MacBooks ARE better for the price... (Help with ideas)

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Ryuukumori, Jan 3, 2009.

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    I noticed this because with some experience using friends' Toshiba's, HPs,and Sony Vaio's, they are all hard to replace the hard drive. MacBooks make it really easy.

    I mean, this is one little plus for this notebook. I am trying to compare and contrast the latest benefits and pluses MacBooks have over other PC laptops to better my chances of getting one for college in June.

    Any ideas? These are things I have so far.

    1. MacOSX (no viruses, clean, non-bloated, etc)
    2. Hard drive replacement (and battery too) easy
    3. Sturdier design (by personal experience using these)
    4. Longest battery life I know of
    5. Reliability and longetivity

    This is not a comparison between Mac and PC. Let's look solely on why Macs are reputable for good things that stand apart for its price.
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    Jul 11, 2008
    6. Multi-touch trackpad: once you get used to it, you can never go back to those crappy small PC trackpads... I love all the two/three/four finger gestures :D It makes your workflow faster and more efficient.
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    phased to this universe
    You could add:
    - target mode on macbooks and macbook pros with FW connection
    - dual boot with bootcamp - it's really two computers in one
    - robust included software that is not matched on any PC with the iLife suite. People tend to look at the hardware side only when purchasing a computer and forget that they either have to add useful applications or upgrade the 30 day trial software.
    - iWork suite is very usable for me and is a pretty inexpensive addition to a Mac. Powerpoint has nothing on Keynote when it comes to nicely designed templates. You have to go third party on a PC to get well designed show.
    - magsafe power adapter
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    Westland Michigan
    I will just try to sum it up for you very simple "They Just Work" I was a PC user for the past 15 years and switched over to a Mac about 6 months ago I would never go back!!!!! I was so sick and tired of the problems I had, that was the breaking point for me and I don't regret ever changing, should have done it 15 years ago!
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    I was setting up someones PC laptop yesterday, the trackpad seemed the size of a postage stamp compared to my unibody !!
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    Mar 3, 2007
    HDD replacement is easier on a Mac compared to an HP?

    Uh.. no? I'm on my HP right now. All I have to do is remove 2 screws and pull a tab. Plus HP used standard screws, not Torx screws, on the casing so I can easily replace the drive without having to go to Radioshack and buy a $15 screw kit.

    Also, to swap out my battery, I just have to push a little switch over and the battery pops out. I can literally swap my 6 cell for my 12 cell in less than 5 seconds.

    Windows only has a virus problem if the user itself has an issue with installing software that the browser, OS, and Defender all warn against and try to stop the installation.

    OS X has its own little problems too. The one I've encountered recently is, when trying to sync iPod after iPod, iTunes and OS X become increasingly unstable and need to be restarted entirely. Plus OS X wastes CPU cycles like nothing compared to Windows. Tasks that take 5% in Windows will eat up 30+ in OS X.

    Sturdier design? I wouldn't say so. Even though my MacBook is aluminum and my HP is plastic, with the HP I don't have to worry about system threatening dents, scratching, corrosion, or any of that. And I don't have to worry about the cracking problems the plastic MacBooks have.

    Reliability also does not fall in the Macs favor either. Like many people here, I've gone through multiple replacements due to poor build quality and poor repair practices.

    Battery life also does not fare well against my HP. Real world battery life on my MacBook is around 4.5 hours. Real world on my HP with the high capacity 6 cell is about 3.5 hours. With the 12 cell its 7 hours. Thats with WiFi on, screen to the lowest (still brighter than the Mac at 50%), browsing, etc.

