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Apr 12, 2001

Leaked images obtained by TechCrunch show that Google is developing its own debit card offering in partnership with banks in the United States.

The debit card would be available in both virtual and physical formats for making purchases. The leaked screenshots reveal that users would be able to add or remove funds from the card after connecting a bank account, with a fingerprint and PIN for account security. Users would also have a virtual card number and CVC code for online or in-app payments.


As a debit card, the so-called Google Card would not be a full-fledged Apple Card competitor, but it would have many similarities. Google's card would be more similar to the Apple Cash card, which is effectively a bank account-linked debit card in the Wallet app that allows users to send and receive money with Apple Pay.


The physical Google Card could look quite similar to the Apple Card based on the image above, although it might not be representative of the final design.

It is unclear when Google plans to launch its card.

Article Link: Leaked Images Reveal Google Working on Apple Cash Card Competitor


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Jun 12, 2012
Is there a single thing Google doesn't copy?
It's embarassing to see this non-innovation from the richest tech company in the world.

To be fair, Google has tried pay cards a few times. I just have a hard time investing resources towards google products because they flip-flop all of the damn time. How many different "official" messaging apps have their tried?!


Jul 12, 2016
Is there a single thing Google doesn't copy?
It's embarassing to see this non-innovation from the richest tech company in the world.

So it’s unreasonable to expect another company to try something similar in terms of introducing their form of payment? I don’t see the problem here, nor is it really ‘copying’. Apple wasn’t the first with in-ear buds with AirPod pros, but they released their version after other competitors did. The tech sector is meant to be competitive, it doesn’t just have to be one company releasing something where others can’t follow.


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Jan 10, 2012
the Alpha Quadrant
Yeah let me trust all my credit card transactions to the company that specializes in selling personal information ?‍♂️

Agreed, you couldn't pay me to use this today (now that I'm older and wiser (hopefully)). That and Google has conditioned me to expect them to give up on products I integrate into my life and rely on.


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Aug 9, 2008
Looks like the front of the physical card has a dot pattern similar to a Snapchat snap code. So there must be some sort of optical card recognition feature. Maybe that's how you'll add the physical card to your Google Wallet or whatever it's called now since there's no physical number printed on the card.


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Apr 18, 2018
Actually, Google did it first, but it never really took off.
That is the trouble with google, great at thinking up stuff, crappy at implementation. and for the record, google might have done it first, but did not do it right first. Lets hope that all changes, I hear pixels are pretty good, they are developing their own ARM chips (yah, that's a copy), and they have a lot of AI stuff that's really great


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Jun 30, 2015

This is gonna be another EPIC fail. They try and then cancel crap way too much...

Google Wallet was garbage an lets not forget the privacy or lack there off of all information.

:apple: Pay now an beyond!!!! hopefully with more 3% vendors being added...


Jul 21, 2011
Is there a single thing Google doesn't copy?
It's embarassing to see this non-innovation from the richest tech company in the world.
Is there a single thing Apple doesn't copy? Like jailbreak tweaks they've blatantly ripped off and baked into iOS? Or things from Android?

It goes both ways. Choice and competition is not bad for consumers. Not everybody has an iPhone.
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