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Jan 1, 2016
Dear community,

I am owning a EVGA Displayport HUB but unfortunately it does not work. My Acer (DVI(HDMI)) and Viewsonic (DVI) shows the same picture, so its cloned and not using extended or mst mode.

Right now I am asking myself if I purchased the wrong adapters, since I read with MST you should use active adapters.

Would you have any hints for my problem? Someone already got it running?


Macbook Air 11.1" (Early 2015)

1x ViewSonic VP191s (VGA and DVI)
1x Acer AL2216W (DVI (to HDMI)

EVGA 200-DP-1301-L2 Displayport Hub

SAMTECH Displayport DP to VGA Connector Adapter Male to Female Cable Adapter Converter - Black

Wentronic Displayport-Adapter (19-polig HDMI-Buchse auf 20-polig DP-Stecker)

DELOCK Adapter DP-St > DP mini-Bu white

Kind regards
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