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Apr 12, 2001

All of the iPhones Apple plans to produce in 2018 are likely to abandon the Touch ID fingerprint sensor in favor of facial recognition, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told investors in a note sent out this evening.

According to Kuo, Apple will embrace Face ID as its authentication method for a competitive advantage over Android smartphones. Kuo has previously said that it could take years for Android smartphone manufacturers to produce technology that can match the TrueDepth camera and the Face ID feature coming in the iPhone X.

We predict all new 2H18F iPhone models will likely abandon fingerprint recognition. We believe this change will allow all new models to realize a competitive advantage via differentiation, on the back of an integrated user experience of full-screen design and TrueDepth Camera/ Facial recognition/ Face ID/ AR applications.
Face ID, says Kuo, will continue to be a major selling point of the new iPhone models in 2018, with Apple planning to capitalize on its lead in 3D sensing design and production.

Kuo's prediction suggests that all upcoming 2018 iPhones will feature a full-screen design with minimal bezels like the iPhone X, meaning no additional models with the iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus design would be produced.

That would spell the end of the line for Touch ID in the iPhone, which has been available as a biometric authentication option since 2013. It's not clear what that means for the Mac and the iPad, but Kuo has said he expects next year's iPad Pro models to transition to Face ID.

Should Apple decide to abandon Touch ID, it also means development would potentially end on a rumored under-display Touch ID solution.

Back in September, Kuo predicted 2018 iPhones would fully adopt the TrueDepth camera and facial recognition if Face ID was "well received" by customers, but further research conducted by KGI Securities has led him to believe it will indeed be successful, leading to today's more definitive prediction.

Kuo believes that Apple's transition away from Touch ID will also turn Android smartphone manufacturers away from fingerprint recognition. As he said in an earlier note, he expects high-end Android smartphones to "ditch" under-display optical fingerprint recognition in favor of 3D sensing techniques.

Despite Kuo's prediction, Apple software engineering chief Craig Federighi recently hinted that Apple may not be ready to abandon Touch ID across all its products just yet. While he said Face ID is the future of biometric authentication, he also noted that there are settings where different biometric techniques or combinations of biometrics could make sense.

Article Link: Kuo: All iPhone Models in 2018 Likely to Abandon Fingerprint Recognition


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Sep 25, 2017
Pittsburgh, PA
I get it that Face ID Is the future and it will be featured on more and more Apple products going forward, but I can't imagine that they'd completely abandon TID in some of their phone lineup when it's proven technology that is likely a cash cow by comparison to Face ID. I mean they've got an SE, 6, and 7 series along with the 8 and X. Then again I couldn't imagine the "courage" it took to abandon a 3.5mm phone jack either.

As long as the prices come down for the X and the technology is good, I have no issue with it. It's progress. For now, I'm loving my 8+ with "old school" technology of TID.


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Sep 11, 2012
Indy, US
Couple thoughts:

1) Apple must be very confident in this feature. This could be very damaging if this doesn't catch on.

2) Apple has done this in the past. Removed the floppy disk, removed the CD drive, removed the 3.5mm jack, etc. Some of those have seen history prove Apple was right. Some Apple is still trying to prove was the right move. Touch ID will definitely be added to that list, time will tell which way it is viewed.


Sep 29, 2017
maybe the people who have been able to use iPhone X since the announcement have given a resounding 'yes, it's great.. better than touchID '..

i mean, if this rumor is true, there's no way Apple would do it on a hunch.. they know it's better.

I think they’ve done a lot more testing than that. Likely with internal users for over a year. I don’t see them introducing something this radical without having gone through all possible use cases, and deciding it’s better overall than TouchID.
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Jul 1, 2008
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Well that means there’s no SE 2 coming
That’s what doesn’t make sense to me.

The SE is a huge seller in so-called emerging markets, like South Asia and Africa.

Are they going to move the SE replacement to Face ID, or keep the current SE as is for several more years? There are big downsides to either. If they do the former, that’ll make it more expensive to produce, and likely have the same lower yields we’re seeing reported. With the latter, the phone will fall further and further behind current tech.

I’m very interested to see how this resolves.
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