MacPro 5.1 & high capacity hard drives

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by JM-Prod, May 9, 2016.

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    Thanks for the report, we definitely need a database about which high capacity HDD can work with cMP flawlessly.

    My WD 8TB Red now is a bit strange. I bet it's software issue.

    It always shows up in Windows 10.

    It always shows up in MacOS on a cold boot.

    But it also always disappear in a warm restart to MacOS (if restart to Windows, the HDD will re-appear and work flawlessly).

    There was no issue when I install this HDD back into Mar 2017 (whatever the current OS by that moment). And this issue seems suddenly appear since 10.12.6. And even now on 10.13.

    SMART check is fine. Performance is good. Really have no idea what'w wrong or if there is any work around. At this moment, all I can do is never do a warm restart to MacOS, but full shutdown + cold boot.

    WD Red 4TB and 6TB both still works flawlessly. However, the 8TB is definitely much faster.
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    That is weird H. Well I've cold and warm restarted it the machine a few times. No issue with the Seagate 10TB Iron Wolf or this 12TB Seagate (so far, knock wood)
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    FWIW, cMP 5.1 user here ...

    I have three HGST He8 drives, (HUH728080ALE600) all running smoothly without issue (Yosemite through Sierra) inside my OWC Qx2 external 4 drive box. The Qx2 can be connected via eSata, and allows for hardware raid, but I am using them as independent Time Machines, alternating every other hour. I rotate one to my safe deposit box once per month, with two local.

    Also have three HGST Ultrastar 6TB drives. These are RAID5 via SoftRaid. I've used these drives running with SoftRaid versions 5.1 through 5.6.3, and save for one minor glitch, no issues at all. The one issue is that my internal RAID5 drives don't show up to the desktop on a quick re-start. I need to full power down, then full power up.

    Also, these links might be useful
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    Just get a reply from Apple, they decided that my “HDD missing issue” is duplicated with another report (from another Apple user). So, obviously I am not the only one, and they know it already.
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    There is one way to make these non working drive work, but of course it breaks the warranty, so not good :/

    For those who wants to know: cut the connection of pin 3 the on the power side of the HDD sata connection. It will cut the 3.3v that the Mac Pro send and that the HDD thinks is a "reboot" signal sent to the drive.

    Manufacturers could fix it easily by including a jumper that when removed or put elsewhere does the same thing (open or close the pin 3/3.3v/reset pin)
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    The problem with restarts with some of the newer, larger capacity drives, appears to be related to some firmware setting of these drives (which as far as I know, can not be changed by the end-user as it is permanently set by the manufacturer), cMP 5,1's, and newer versions of OS X. One post suggests it's the TLER setting, though from what limited understanding I have of TLER, this setting is for error recovery and wouldn't be expected to affect restarts, but there may more involvement with TLER in warm starts that I'm not aware of.

    Cold starts (starting up from a complete power down) works fine.

    I only recently discovered this issue with new 6TB WD Blacks which was the first time I used these drives in my cMP. This also appears to affect 6TB Gold, but my 6TB Red and 6TB Red Pro's both work just fine with no problems with restarts:

    Problems with WD 6TB Blacks in 5,1

    There is a link in my thread to the supposed culprit.

    I have 8TB Red's in my NAS but the next one I get I'll test in the cMP for this restart issue.
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    I'm seeing the same exact behavior on everything you mentioned with my 5,1 Mac Pro with a WD 8TB Red.
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    I purchased a pair of HGST Deskstar NAS 6TB drives, model no. HDN726060ALE615 and part no. 0F26700 to replace a couple of failing drives in my 5,1. After receiving the OWC sleds, I installed one tonight and discovered that it exhibits the failure to mount after restart problem. After some research, I found an apple support community thread which terminates in the same Power Disable Feature discussion as mentioned in post #17 of this thread. My plan is to use the 6TB drives for data only, not booting, so the need to power them up from cold rather than restart, although inconvenient, is at least tolerable.

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