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Is my Maps Directionally Challenged, LOL?


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Original poster
Apr 19, 2010
Fort Wayne, IN
Okay, this has me baffled. I keep thinking it must be brain flatulence, but I don’t see how. I first noticed it yesterday as I was driving across Kansas, and it happened every time I was on a US Hwy. When driving one direction on the road, Maps said I was going the OPPOSITE direction. I even have a picture to show it.

Now at first I thought maybe when it said I was to stay on 40 East maybe it was because that particular point of the highway was east of the mid-point, but as I watched, that wasn’t it. If I was heading south, Maps said it was North. West was East and North was south.

When I took this picture, I was heading due west on US 56 in far west Oklahoma, but if you look at Maps on my iPhone (in iOS 12) it says “stay on 56 East”. But I wasn’t ON 56 East! What am I missing here????
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