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Apr 12, 2001

The first of the pre-orders for the MacBook Air are starting to trickle in, but with the bulk of early-orders expected to arrive on Friday.


First delivery

The 5th Avenue Apple store in NYC already had the MacBook Air on display, and even had an SSD version of the MacBook Air. A couple of users have posted their first impressions from that encounter: brief hands on with SSD, another first impression. Most Apple Stores are expected to have display models starting Friday.

115009-iphone013008 004_300.jpg

5th Avenue Apple Store

Due to the high level of interest in the MacBook Air, we've created a new sub forum: MacBook Air Forum for readers to post their questions, impressions and discuss Apple's newest laptop.

Other threads of interest: U.S. Readers waiting for deliver, European readers waiting for delivery.

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Doctor Q

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Sep 19, 2002
Los Angeles
I'd love to test the SSD model's speed myself. I'd run a permissions check just to see how fast it runs!


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Mar 19, 2005
Mac OS X version??

What Mac OS version??? 10.5.1?? I'd be interested to see if these are loaded with 10.5.2. That would mean today is the day!
The UK?

It's great that they're on display in NYC but what about over here in the UK? Anyone have any idea when the Apple stores over here will have them in for people to play with?

I really wanna see it in person; like most Apple products I bet they'll look EVEN better in person than in dimly lit photos!

Clive At Five

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May 26, 2004
St. Paul, MN
Wow, there is no doubt about it, that is a truly sexy machine. I haven't seen beauty like this in a computer since the Cube (which still wins my vote, however).

It's too bad this little laptop is so overpiced. I can't imagine what is inside it that makes it cost $1799... its own personal RDF generator??!


Clive At Five

macrumors 65816
May 26, 2004
St. Paul, MN

Well when you compare it to other overpriced things it looks like a steal... but price vs performance, the only theft taking place is in the pocketbooks of its new owners.

I'll happily sacrifice the 2 measely pounds, .5", and back-lit keyboard for a cheaper, more powerful notebook, thanks. Why? Because I have common fiscal sense, and I'm not a wimp.

Wait, are we actually still having this argument? I'm tired of snapping my fingers in the faces of brain-washed RDF victims.

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