    You also have to consider other things. The MacBook is lacking severely in terms of standard connectivity. It lacks ExpressCard, which all 13.3" PCs have. It lacks HDMI in favor of mini DisplayPort. The funny thing about DisplayPort is that it is royalty free, completely. So Apple gets to pocket the entire $29.99 you spend on an adapter. Where HDMI requires a 2 cent fee to be included. 2 cents. HPs and others these days have shared eSATA and USB ports, card readers, finger print readers, built-in HDTV tuners, etc. And, I'll admit I was wrong, the new HP lines DO in fact include 4-pin Firewire, leaving the MacBook as the ONLY mainstream consumer notebook WITHOUT Firewire. Plus HP offers higher resolution glass screens, blu-ray, more video memory than the $2,000 MBP, etc. The MacBook, really, is just not a good buy. No Mac is if you are talking about overall value. You only buy a Mac if you want OS X. You do not buy it for any other reason because when you start looking at hardware features, the MacBook and MBP fall WELL short of systems costing less than half as much.
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    Jul 23, 2008
    Macbooks use propietary connections, so you need like a zillion adaptor cables to connect it to everyday equipment like monitors / tvs
    Unless of course you are willing to shell out for a new Apple led monitor at the same time, oh how convenient!
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    Dec 20, 2008
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    Maybe they should get the service manuals first before adventuring into a laptop. Why force them to switch?
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    As for the HD, I just take my battery cover off. Virus protection isn't 100% and if the company who makes the protection doesn't have an update for a virus, the protection is useless.
    Express card issue I thought I would miss it till I realize my last 2 computers that had them broke and I had to buy an external one anyways. So 1 less thing to break. Firewire isn't an issue for everyone. I had them on past PC's and never used them, so everyone doesn't need one. Finger print reader.. I have one on an older laptop.. never used it.
    So if the other things on top of what I said isn't needed for a person, I doubt they will care they are not on a Mac.
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    Most preference comes from how much upkeep you want to deal with on a computer.

    Macs do their best to shove everything into one box. Programs that are bought seperately are very reliable and simple to use.

    Windows requires a lot of upkeep, with constantly monitoring what you download, what sites you go to, and various other tells that could show an unstable system.

    Both systems are fllled with problems. I think that macs are simplier, with streamlined programs, but some people like the options that PCs can give you.

    As for what's worth the money? The touchpad is veryvery worth it. I like the fact that peripherals can be bluetooth (so useful, having a unwired mouse). Leopard comes with bootcamp, so if you yearn for that Windows program, you can satisfy your Windows craving. Front Row is really fun to use, if you manage to get an apple remote, and it works (kind of) with most itunes features.

    I think your arguement would be best put as: "I'd be happiest with..." Because having a computer that you constantly yell at is stress that you could do without during college.
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    I'd like to direct you here.
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    All notebooks/laptops have come a long way in their design.
    IBM/Lenovo, HP, Dell toshiba and sony to name a very have quite a few models where there is more than one screw to remove the hard drive from the body and 3 to 6 screws to remove it from the mounting tray.

    Quality - that all depends on the product line. I wouldn't expect a $500 notebook to have the same components as a $2000 unit.

    Battery life - dependet on the size battery installed and the demand on the processor. Full bright, max processor speed, iphone connected and charging, while surfing or watching a video 2.5 hours to 3. Max I would say is 5 hours.

    Style What I think of one platform is most likely different than someone else standing next to me.

    Price I think macs are more expensive than PC counterparts. Again my opinion and perception.

    When I recently purchased 2 new dells they both have hdmi and bluray. There was the mac deal breaker.
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    Jul 11, 2008
    I am no fanboy or whatever, I use more Windows and Microsoft product than any Apple product, and I'm equally trained in both environments. I really take no sides; I love MS to be honest... I know I might get shot by saying that here, but I see some flaws in your post.. therefore:

    Yes, and it's just that much easier for me to steal your HDD, unlike MacBooks' where Kensington lock would lock the battery cover as well, protecting HDD and Battery.
    Besides, have you seen any other PC laptop's back/under parts? Apple really set the benchmark in easy HDD replacement with the plastic MacBooks.

    Same with my Unibody MBP. I can change it less than 5 seconds. And It's SECURED with my Kensington lock, unlike yours. Nobody takes my battery

    However, it is still possible to approach the root/registry without user permission. The UNIX foundation of Mac OS X does not allow that in any way; making Mac OS X that much safer than Windows. And for Mac, even if the user itself has an issue, Mac will stop. :)

    LOL! You're serious? Ask anyone for comparison between OS X iTunes vs. Windows iTunes. There's a reason why people hate iTunes on Windows...

