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  1. T

    Series 9 "Noise Suspended"

    I've been having this issue with Apple Watch Series 9 since October. I use the Noise complication and I particularly like the large version (although the small version has the same issue). I started noticing soon after buying my Series 9 that the Noise complication would often be greyed out when...
  2. MikeMcCollister

    watchOS 10 and Weather Rain Complication Problem

    I have upgraded my Apple Watch Series 5 to watchOS 10.0 (and now 10.0.1). I have on my Modular face in the bottom left the Weather rain complication. Once I upgraded to watchOS 10. that complication will show a dash ("-") for about half of the time. Looks like a bug. Anyone else having this...
  3. Rainshadow

    Ultra Lat/Long Complication

    Anyone else have the lat/long on the ultra always reading blank and says “updating”? One of the most useful features to me would have having the current lat/long displayed on my watch face - believe it or not. It’s pretty frustrating that it NEVER seems to work and I’ve tried updating my...
  4. markgravity

    Apps Just Calendar - A simple calendar for Apple Watch

    Just calendar A simple calendar for Apple Watch Just calendar is a calendar application for Apple Watch. The idea comes from the shortcomings that I have and maybe others have too on the default Apple Watch calendar application: Can’t view the calendar in different ways Can't view past or...
  5. B

    Which Apple Complication do you miss most?

    Is it only available on a face that you don't like? Is it only available as a corner complication? Is it the now the big complication on the Infograph Modular when all you want is a small circle? Or is it just plain gone? Vote here!
  6. I

    Apple Watch 4 - Missing complications in either Infograph or Modular watch face?? [MERGED]

    Hey all, I realize before I even post this that no one will likely be able to help me with this, at least not yet. But I still wanted to mention it. I was looking through the online manual for the Apple Watch which is already updated for series 4. In particular I was looking at all the...
  7. SeeleGames

    Apps The Knight Watch - arcade puzzle game designed for Apple Watch

    Hi everyone ! I'm Dimitri, Game Designer for Seele Games. We just released The Knight Watch, a fast paced puzzle game combining chess mechanics with arcade gameplay. We feel it perfectly fits Apple Watch device and can work for short spurts or longer sessions. Let us know what you think ! You...
  8. S

    watchOS 3.2 causes calendar complication to show next event instead of current one

    If, like me, you are bummed with how watchOS 3.2 (actually probably since 3.1) "broke" the calendar complication, then please consider providing feedback to Apple at: Here is what I submitted - feel free to use this text: SUBJECT = Recent watchOS...
  9. A

    Apps Humidity (not "feels like") Complication?

    Does any app support a humidity complication? Not looking for "heat index" or "feels like"... Checked every major app plus some humidity apps to no avail. Why does Apple seem to limit what can be a complication?!? Ridiculous...
  10. A

    Apps Commodity Index Complication

    I work in oil & gas and the price of oil is something we obsess over. Is there an app that offers the ability to add a commodity index complication to the watch face? I've checked a wide number of apps to no avail... Example: Index Units Price CL1:COM WTI Crude Oil (Nymex)
  11. C

    Apps Step counter complication app

    Hi all, I'd like to announce Marcher, a step counter Apple Watch complication. I couldn't find a simple watch complication that showed steps with a nice icon, so here is Marcher. It shows steps every day and resets overnight for the next day. Updates occur every 10-20 minutes and use the...
  12. geckosk

    Apps iPhone Battery Customizable Complications, Glance & Notifications

    Hello everybody! I was missing a quick way to check the iPhone battery from Apple Watch, so I built an app for that and I am quite proud of how it turned out. Each complication slot has several different styles that you can pick from the Apple Watch app. You can change how often the...
  13. geckosk

    Apps Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum.. complications

    Hello everybody! I can see that macrumors forums loves nice complications, so I wish to share Crypto Pro, nifty little cryptocurrency ticker that I made and use every day . App is intended for casual price followers; watch can update at most 2-3 times per hour (as to stay most battery...
  14. realpras

    All-Day Events not displayed in Complication or Glance

    Hey all, I just wanna confirm with you all that all-day events (such as birthdays) are not displayed as an event in complication and glance. Is there any way to have all-day events to be displayed in complication and glance? So instead of saying NONE, my calendar complication should say my...