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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Ruwaid, May 12, 2018.

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    May 12, 2018
    Hi guys, my names Ruwaid and i recently bought a Macbook Air 2017, iv always wanted to buy a Macbook because i love the operating system, windows is too clustered for me, Anyway i have a full setup with dual monitors but i would love some assistance on how i can go about connecting two monitors as a dual extended display. The Model i have has a mini-display port, 2 usb ports and an SD slot. I bought many devices trying to connect two monitors but none seemed to have work, the one that i bought was:

    doesnt do what i wanted it to, the only option i see left is a usb to HDMI, but i really dont want to blow the bank away, please be aware i can connect with both HDMI and VGA, if there any suggestions please feel free to tell me, im currently in Australia and Amazon is very difficult here because of the shipping prices, so please stick to ebay. Thanks guys!
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    Bottom line is that the MacBook Air is a poor choice if you need more than one external monitor, it just wasn't intended to support that (except via the very expensive and now discontinued Apple Thunderbolt display). I don't understand why you expected that adapter to let you use dual monitors, it just allows you to plug one HDMI display into the thunderbolt port.

    I think the only option would be a USB adapter, have not used any myself but I'm sure you will see some latency (lag) if you go that route.

    Matrox makes this device that will allow you to use two monitors, but they are treated like a single virtual screen. So if you connect two 1920x1080 screens, it will act like one 3840x1080 screen. this might work for some applications, but is not the same as two independent monitors (for example, the same menu bar will stretch across both screens).

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