    Because Plastic is so much stronger than Aluminum... right...? Anything's vulnerable in the hands of those who does not care for their investments.

    And that's exactly why Apple wins the "best service" and blah blah most of the time; Example One Example Two and many more.. just google.

    Er......... ok.. so 4.5 is worse than 3.5, yes. And MacBook is quoted at 5 hours in the beginning, so.. 4.5 doesn't sound too bad to me at all....
    And I think you need to get your MacBook checked at the closest Apple Store. Your Mac's screen isn't bright enough for you at 50%? Many people complain that it's too bright at the lowest settings... As with myself.

    Yup, that I agree with. For the money we consumers pay, we do not get the best hardwares available. But the OS, service and all combined, it really isn't a bad deal. By the way, can you show me the same spec laptop as MB or MBP that costs less than half? I'd be delighted. And please compare reasonably.

    anyways, I'm sure everyone agrees that Apple might be a little bit more expensive. But I just think that's the extra thing I have to pay for the great service, great reputation, and great machines :)
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    Jan 3, 2009
    I see it's turning into a Mac vs PC thread. I own both, macs and pcs (Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Gateway) and I work in IT.

    Macs are built better, with higher quality materials. Seriously, go to a store and put the new macbook next to any laptop in that store. There is no comparison. I mean are we really trying to compare a unibody glass and aluminum construction with plastic and aluminum-look vinyl?

    Next, compare dimensions with those other laptops, and you'll see it's thinner etc. I think the new macbooks simply look next gen when compared to the current laptops from other manufacturers.

    Use the Macbook and you'll notice that it runs DEAD SILENT (not happening with other laptops especially with vista) and that the battery really lasts a long time (without having a 600 cell battery sticking out 12 inches behind the laptop). You'll also notice it stays extremely cool, because of its fan design and aluminum housing.

    Also, OSX simply has Vista beat right now. I've been using Vista since it came out and I decided to put it in the trash, where it belongs. It's unstable (3rd party fault, MS fault...who cares), crazy resource intensive and not good for laptops. XP is a bunch of old news that still happens to work. It's like saying you could drive an Aston Martin but you decide to drive a civic because it's reliable. It makes little to no sense.

    If you do not want a computer that generates constant headaches (constant updates, trojans, browser hijacks, driver incompatibility, data corruption, etc.) simply buy a Mac...for now. Things might change when Windows 7 comes out, but I doubt that will influence the build quality of laptops in any way. In the future you might have to buy a Mac and put Windows 7 on never know :)
  17. Harmless Abuse macrumors regular

    Mar 21, 2008
    Vista is not the monster everyone makes it out to be.

    You know what Snow Leopard is? Snow Leopard is what Microsoft tried to do with Vista, only Apple put the pretty graphics on Leopard and Microsoft waited until Vista. There is nothing really wrong with Vista, people just whine and moan because they're uneducated and don't necessarily like change. We had similar issues with XP and now it's like the perfect MS OS really.

    I like OS X, it's nice, it's simple, I like UNIX. I still can't stand the people who harbor such negative feelings towards Microsoft without knowing anything.

    The virus thing is 90% a user's fault. You don't get a virus if you're responsible. Install a good FREE antivirus. AVG and Avast! are great, free, and update their databases 24/7. I get virus database updates once every hour or so with Avast! I haven't paid for anything out of it. Advanced System protector or malwarebytes is great for spyware/adware/malware, again it's free, and it's unobtrusive.

    You avoid viruses by clicking those fake ads, opening a shady email, or surfing porn sites. Is that so hard? No, but people are going to blame their destroyed computers on Microsoft instead of admitting they messed up and tried to pirate photoshop. Out of my 10 years (not nearly as long as most people on here, granted), I've faced no virus issues, because I have very basic common sense.

