1. P

    All Devices Cant remove or edit pinned location in Apple maps!

    Hallo, I cant remove some pinned locations in Apple maps... I really want to get rid of it... Can you please help me out?
  2. S

    Why is macOS Maps ignored by Apple?

    Apple made some great features and UI changes to Maps in iOS 13. But how come the Maps app in macOS Catalina didn't get the same updates? It's frustrating that there's not feature parity between the two apps.
  3. S

    Instagram is now using Apple Maps for their location maps

    I noticed today when looking at a restaurant that Instagram was using Apple maps instead of Google maps for their location map.
  4. jayducharme

    Maps constantly using Location Services

    Has anyone else noticed that since Catalina, Maps is now continually triggering Location Services, even if the app hasn't been used? The little directional arrow in the menu bar keeps appearing and disappearing about every 30 seconds.
  5. silvetti

    iPhone Apple Maps Ride Option is dead?!

    Hi! The Ride option in Apple Maps never really took off here in Europe at least compared with Google Maps which has several options. But now Ride shows absolutely nothing for me. Can anyone confirm they see the same behavior or something different?
  6. M

    iPhone No Direction Button in Maps iOS 13?

    Upgraded my iPhone XS to iOS 13 and now the directions button in Maps is missing. Or am I just an idiot? thanks everyone!
  7. S

    All Devices Can’t add work address to Maps

    got my new phone (yay) but maps is kinda buggy. for whatever reason, i’ll click add work address and it prompts me to use my contact card, which i do, and it won’t update. i’ve tried deleting information and re-entering it but to no avail. i also tried searching my work address and adding it...
  8. thewhitehart

    All Devices Maps Favorites and Collections not syncing between devices

    I’m just wondering if anyone is having this problem on iOS 13.1 Public Beta 3. I submitted a report to Apple. When saving a location to Favorites or My Collections, the saved location is not synced to Favorites or My Collections in the Maps application on other devices that are logged into the...
  9. M

    Maps won't connect without reboot

    Hello, I am running macOS Sierra (10.12.6) with all the latest security updates etc. Almost every time I open Maps I am unable to search for any locations - sometimes I get a notification to say that it can't connect. I then close Maps, leave it for a while, and then re-load. Sometimes it...
  10. RSmith2023

    iPhone Apple Maps & Routing

    I REALLY want to use Apple Maps as my default navigation app but I cannot. Apple Maps seems to have preset “spokes” in its possibilities for navigation routes. This is particularly evident when attempting to travel between locations over “back” or secondary roads. Apple Maps will prefer to route...
  11. M

    CarPlay GPS issue

    I recently bought a new car (Mercedes Benz CLA 180) and tried using Apple CarPlay in it. Everything else works except navigation apps. When I use either Google maps or Apple maps, the current location gets constantly switched between the actual current location and somewhere in the middle of the...
  12. indychris

    Is my Maps Directionally Challenged, LOL?

    Okay, this has me baffled. I keep thinking it must be brain flatulence, but I don’t see how. I first noticed it yesterday as I was driving across Kansas, and it happened every time I was on a US Hwy. When driving one direction on the road, Maps said I was going the OPPOSITE direction. I even...
  13. Pndrgnsvc

    iOS 12x, CarPlay & Google Maos

    Is Google Maps going to be fully functional with CarPlay upon release of iOS12.x, or does that capability require more work?
  14. S

    How to get location based functions to work with a Bluetooth car receiver

    Hello! Does anybody know here how to get the two location based functions to work with a Kenwood car receiver: > Reminders (getting in the car / getting out of the car) > Maps ("How to finde your parked car with Maps on your iPhone") ( with my car...
  15. anthony818N

    Making or tampering with iPhone maps symbols?

    Are you able to make or tamper with the icons/symbols that are on the iPhone map? Like the ones that they already have for like restaurants and shops things like that. I know I sound stupid but are you able to create your own or move them to other random locations?
  16. anthony818N

    Why do Random address and pin points appear on my iphone maps?

    Hello just a question regarding Maps: Sometimes when i go into my iPhone Maps i see addresses and pin points that are unknown to me..and appear on their own. Does anyone know how they get there? or how i can prevent this? I hear that it can have something to do with my gmail account...
  17. IGI2

    CarPlay CarPlay - view while driving, not navigating

    Hello Community! I've been looking for it everywhere and I didn't find a comprehensive look at the Apple Maps UI in CarPlay while just driving. Currently, I have the OEM sat nav, which has this "standby" 3D view, which I like, because I can check surroundings, streets, or simply I just know...
  18. SaucyWeeTart

    Why can't you assign an actual place marker as a location in Apple Maps?

    Hi guys, This is an issue I've always had with Apple Maps and I've never seen it addressed in forums, websites or by Apple themselves. Nowhere. It makes me feel like I'm not getting something. So, I'm wondering why you cannot assign an actual place marker as a location (including home and...
  19. telepati

    Cant delete Maps Seacrh History permanently?

    Hi Guys, I am deleting all recent search history but when I open&close the app all history coming back. I have also an old iMac with El Capitan no problem on it. For High Sierra, I am using this article for clean history but no chance every restart the all history still there...
  20. jagooch

    Add store to contacts from Maps including open hours

    I save stores in my contacts for directions and so that i can look up what hours that they are open. I can see the store address, phone number, hours, and other information in Apple Maps, but when i add it as a contact, it does not put the stores open hours in notes as i think that it should...