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Apr 12, 2001

Google is expected to unveil the next-generation version of Android, Android 12, in just a few weeks. Ahead of the software's debut, XDA Developers has shared some leaked screenshots that give us an idea of what we can expect from the new software.


According to XDA Developers, the screenshots are sourced from an "early draft of a document made to summarize changes in Android 12," and those who are using iOS 14 will notice a few similarities between Apple's latest update and Google's upcoming release, as PCWorld points out.

Apple in iOS 14 added a little dot in the status bar to let you know if the microphone or the camera is activated, and in Android 12, Google appears to have a similar option. When the camera or the microphone is in use, there's a green bar at the top of the Android interface.

After an app has accessed the camera or the microphone, Android 12 displays a small dot that can be tapped to let you see the specifics of which app used the phone hardware.


Google is also adding toggles for universally disabling the camera and the microphone in its overhauled privacy interface, which goes a bit beyond what Apple offers. With iPhones and iPads, you can disable camera and microphone access on an app-by-app basis, but not for every app.

The widgets interface in Android 12 is similar to the widgets interface in iOS 14 with a cleaner look and better organization to make it easier to find widgets to use on the Home screen.


Apple likely won't be upset that Google is following in its footsteps to boost privacy controls, as Apple execs have said several times that when it comes to privacy protections, Apple is happy to see competitors copying its work.

Google is also planning to embrace another Apple privacy change - App Tracking Transparency. Recent reports suggest that Google is considering a "less stringent" version of the feature, which requires app developers to get user permission before tracking them across apps and websites. "We're always looking for ways to work with developers to raise the bar on privacy while enabling a healthy, ad-supported app ecosystem," said a Google spokesperson.

The leaked screenshots from XDA Developers haven't been confirmed, but we should see the new Android 12 operating system features later in February.

Article Link: Leaked Screenshots Reveal iOS 14-Like Privacy Features Coming in Android 12
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Jul 25, 2016

I can't unsee though how all major mobile UIs seem to move towards these stupid wasteful squircles and padded rectangles. Do Apple and Google exclusively hire design interns with a grudge towards information density and incapable of coming up with better design systems? Do they have any senior UX people in their teams at all?
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Nov 6, 2020
It's not a bad idea for Google to start implementing those Privacy Tools... but like some of the comments. How much of it effects how Google itself will collect info?


Dec 17, 2020
Took me a while to realize this was Android. Even the colors used to signify what the app is doing is the same damn colors on iOS. That's some nice CTRL C, CTRL V Alphabet!
I believe Android lets you customize the entire look and feel in Android 12, from the app icon to the accents. The leaker just happen to chose that color


Sep 13, 2014
Don't be fooled, Google's work on privacy tools is their bare minimum attempt to get ahead of the curve in terms of the public's (and government's) interest in privacy and data governance. They want to make people feel safe using their products before people start asking questions about alternatives. Their core business model is still monetizing you.


Mar 24, 2015
I believe Android lets you customize the entire look and feel in Android 12, from the app icon to the accents. The leaker just happen to chose that color
Would certainly hope so. It just irks me seeing things repeated across multiple competitors (see every damn video service that carries a + nowadays)

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Aug 14, 2018
Adoption of Android 11 after 5 months is 2.1%

At this rate, Android users will have Android 12 in 2023. ?


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Oct 24, 2014
Like the status bar on android isn’t cluttered enough as it is. „Take a screen shot“ notification icon like THANK YOU I know I just took a Screenshot.

Notification is a convenient shortcut to access the file.
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