    Mac notebooks don't seem like they're worth all they're hyped up to be. I like mine, but for $1000 you're getting an older machine with a case prone to cracking and discoloration even with the gentlest of hands. Aluminum is NOT stronger than plastic no matter what you think. Aluminum is a really soft metal, it scratches easily, dents easily, flexes easily, and while it looks pretty, and can be durable, there are a lot of plastics that will put that aluminum to shame.

    The lack of ports makes me very sad inside. End of.

    The large trackpad is a plus though. The gestures seem like a gimmick though.

    The OS is what people are paying for, even though Apple doesn't have to pay the licensing fees every other notebook shipped with Microsoft does, so we shouldn't have to pay like we do, but we do anyways.

    The build quality makes me rather sad too. For a machine that's supposed to be top-of-the-line, I notice a lot of issues with loose cases, or hardware issues like failing harddrives, failing optical drives, bad screens, dead pixels.

    Don't even get me started on the screens. For the price you pay for that machine, you should get one nice screen. It's LED backlit, but the viewing angles are very poor. My $500 Compaq notebook had better viewing angles. They skimp on a lot of things even though you're paying quite a bit.

    Upgrading everything isn't so easy on the MacBook. I don't like how in the aluminum, upgrading RAM is a bigger pain than ever, and you shouldn't need multiple screw drivers in order to access your harddrive.

    As for the Kensington lock, honestly, I shouldn't be in a situation in which I leave my notebook unattended, let alone worry about someone sitting there trying to steal my internals. If you're worried about your battery being stolen, then you either have a mild case of paranoia, or you leave your notebook alone in public way too much. I take my notebook to the library all the time for research, but if I need a new book, I simply close my notebook, and take it with me. That or I choose a seat closest to the receptionists, and no one takes things when they're being watched =)

    The notebook looks nice, Apple sacrifices performance for aesthetics, and that's what people seem to like. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy my MacBook, but the fan-people make me a little worried to say that I enjoy my Mac, and I enjoy OS X. I don't want to switch my notebook, but if I had to pay for the entire thing myself, I would not even consider one anymore. Apple needs to change their ways in order to keep up with their profits, and maybe they will, but they probably won't. They're pretty machines, and I enjoy the OS. They're not perfect though.
  18. mosx macrumors 65816

    Mar 3, 2007
    Actual testing proves that, despite rumors, UAC catches everything that tries to modify the system in Vista.

    Um.. what? ExpressCard doesn't "break". You might have somehow broken something yourself though.

    ExpressCard is great for all kinds of things. Soundcards, adapters to add more ports like eSATA and Firewire, external HDDs (can operate at 2Gbps), HDTV tuners and other neat devices.

    Well, then you missed out. It's great being able to swipe your finger to log in to various things.

    Well, people should care. Why? They're paying more for less features. Macs having less features means they should cost less.

    Absolutely not true. Windows requires no more upkeep than an occasional defrag and running of ccleaner. No different than how OS X requires an occasional running of Onyx or some other maintenance utility.

    If you're using IE7 or FF3 you don't need to worry about where you go or what you do, as they'll both protect you from yourself.

    No its not. It's good for flipping pictures but thats it. It's not as good as a good external mouse.

    Media Center, included with Vista Home Premium, walks all over Front Row. Plus most PC manufacturers continue to do what Apple doesn't, which is still including a remote.

    Yeah, go ahead and use that Kensington lock on the MacBook and Pro. Let it screw up and bend and warp your case. Doesn't do that on PCs ;)

    Oh and thanks to Truecrypt, I have free and much more secure full drive encryption. So go ahead and steal my HDD. The human race will long be extinct by the time the multiple layers of encryption are broken.

    Are you serious? Every consumer notebook PC I've ever worked on has been a simple matter of removing a couple of screws. With the plastic MacBook you had to remove the battery, remove the stupid little "RAM door", pull the drive out, use a very specific and difficult to find Torx screw, replace the casing on the new drive, put it back in, put the "RAM door" back on *without* bending it, screw one in, use a non-magnetic card to push the little cushions in, etc. etc.

    No, your case just gets torn up in the process of just using the lock. Oh and how is somebody going to steal my battery when I'm always with my computer when I'm out of the house? Sorry, but I am NOT stupid enough to rely on a little lock that can be cut with just about anything. I'm NOT going to leave my computer alone while I am using it away from home.

