everyone quick question. Is it worth waiting for the 2016 MacBook Pro? The reason I ask is because I have seen and heard so many things about it getting thinner and fears of the MacBook Pro losing power due to its possible new thinness. I currently have a late 2012 Mac Mini with 500GB of storage and 4GB of ram running Final Cut Pro X and was going to upgrade it to a fully upgraded MBP 15". I am going to college late in the summer and since I will be upgrading my canon dslr to a BlackMagic Cinema Camera MFT and running even more software than final cut and motion I need something more powerful.
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    Jun 13, 2014
    If you can wait, then wait. Personally, I would wait for the update. Nobody knows for sure what is in store for the design. Hopefully they will have an announcement with release in the next 2-5 months. If your current one is working good then no rush, wait for the announcement see what you think then decide. If you don't like it then get the current model (possibly discounted as places will want to get rid of old stock). The current 15" Pro has an almost 3 year old CPU and Integrated graphics card.
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    Mar 12, 2014

    top end has the AMD setup. Its pretty decent. Gaming not mentioned but newer games like say XCOM 2 can run it. check specs for game as always if you want that for a diversion. More laptop friendly offerings run fine. Blizzard for example and Diablo 3 or Star Craft 2. I am in seasonal play in Diablo 3, pushing rifts as best I can solo. It takes a fair bit for me to make it slow down abit. Exploding palm build monk...I set things up right it literally is a screen full of enemies blowing up so some slowness expected.

    Video work its not like we get much choice (ie. Nvidia CUDA to speed up post processing in CUDA enhanced applications).

    You need to run off house power to use the AMD, not battery. This will be the case with most any laptop with dual video. Most high end laptops have the meh onboard and the good one. All make power the thing that separates them. get the base graphics. This for a reason....good graphics card will eat up battery real fast.

    Mid 15 owner, can't complain about its performance. Video work is FCP (d750 video via ninja 2 recorder for pro-res support). Stills I use DxO (aperture was killed off, went to adobe LR and remembered quickly why I left it years ago and DxO a nice enough home to settle into for me, ymmv).

    OP look at haswell versus skylake in google searches. Follow many links...its not the be all end all upgrade its made out to be...if MBP even gets it. Find articles with it in current systems and fly by seat of pants feel as well as benchmarks....benchmark as only references do not tell the whole tale. Some benchmarks will have haswell neck and neck you will find or close enough to be negligible imo.
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    Feb 20, 2009
    OP asks:
    "Is it worth waiting for the 2016 MacBook Pro?"

    Once again, "the old rule" applies.

    Do you need a new MacBook RIGHT NOW?
    If so, then get one now.

    If you don't need one right now, then YES -- I sense that the 2016 MacBook Pro will prove to have been "worth waiting for" when it comes out...
  5. urkel, Apr 4, 2016
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    The current Macbook Pro 13 may be a year old but from design to specs to chip then this is a mac that feels like one of those 5yr old PC's that the Apple execs were laughing at. Sure, its a good computer but at $1500 then it just isn't fresh or modern.

    I just sold mine with no regrets because, while I really don't trust Apple to ever make a truly "Pro" Macbook again, this is a computer that is way overdue for an overhaul and I expect Apple and Intel to actually make a Mac that finally turns heads this year.

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