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Discussion in 'macOS Mojave (10.14)' started by BasicGreatGuy, Jun 4, 2018.

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  1. bbnck macrumors 6502a

    Mar 19, 2009
    Does anyone know whether PhpStorm 2016.2 (older version) works with Mojave?
  2. tommiy macrumors member

    Dec 11, 2015
    Paragon NTFS 15.4.11 on a 2017 MAC and Mojave 14.1 with 4 USB-C ports corrupts the video when coming out of sleep if you have previously used the driver. So use a NTFS drive dismount and the let the MAC sleep and trying to restart the MAC the screen simply turns into vertical lines. I'll try disabling the driver manually after use and before sleep as this may address the issue. The only way to fix the corrupted video is to turn the MAC off.

    This now goes into the same position as non-functional with Tuxera that no longer works with VMWare (on shutdown of a VM it provides a kernel lock).

    Looking to see if iBoysoft Drive Manager is any better at supporting MACs.
  3. biyahero1 macrumors newbie


    Oct 18, 2017
    What about Office 2011? Somebody said it works but gives an update warning and you need to reinstall the last update 14.7.7 which I have installed, but since Microsoft no longer supports this version will it be possible to redownload and install the last update 14.7.7 or would it be somewhere on my computer from when I last installed it?

    Someone else said
    Microsoft Office 2011 (excel-word-PPT-outlook) need to reinstall 14.7.7 update after install for everything to work properly and may have to reactivate serial number.

    What would be involved in reactivating my serial number? The install CD's from 7 years ago are long gone... last time I had to reinstall it Microsoft phone support did it, but I think they just made up some Product ID so who know if they would do that again.

    I can see the Product ID that it is using now.

    Also somebody else said:
    Microsoft Excel 2011 (gives needs updating warning, templates pane is unreadable, continues to work)

    I am unfamiliar with the "Templates Panel"... what is that please?
  4. tommiy macrumors member

    Dec 11, 2015
    Well I'm not having any luck with regards to a 2017 Mac 4 USB-C ports running any kind of NTFS Drivers.

    Tuxera - confirmed bug unknown fix date. Creates kernel lock on Mojave if your using VMWare Fusion. Kernel Lock happens when you shut down a VM.
    Paragon NTFS - onfirmed bug where after using a NTFS and the Mac goes to sleep that it corupts video on start up and the only way to recover is to power off the Mac. Unknown fix date.

    Seems their is limited commercial products that actually work.
  5. inarush macrumors member


    Sep 20, 2016
    Ann Arbor MI
    Does anyone know whether CommandQ works on Mojave? It's an app that introduces a time delay for Command + Q to work, preventing accidental hits.

    Their webpage ( says it's only compatible with OS X 10.6 ~ 10.9, but I would happily buy it if it still runs properly on Mojave.
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    Have you tried Seagate's free version of Paragon ( It has the same name and definitely looks like the same piece of software, but perhaps it's actually developed/maintained by Seagate since they are a few builds ahead (15.4.19 vs 15.4.11). Besides, did I mention it's free? :D
  6. mujtaba.mir macrumors 6502a


    Oct 16, 2014
    I think the free one only works with Seagate drives?
  7. inarush macrumors member


    Sep 20, 2016
    Ann Arbor MI
    Is that true?

    Coincidentally, I use Seagate's Paragon for Mac with a Seagate disk most of the time.

    However, I just tested a Samsung disk and was able to mount it and write on it.

    But I just found out that Seagate now owns Samsung disks. So, unfortunately I cannot verify whether this free version works with non-Seagate disks as well.
  8. tommiy macrumors member

    Dec 11, 2015
    tuxera has fixed their NTFS driver compatibility issue with VMWare Fusion. Just waiting for final package to come out.
  9. yellow8 macrumors member


    Mar 14, 2017
    Fujitsu's softwares for Scansnap are now replaced by Scansnap Home. Good bye Scansnap Manager (32 bits) ...
  10. n-evo macrumors 65816


    Aug 9, 2013
    Starting macOS Mojave resuming a guest OS with VMware Fusion takes an unbearable long time. It used to resume in a few seconds, now I'm waiting upward to 1-2 minutes for it to load.
  11. blackcoffeeee macrumors newbie

  12. Ritsuka macrumors 6502a

    Sep 3, 2006
    Yes, almost every game that worked before works on Mojave too.
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