    False. UAC has been PROVEN, despite rumors to the contrary, to catch all attempts at system modification.

    And thats Apple's fault for porting iTunes rather than making it a native Windows app. But the good thing about Windows is that you actually have a choice besides iTunes and VLC and other players that are still in very beta states.

    Have you felt how soft the aluminum casing over the screen and bottom is on the "unibody" Macs? It feels like you could dent it by just tapping on it.

    Yeah, Apple's service is so good that I can call AppleCare right now at 9PM on Saturday night and hear a message telling me to call back during normal business hours.

    Apple's service only gets such high rankings because the fans refuse to accept truths. For example, if you read around here, you'll find people who are "extremely happy" that their Macs finally work after 7 motherboard replacements and a few system replacements. All that to finally get a working system and they praise Apple. While any normal person would have demanded their money back well before it even got to the third motherboard replacement.

    I like how you ignored my comment about my HP beating the Mac by hours while using the 12 cell battery.

    Every Mac I've owned (3) and all that I've used (many friends, most of which have sold their Macs and gone back to PCs now) have all had dark screens below 50%. The lowest setting on ANY Mac I've used, including the overhyped MacBook Pro with LED backlight, has been far too dark at lowest settings. Enough to cause eye strain. I value my health more than my ability to tell myself something is great when its not.

    My HP at lowest is brighter than the Mac at 50%

    The OS? Let me know when it can do hardware bitstream decoding of video, thanks. Windows did that in the 90s and OS X still doesn't do. But at least Apple finally put in pre-emptive multi-tasking, more than half a decade after Windows had.

    Oh and the service? Yeah its so great when the phone service closes at 6PM local time and is closed on the weekends. Its also great how you have to put up a CC to diagnose hardware issues after 90 days. Oh and that $350 extended warranty doesn't even cover accidental damage.

    At HP for about $75 more than the $1299 MacBook you get a 1680x1050 glass 15.4" display, 512MB GeForce 9600M GT, 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo, blu-ray, 250GB HDD, Vista Home Premium 64-bit, HDMI, fingerprint reader, card reader, eSATA, 4 USB ports, etc. etc. etc.

    Great service? Yeah thats why I was without a MacBook for a combined total of over 2 months. When I had a problem with HP I was out for less than a week and they replaced the system without the hassles or me having to drive nearly 100 miles.

    Great machines? Let me know when the MacBook has dedicated graphics or blu-ray or HDMI.

    Reputation? Apple's reputation is about the same as Bose.

    Oh yeah? Is that why OS X still doesn't do things that Windows was doing back in the 90s?

    PEBKAC. I've been running Vista for almost 2 years on multiple computers and have never had a crash. On the other hand, I've had Tiger and Leopard running on multiple Macs and they've crashed doing all sorts of things, like emptying trash or clicking a picture link on

    Thats why, even though my MacBook has a Penryn Core 2 Duo and DD3 RAM and a faster FSB, my HP uses overall less CPU cycles for mundane tasks? Oh and Leopard REQUIRES just as much RAM as Vista. Leopard on 1GB of RAM is every bit as slow as Vista is.

    Trojans? Only if the user actively downloads, installs, and runs malware, despite the multiple warnings from the browser, OS, Defender, UAC, etc.

    Constant updates? Thats a bad thing? You do know that Apple releases about as many updates as Microsoft, right?

    Browser hijacks affect all platforms.

    Driver incompatibility? Don't make things up. That is something that just does not happen. I've been using Windows longer than most people here have even owned a computer at all, and I have NEVER had an instance of driver incompatibility. That is just a lie spread by Apple fanboys.

    Data corruption? Again, don't lie. The only way data corruption can occur is if the HDD fails.

    The funny thing, though, is that OS X is more likely to cause data loss than Windows. If you're using FileVault in OS X and certain things become corrupted, you're basically SOL.
  19. kis macrumors 65816

    Aug 10, 2007
    I just moved from a Macbook Pro to an HP after about 10 years of using Macs exclusively. Why?

