Is WiFi calling the best option for traveling abroad

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    I'll be traveling to Europe in late August. My iphone 6 is still locked so no SIM replacement.
    I have AT&T and they offer a travel plan for $40/month which includes 200MB data and each call costs $1.00/min. Can I make WiFi calls in Europe without AT&T charging me extra?
    I won't need to make that many calls in 2 weeks, but AT&T will charge me $1.00 on the Int. plan if someone leaves a voicemail :( and I might be receiving lots of those for work! So I'm thinking WiFi calls are going to be the best option? Will I get charged overseas for these, or should I just stick to making Skype calls when I'm on WiFi?

    My requirements are more or less
    1. I only want to carry 1 phone
    2. I want to use cellular data for maps when outside the hotel
    3. I want to use my phone (phone and cellular data) without worrying about a huge bill
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    There's no extra charge for wifi call but in some places you may have to pay for the wifi connection itself.
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    I don't believe the other replies are correct. This is pasted from the AT&T website..."

    • You can make calls to domestic numbers and receive calls with no additional charge and no impact on voice call airtime usage.

    • For international calls, the rates from your calling plan or international long distance package apply.

    • Your calls to premium numbers such as 411 will be billed at standard premium rates."
    There will be a charge for international calls. Exactly what...check with AT&T. But it won't be free.
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    At those prices charged by AT&T, you may be better off renting a phone and plan locally while you're traveling in Europe. Check around before you give in to AT&T.
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    Well, that seems to be in line with what was mentioned before, perhaps with the specific stipulation that the free calling would apply between US numbers (as it does when using the phone in US) and not international numbers.
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    Except that Questionwonder asked.."Can I make WiFi calls in Europe without AT&T charging me extra?" and the answer he got was "Wi-Fi calling should work just fine for that without extra charges as I recall."
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    The way I read the OP was that it was in relation to making the usual calls that the OP makes, which would be US calls. That's pretty much the implication that carried over in my reply. But, yes, technically speaking, to be more precise and correct I should have included "(for US calls)" in that sentence in my reply. (Just edited my original reply to clarify.)
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    This question and the replies got me to thinking more about it and I just spoke with an ATT rep and was told...with wifi calling, international calls refer to a US number calling to, within or between a foreign country and calling rates apply, eg, Europe is $2.00/min. Calling back to a US from a foreign country (both parties having US numbers) is only minutes from your calling plan. I'd double check with AT&T again if you plan on using this feature. Different rep different answer.
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    These two links hopefully will clear this up.

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