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Apr 12, 2001

In a wide-ranging research note today outlining a roadmap for the iPhone lineup, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared a tidbit on Apple's foldable iPhone plans, indicating that the company could launch a device with a 7.5–8 inch display in 2023.


A 2023 launch would be dependent on Apple being able to solve "key technology and mass production issues" this year. He says the product has "not yet officially kicked off," so it appears to still be in the research stage and previous rumors have indicated Apple could still decide not to proceed with it.

Rumors of a foldable iPhone have been rampant as other manufacturers have launched products with varying designs. Reports have indicated that Apple has been working with both Samsung and LG on foldable OLED display technology, with another recent report claiming the display would be in the range of 7.3–7.6 inches and support Apple Pencil.

Article Link: Kuo: Apple Could Launch Foldable iPhone With 7.5–8 Inch Display in 2023


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Oct 11, 2011
I doubt they will ever get it to their standards, it’ll never be released. Unless they do something like Microsoft but where the two screens are so close together when it’s opened that it looks like one screen.

Also folding phones can only change the ratio from wide screen to more squarish, or vise versa. Neither is very useful.
Feb 15, 2021
Just in time for the foldable fad to be over!
A lot of people who think they don’t want this will get their wallets out as soon as they hold it.
Exactly this, 100%. I will be sure to check back in a couple of years to hear how much these haters love their new foldable iPhone. Once it is finally released...take my money Apple!

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Oct 13, 2020
Not interested in foldable. I am interested in iPadOS including a calculator, weather and phone app! If I can make calls on the iPad via contacts and FaceTime, why not give me the proper tools?
Because an iPad is cheaper than an iPhone and it would negatively impact sale unfortunately.


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Aug 29, 2011
I just hope they don’t intentionally make traditional form factor iPhone models inferior (less powerful processors, inferior cameras, etc) in order to sell more of these expensive foldable models instead.

I use my phone one-handed most of the time. If the folded, one-handed experience with these foldable models is limited in any way, it’ll be very disappointing. Sure it would be nice to have a bigger screen at some times, but not at the expense of a quality one-handed experience.
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