    - The glossy screen on the Macbook Pro sucks. My new dv3550ez also has a glossy screen but glare is a crapload better controlled on that one. The idea of using window-glass for computer screens is mind-f***k if you ask me.
    It was impossible to calibrate, the colors were too "poppy" and inaccurate, the glare was (literally) hurting my eyes

    - OS X isn't what it used to be. I was having major usability issues because the bluetooth stack is poorly implemented (PAN never worked so I couldn't tether my cell phone - a known issue introduced with the first series of Macbook Airs and now present in all current notebook models, never fixed). They also screwed up the USB module - my Blackberry won't sync without additional drivers and the latter lead to stability issues.

    - 10.5.6 rendered my MBP unusable, I had to do a full re-install to get it working again.

    - I occasionally need to use bootcamp for my job. Windows is unusable on all Unibody notebooks because the trackpad driver doesn't work. Clicking is extremely inaccurate and sometimes doesn't work at all

    - the idiotic choice of external monitor port just beats me. WTF???? There are no monitors even supporting this piece of crap. I have to carry an additional adapter (well, two actually, one for DVI and one for VGA because you can't daisy-chain them) anywhere I go and my TV at home wouldn't display the image without black bars on the side, no matter what I tried.

    - Several minor quirks: only 2 USB ports??? No DVI??? No e-Sata??? No card-reader????

    Now I'm certainly not saying my HP is the panacea for all computer problems. But it's a decent, well-built, thought-through notebook that's quiet and very fast, offering similiar graphics performance - and it lets me work again the way I want to. Vista has been trouble-free for me so far (except for my multi-function printer that didn't work right under OS X, either) and I'm pretty happy with it - it costs a lot less than a Macbook, and a crap-load less than a MBP. Oh, and swapping harddrives is a breeze, too.

    I don't love Windows the way I used to love OS X but I'm thoroughly convinced that Apple has reached the same level of complacency and arrogance Microsoft was starting to show a couple of years ago which led to their products to be designed with the marketing department in mind rather than geared towards the needs of the customers. Microsoft probably has learned their lesson (for now) but it'll take Apple years of declining sales figures and customer protest to get their act together. Until then it's byebye from me.
  20. Ploki macrumors 68020

    Jan 21, 2008
    microsoft office was first done for Mac OS in 1989. was done for windows on 1990.
    so no, mac os didnt do what windows did in 1990, because it was doing it a year earlier.

    windows needs an upkeep. period. it deteriorates itself.

    you also forgot that vista needed a hell of a computer to be ran, it was one of the first critiques of the vista system.

    "Media Center, included with Vista Home Premium, walks all over Front Row."
    oh yeah, now lets just figure out which version of vista we must buy. its probably not included OEM. wink wink.

    touch pad is great. every machater windowsuser has admitted that to me first time it tried it. ;)
    its a picture of "finger bendable" alu mb somewhere here. it fell from 1 meter and everything works flawless. it is bend. but it works flawless.
    so, no finger bending.

    not a single crash on vista? the because you are biased. if you would treat mac same as vista it would probably start to **** gold out of the cd tray.

    AND you are a ********. seriously. i have two very average users in my broad family. they dont see trojans as experienced users do. they click on "OK" on a banner. thats an average user... not someone who knows their system to the bone. and to an average user, os x is more friendly and less vulnerable. you can assign that to "user stupidity" as much as you like but thats a fact... average users are the big marketshare.

    on the other hand, you have unix terminal on osx which is , you have to admit, more advanced than "powershell".

    your opinion is biased on one single experience and "my friends opinions". ive actually used and set up several macs and about 10 times more pc's. just today ive installed xp to an eeePC via usb dongle. yes, me, not "my friend who has gone back to mac now"
  21. mosx macrumors 65816

    Mar 3, 2007
    Oh yeah?

    Microsoft Office huh?

    That's not nearly as important as say... pre-emptive multi-tasking. You know, the ability to run multiple applications at once without the "in focus" application eating up all system resources and grinding the rest to a halt.

