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Mac Mini 2020 Catalina not working with HDMI switch + extractor


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Oct 26, 2020
Hi, I use an LG 4K monitor that works like a charm when I use HDMI directly with the Mac Mini 2020.

Would like to use a Sonos Beam soundbar and in order to do that, I'm using an HDMI switch audio extractor.

I wondered if I could get the audio to work but to my surprise, there's no video signal coming through. I tried sequencing by turning on the Mac after putting the switch and monitor on.

I tried the same set up with my Nintendo Switch and this works. LG monitor shows video and the switch + extractor passes through the audio through an HDMI cable with Toslink adapter.

Why would there be no signal passed through?

As the monitor has a USB-port I could use an HDMI to USB-C connector to see if this works?

I could use Airplay but that's not that stable tbh and doesn't do 5.1 (I have as SUB and 2 play ones with the soundbar).

Appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you!


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Dec 27, 2018
I just started using a HDMI switch with my 2018 Mini, although for a different use case (I literally received it last Thursday). As I'm working from home, I share a display between my Mini and my work laptop (Windows). And I have run into a similar issue.

I bought this one.

It is usable and I am overall pleased with it, but occasionally there is no video signal from the Mini. If I boot with the switch set to the Mini, I get the initial boot screen, but sometimes it loses the signal when my other displays (I have three connected to the Mini, the other two via a eGPU) come on.

If the Windows machine is running, I can switch between the inputs, from Mini to Windows and back, and the display then works correctly. If the Windows machine is not on, then sometimes turning the display on and off will resolve the issue, but sometimes I need to unplug-replug the HDMI cable from the Mini to the switch (at the switch end, as that is more accessible in my set up) and that fixes it.

And if I boot the Windows system with the switch set to Windows, then boot the Mini, and then set the switch to the Mini, it works fine.

Good luck getting your issue sorted.
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