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wifi calling

  1. S

    Can’t enable WiFi calling.

    Been working with Verizon but still can’t find a way to enable WiFi calling. Every time I try to turn it on on my iPhone I get the message “to allow WiFi calling on this account, contact Verizon”. Verizon assures me it is enabled and activated on their end. Anyone had this problem?
  2. spencecb

    iPhone XS WiFi Calling

    Hi all, I’ve been having a weird issue for the last several weeks on my iPhone. Every night at just about the same time (7:48pm Central) I get a message on my iPhone telling my that WiFi has been enabled on the maximum number of devices allowed. I have attached a screen shot. I get it...
  3. G

    iPhone XS Max iMessage over Wi-Fi On the android phones putting it in airplane mode doesn’t even help.

    I’m having a problem with sending MMS over Wi-Fi with my iPhone XS Max.The same problem has also happens on my galaxy S9+ and other family members android phones. Inside my house I barely get a cell signal whatsoever. If I do it’s only one or two bars and it’s either a 3G or 1X. Because of this...
  4. C

    iPhone XR T-Mobile Wifi Calling

    I have been unable to get Wifi calling with T-Mobile to work since I upgraded to my XR. I running the latest public beta (12.1). Is anyone else having issues? I do not get any errors, but do not see the carries status change to T-Mobile WiFi like my prior phones and cannot make calls with...
  5. A

    Mojave Wifi Calling

    Hi i have always had issues with continuity between iPhone and the iMac (late 2015 retina) in terms of using the feature to make calls via my iPhone on the iMac. Everything else works; continuity for continuing where i left off from my iPhone on my mac, and vice versa, the universal copy and...
  6. I

    How Does Wifi Calling Work

    Hi. Am i correct to say that Wifi calling will work on the phone when it feels one of the 2 signals is better than the other essentially use whichever of the 2 signals is stronger so for example if my cellular connection is quite strong but at the time my wifi isnt will it use cellular signal to...
  7. J

    Carrier Static on WiFi calling<->WiFi calling (AT&T)?

    Hello, Has anyone noticed if you are on ATT-WiFi calling and the person you are calling is also using an iPhone on ATT-WiFi calling there are pops/static during the conversation? I am using an iPhone 8 Plus (latest iOS as of this writing this post). GOOD: WiFi calling -> Anyone (landline...
  8. zachlegomaniac

    Default Calls to WiFi

    Hello, I receive very poor reception in my home that ranges from one bar to (sometimes) two. It cuts out and drops calls frequently. It seems as though my phone (iPhone 7 running iOS 11.2.5) is defaulting to the poor cellular connection on T-Mobile instead of my WiFi. It's driving me nuts...
  9. Statusnone88

    iPhone AT&T WiFi Calling Issue - iOS 11.1 on iPhone X

    Curious if anyone else on AT&T is having issues setting up WiFi calling on their new X? I actually work for AT&T so I was able to clean slate the feature on my account. During the new setup process I was able to go through the steps to set it up and completed it, but it never activated. Now...
  10. B

    wifi calling not activated in High Sierra

    The wifi calling on my iPhone 6s has already been activated and it works well on both my iPhone and iPad (wifi+Cellular). But on my MacBook Pro with High Sierra installed, it just won't work. In the "Calls From iPhone" settings it is the one that says "Use your iPhone cellular account to make...
  11. Smileyboy

    WiFi calling stuttering

    I need a little bit of help with Verizon Wi-Fi calling. First a little bit about my set up. My Comcast service is the Blast service more than enough for what I need. I have a 2012 apple extreme router I also have a 2013 Apple time capsule. The devices running on my network is Nintendo Switch...
  12. J

    Wifi Calling Abroad

    So in less than a month I'll be leaving the good ol' US of A and living for 4 months in Ireland. While there I plan to get a second local phone number on a short-term contract, and I have an older iPhone I want to use on that network. I just discovered AT&T's WiFi Calling for iCloud devices, and...
  13. M

    WiFi Calling added to 2012 Mac Pro 5,1?

    I apologize in advance if this has been discussed before, but has anyone convinced WiFi Calling with supported carriers such as Verizon Wireless to work on a Mac Pro 5,1 2012 model? I am assuming that it needs an updated Bluetooth 4.0 module an the Continuity patch installed, but wasn't sure on...
  14. teddybearstand

    Any Fido/Rogers with this Wifi-calling issue?

    iPhone 6s on 10.3.2. Been having this issue since a few carrier updates. If I have no service but have wifi, calls work fine and i can send SMS, but I cannot recieve SMS. Once i connect to Fido towers, the texts start coming in. I've tested with a few friends and by sending an sms to myself. If...
  15. E

    WiFi Calling Lost

    did anyone else lose WiFi calling on iPhone 7 upgrade? Re-enabled in settings but it never goes through wifi despite showing as on.
  16. Q

    Is WiFi calling the best option for traveling abroad

    I'll be traveling to Europe in late August. My iphone 6 is still locked so no SIM replacement. I have AT&T and they offer a travel plan for $40/month which includes 200MB data and each call costs $1.00/min. Can I make WiFi calls in Europe without AT&T charging me extra? I won't need to make that...
  17. AndyBP912

    iOS 10 Beta Wi-Fi Calling

    Is anyone having issues with trying to get their Wi-Fi calling to work or activate?
  18. H

    iPhone AT&T WiFi Calling on iOS 8.1

    With the announcement of enabled iOS 9.3 WiFi calling on AT&T, is there any tweak to turn this on for those of us still stuck on 8.1?