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Jul 10, 2018
Austria - Lake of Constance

is anyone aware what cell level is used in the Mac Mini 2018's SSD NAND?
SLC, MLC, TLC or even QLC?
As far as i have seen (on iFixit) apple is soldering Toshiba TSB3225V81199TWNA1 chips to the logicboard.
But i cannot find any info about the chips on google...

Any infos?


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Nov 9, 2015
Honolulu HI
About a week ago, I also did a search on one of the Toshiba chip part numbers that iFixit had (for the MBP) and it likewise didn't turn up anything. So it may be an Apple-specific part number.

Apple was part of the investment group that bought a majority (just under 60 percent) of Toshiba's memory chip business. So going forward, you'll probably see mainly Toshiba NAND chips in Apple computers.

From what I see, Toshiba no longer sells consumer SSD's which have MLC chips and I recall reading an article some time back where a Toshiba executive said they were moving away from MLC in their SSD's. However, they still do sell SSD's to Data Center and Enterprise clients with MLC NAND. So while it's likely that what Apple now puts in their newer-design Macs (those which use their own SSD controller) is TLC, there is a possibility that it is MLC because Toshiba still makes MLC. If anybody has more definitive information, I'd like to know that too - none of the articles I've read specifies what NAND technology Apple is using. I don't think it is QLC - it seems the endurance on these drives are currently not that good.
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