    Windows had that in Windows NT 3.1, way back in 1993. Windows 95 had it in 1995. Whats even better than that is DOS applications had pre-emptive multi-tasking via Windows way back in November of 1985. A full 15 years before Mac OS.

    Mac OS didn't finally have pre-emptive multi-tasking until Mac OS X was released in the year 2000.

    Windows also had multi-processor and SMP support before Mac OS did as well.

    Oh and Windows laid the ground work for full hardware acceleration for video back in the 90s, where Snow Leopard will be the first OS to finally accelerate video beyond basic HWMC for MPEG-2.

    Windows also had proper audio hardware acceleration before Mac OS as well.

    Mac OS is always playing catch up to Windows.

    The same way OS X needs Onyx or other maintenance apps. Not to mention all the searching for config and plist files that are left behind by application uninstallations.

    The actual system requirements are about the same as Leopard's system requirements. And running two systems now, one with Vista and one with Leopard, I can tell you from EXPERIENCE that their real world system requirements are exactly the same.

    Media Center is included with Vista Home Premium and Vista Ultimate.

    The "OEM" versions you can buy from Newegg like this one: are no different than the retail versions you buy, other than the fact that its significantly cheaper and Microsoft won't give you phone support.

    It includes EVERYTHING the retail copy does.

    Hah I don't treat OS X "bad" at all. How can I be treating it bad when it crashes when I click "Burn" in a "burn folder" or I empty the trash of jpgs and it crashes? Or I click a link to go to the next screenshot on a website and the OS crashes? Thats just normal use! Thats not treating anything bad.

    Just another example of how Apple apologists feel OS X can do no wrong and its always the users fault.

    And if you're using IE7, XP SP2 or 3, FF3, or Vista, clicking "okay" on a banner on a site will give the user several warnings that malicious software is attempting to be installed. Then they have to click through to install it. Then the OS will give multiple warnings that it is malicious and system changing software.

    This is 2009, I shouldn't have to even THINK about a command line interface.

    Good for you. Thats ridiculously easy to do. I've installed Linux on to a USB drive that I could boot PCs off of. Do I get a badge for that? How about the fact that I have a separate unibody MacBook and Windows PC?
  22. chaosbunny macrumors 68000


    Mar 11, 2005
    down to earth, far away from any clouds
    And I can tell you from EXPERIENCE that things like that never happened on the 5 Macs I have owned since 2001 and the 4 Macs I set up for friends since then.

    I can also tell you that I had to reinstall XP on my mbp recently because the new "official" nvidea drivers from their website messed up the OS (wireless connections were no longer possible because the wireless card didn't even show up in the hardware profile anymore). Still, maybe it was my fault and I won't bitch about Windows because of it. Since it was a basic XP install with only Fallout 3 as additional software it didn't take long to reinstall - certainly shorter than trying to fix this issue for me. And again, I don't dislike Windows, like many but not all others OS X is more efficient and comfortable for me to work with, plus it's the standard in my field of work.

    If your Mac really crashes all the time you are doing something wrong. I don't know what from the information you provided, but from all the Macs I have set up, and the 50+ OS X systems I encountered at various agencies I freelance for none have these kind of problems you describe.
  23. kolax macrumors G3

    Mar 20, 2007
    The multitouch trackpad is a big winner for me. PC laptops tend to have really small trackpads, and aren't always very responsive either. But the unibody construction - the strongest consumer laptop there is, is a huge plus. It feels very strong, and it is very strong. No movement or flexing in the construction, and unlike plastic PC laptops, it won't crack or creak.


    I won't even feed the troll. Absolutely no point - can't argue with arrogance. He obviously has little experience with OS X and Macs and not much of a life to write such a long post with no facts and all speculation.
  24. LucyFM macrumors newbie

    Nov 20, 2008
    I completely agree! I don't know how I survived before the 2 finger scrolling!
  25. reclusivemonkey macrumors 6502


    Jun 2, 2008
    Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK
    IMHO The magsafe power connector is worth £100 on the price of a laptop alone. The number of times its saved my only four month old MacBook is incredible.

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