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Jun 22, 2016

Just calendar
A simple calendar for Apple Watch

Just calendar is a calendar application for Apple Watch. The idea comes from the shortcomings that I have and maybe others have too on the default Apple Watch calendar application:
  • Can’t view the calendar in different ways
  • Can't view past or future dates or events
  • Boring Date complication
.. etc

And my application can solve those problems and even more:
  • View the past, current or future calendar by day, month, or year

Also, it has symbols to signal if there are events in a date
  • See event by timeline and in details

  • Date and Event complications which help to view the current date and events, also quick access the app from any watch face

  • Customize Date Complication

They are the current features of the application and there are more coming up in the future.
I also share some promo codes in the appropriate forum.

And finally, don't forget to help me leave some reviews on App Store if you like it.
Thank you!
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