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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today began selling the Leather Sleeve for the new iPhone 12 models, with the accessory having first been announced alongside the updated iPhones in October.


Priced at $129, the Leather Sleeve is not a case and is designed to be removed when the iPhone is in use. It features a cutout at the front that displays the time, and it comes with a matching leather strap. According to Apple, it is made from "specially tanned and finished European leather" that's soft to the touch and develops a patina over time.

The sleeve is designed to fit tightly around the iPhone, protecting it from scratches and drops. The inside has a pocket for a credit card or ID, and charging is possible through the sleeve with Apple's MagSafe Charger. Apple warns that as with Leather Cases, the Leather Sleeve is subject to "slight imprints" when used with MagSafe accessories.

Apple sells the Leather Sleeve in Baltic Blue, Pink Citrus, Saddle Brown, and (PRODUCT)RED. It is available for all four of the iPhone 12 models, and orders placed today will deliver starting in mid-December.

Article Link: Leather Sleeve for iPhone 12 Models Now Available From Apple

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May 30, 2016
But the MagSafe Duo is still MIA?
Whats going on Apple!!! You announced this thing over A month ago, and it’s not that complicated of a product.
Plus, I already know someone who saw it on the store, went to go buy it, and then got frustrated that it just couldn’t be ordered. What type of system is that?
It doesn’t say “ coming soon,” it doesn’t say “ available soon,” it just says “not available.”
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Jun 29, 2011
still waiting for my wallet to ship. ordered it like last century!! come on Apple may be focus on delivery for current accessories instead of releasing lame ones!


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Sep 23, 2016
Florida and New York
Holy crap, $130 for that? I have to admire Apple for so shamelessly pushing the price boundaries of what they think Apple customers are willing to spend.

”Specially tanned and finished European leather that develops a patina over time.” Maybe somebody could explain exactly what European leather is and how it’s any different than leather from anywhere else.

So, an overpriced leather sleeve that isn’t durable enough to maintain its look over time and wears out quickly. And that’s a feature? Does anybody want a patina on their phone case? A 100 year-old family heirloom gold or silver necklace would look nice with a patina, not an iPhone case.

Reminds me of Apple’s silicone case that I bought for my iPad Pro 9.7, where the raised buttons would wear flat very quickly (making locating the volume and power buttons by touch difficult), and after the second case wore out in just a few months I just stopping using them. Maybe that was a patina-feature too.
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