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    I am running Lutron Caseta switches and a HomePod through the Home app. I am having trouble getting an automation to run. I have it set up to turn on a specific light whenever any of us come home but it is not working.

    Within the HomeKit I have identified the automation as "When Anyone Arrives Home," have identified the three residents for whom this should work and have identified the specific light I want to come on when we get home. All three residents are on the home wifi system and are connecting automatically when we get home.

    What am I missing? Appreciate any help you could provide.

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    There is a lot this could be so we’ll need to narrow down the issue first. I think it will be best to get it to work for you first before hassling everyone else.

    1. Has it ever worked?

    2. Does your Home correctly identify your homes location. Type “home” into maps.

    3. Is home correctly identify your home homes location correctly? After looking up home in maps press edit location and move the map so the home icon is on your house.

    4. Is sharing my location turned on in iCloud and is it sharing from your iPhone? Settings > AppleID (your name), iCloud, share my location > toggle on and set to “this device”.

    5. Location services turned on in general for HomeKit. Settings > privacy > location services > home > while using

    6. Make sure Lurton app can access HomeKit. Settings > privacy > HomeKit > Lurton app is there and toggled on.

    7. Home Hub is connected. Home app > home tab (bottom left) > location icon (upper left) > under Home hubs the home hub your using is there and reports “connected”. If you have multiple homehubs one will be “connected” the others should report “standby”

    8. Remote access work? Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you are connected to cellular (or just when your not home) does turning the lights on and off work?

    9. Are you using the automation correctly? I don’t have multiple users so I can’t see every option but some automations only fire if no one is home. So if someone is home OR HomeKit thinks someone is home the automation won’t fire. This could happen if someone using “share my location” but from another device that is already home.

    If all that checks out I setup a new automation exclusive to you see if it works. If so add one person at a time.

    I listed those as # so you can list the answers easily.

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