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  1. A

    iPad Air Using a US bought iPad Air 4 Cellular in Australia

    Hello kind folks of MacRumors, Pretty straight forward question... Will an unlocked cellular iPad Air 4 (4th gen) and an unlocked Apple Watch Series 6, both purchased in the US, work in Australia? Let's assume that we're talking about an Australian GSM network (like Vodafone) that supports...
  2. D

    Other Buying iPhone from US and shipping to your own country - experience

    Hi everyone As we are on the verge of a new iPhone being announced and preordered, I was wondering of anyone's experiences purchasing an iPhone from the USA and shipping it to their own country. I just moved to the UK due to work and personal life and have quite a bit saved in my Apple ID...
  3. Q

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Best way to handle calls when traveling and using a different sim?

    Leaving for Asia and Europe on a backpacking trip for 1-3 months. I don't want to get the AT&T international plan as I've done it before and it was expensive. I want to be able to receive my AT&T calls. In the past I purchased a burner phone when I arrived and a SIM card with a small amount...
  4. tombarnes

    iPad Contacts: Phone Number format NIGHTMARE

    I've scoured the forums for an answer on this! My devices, MacBook Pro, iPhone and personal iPad have been all in harmony and working just fine for years. I've just started using iMessage and other iCloud functions on my separate work iPad. However, my work iPad formats all my phone numbers in...
  5. Z

    Carrier Locked iPhone but going to live abroad. Options?

    I'm going to be living in France later this year from late August through December. I currently have a new iPhone XR that I bought through T-Mobile in the US, so it's locked. Is it possible to get T-Mobile to unlock it for me before then or no? If not, I was looking at the Apple clearance site...
  6. S

    Mac With international keyboard

    Hello I want to buy a MacBook Pro but I need Hebrew keyboard which isn't available to purchase in the uk. A friend of mine, after a fight with apple, managed to get one with an iMac. Has anybody had any success in purchasing a Mac with a keyboard thats not usually available in their country.
  7. wins_lord

    Carrier iPhone Upgrade Program Activation Outside US

    Hey everybody, I’ve got a weird but interesting question. Would an iUP iPhone be activated outside the US? Has anybody actually tried it? Regarding the unlock status AFTER activation, there’s no doubt as I’ve traveled with my iPhone internationally a lot. But we know that these iPhones are...
  8. ashton18

    AT&T iPhone X - Will it work with Japanese carriers?

    Hello, I'm currently living in the US but moving to Japan in February. Last year I bought the IP7+ with AT&T Next. AT&T Next shows I'm eligible for an upgrade at the moment. If I buy the new iPhone X through the AT&T Next program and pay off the phone prior to my departure, will the iPhone...
  9. Z

    2016 MBP keyboard layout

    I'm ordering a 13" tbMPB from Switzerland and this must be the only county in EU that doesn't have the International English keyboard option when placing an order online. It's either British or US. I've searched all over the internet, and I am unable to find a picture of MBP with British...
  10. janeauburn

    Apple selling full-priced but crippled iPhone 7s

    Why does Apple do this? If you shell out full-price for a supposedly unlocked phone, you should get a phone that works with any carrier in the U.S. and any network worldwide. It's not until the "sim-free" phone becomes available that you get this. So in effect those shelling out full price for...
  11. Q

    Is WiFi calling the best option for traveling abroad

    I'll be traveling to Europe in late August. My iphone 6 is still locked so no SIM replacement. I have AT&T and they offer a travel plan for $40/month which includes 200MB data and each call costs $1.00/min. Can I make WiFi calls in Europe without AT&T charging me extra? I won't need to make that...
  12. Traviscottrell

    International flights with 21' IMAC as hand luggage

    Hi, I recently Traveled from Siouth Africa to Australia with my iMac 21' as hand luggage with Qantas. The reason I am posting this is because prior to my departure I could find very little info or people that have done this. I decided that the original I mac packaging was far too big and...