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  1. seme332

    HomeKit Wrong location in HomeKit Automations

    I have recently moved to a new address and have changed my home address in my contacts card, in maps as well as in my Apple ID settings. Since moving my lights will randomly go off and music will pause at the same time randomly on my HomePods/Apple TV. I was confused why this happened, until I...
  2. ric_d

    No Maps Spoken Directions Through Car Radio in iOS15

    With iOS 15, I can no longer get spoken directions from Apple Maps to play over my car radio. In the Maps settings, I have 'Spoken Directions' -> 'Directions on Radio' set to on. My iPhone 13 Pro connects to my car through Bluetooth. I don't have CarPlay. This has always worked fine for me with...
  3. G

    Apple maps camera warning no longer working

    Apple Maps used on CarPlay used to notify me when a red light camera or speed camera was ahead (it would announce “Camera 1km ahead”) however since updating to iOS 15 I no longer receive these alerts. The camera icon appears on the map however no warning. I have the audio set to all...
  4. purdnost

    Maps Guides Doesn’t Automatically Sort Based on Default Filter

    This is perplexing to me. I don’t know if this is a bug or intended behavior but when I open a self-curated guide in Maps, “Sort by” appears (I have it set to distance), but the locations in my list aren’t sorted by distance. I have to set it to sort by name or date added, then back to distance...
  5. kmichalec

    iPhone Apple Maps & Police Marking

    i Know with the release of iOS 14.5 Apple Maps has the ability to submit a “Speed Trap”. I’m curious what this actually means? I just tested Apple Maps out on a round trip drive from Detroit to Cleveland and back, and kept Waze running in the background while using Apple Maps in the foreground...
  6. H

    Are Siri Suggestions any better?

    When Siri Suggestions were announced, I had high hopes. Having Siri suggest relevant things throughout the OS seemed like a great idea. Especially as it doesn’t require the delays and (mis)interpretations of speech recognition. However, the result was as useless as Siri itself. Actually, I find...
  7. srbNYC

    In Maps, my "Send to Device" options are grayed out

    I've chosen a destination on Maps on my MacBook. Under the three dots, when I select "Send to Device," both my mobile devices are listed there, but they're grayed out and unselectable. I wonder it's a setting of some sort, but can't figure what or where. All three devices are currently on my...
  8. MozMan68

    Apple Maps Thread - iOS 15

    This is a Wiki Thread for the latest updates to the Apple Maps app. Note that some of the updates listed below may only be available in the latest beta software and not necessarily publicly available until iOS15 is released. The thread for new Maps updates that occurred during iOS 14 can be...
  9. purdnost

    Maps Sorting Bug?

    When I open any of “My Guides” in Maps, “Sort by Distance” is already selected, but I have to tap it, then tap “Distance” to get it to sort properly every time. It doesn’t sort automatically by default, even with that sorting option selected. Is that expected behavior, or does it seem like a bug?
  10. S

    How to change this annoying Maps pop-up?

    There's one annoyance with Apple's Maps - the pop up window that I can never get rid of. If I've missed something please help me. I just want to see the location, not all the extra info Apple throws at me.
  11. M

    iPhone Save own route on Apple or Goggle maps?

    Is there a way to save a route on Apple or Google maps on iPhone that you make. What I mean is I want to plan a route myself to avoid certain roads and then save it for easy recall when I’m using CarPlay. I don’t want Apple/Google maps to take me direct to the destination, I want to save a...
  12. sonnenhund

    iOS 14 Maps Lag?

    We were driving home last night, using iOS 14 Maps for the first time (on CarPlay with the wife's iPhone 8). There was a noticeable lag between the location where Maps said we were and where we _really_ were. Our position displayed on the map was probably 250 meters behind our current actual...
  13. purdnost

    Make Locations in My Guides Appear at Top of Search Results?

    One minor annoyance I have is when searching for a location I’ve saved in a Maps guide (bookmarked as a favorite, in other words), the results are always at the very bottom, beneath local suggestions. Is there any way to have these appear at the top, or should I suggest it to Apple?
  14. P

    All Devices Cant remove or edit pinned location in Apple maps!

    Hallo, I cant remove some pinned locations in Apple maps... I really want to get rid of it... Can you please help me out?
  15. S

    Why is macOS Maps ignored by Apple?

    Apple made some great features and UI changes to Maps in iOS 13. But how come the Maps app in macOS Catalina didn't get the same updates? It's frustrating that there's not feature parity between the two apps.
  16. S

    Instagram is now using Apple Maps for their location maps

    I noticed today when looking at a restaurant that Instagram was using Apple maps instead of Google maps for their location map.
  17. jayducharme

    Maps constantly using Location Services

    Has anyone else noticed that since Catalina, Maps is now continually triggering Location Services, even if the app hasn't been used? The little directional arrow in the menu bar keeps appearing and disappearing about every 30 seconds.
  18. silvetti

    iPhone Apple Maps Ride Option is dead?!

    Hi! The Ride option in Apple Maps never really took off here in Europe at least compared with Google Maps which has several options. But now Ride shows absolutely nothing for me. Can anyone confirm they see the same behavior or something different?
  19. M

    iPhone No Direction Button in Maps iOS 13?

    Upgraded my iPhone XS to iOS 13 and now the directions button in Maps is missing. Or am I just an idiot? thanks everyone!
  20. S

    All Devices Can’t add work address to Maps

    got my new phone (yay) but maps is kinda buggy. for whatever reason, i’ll click add work address and it prompts me to use my contact card, which i do, and it won’t update. i’ve tried deleting information and re-entering it but to no avail. i also tried searching my work address and adding it...