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Apr 12, 2001


The big news this past weekend was the leak of several photos of what appeared to be the next-generation iPhone. The early photos were a bit blurry and elicited a range of responses -- many negative. Opinions seemed to turn somewhat when high-quality images of the next-generation iPhone were revealed by Gizmodo this morning.

If you haven't seen the device in detail yet, check out this nice hands-on video from Gizmodo showing it at all angles.

Article for more: MacRumors Poll: Design of the Leaked Next-Generation iPhone


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Mar 26, 2010
I say its ok, the two cameras are new and it also looks thin and more solid.
^.^ first!


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Apr 26, 2005
I don't hate it, I don't like it. It's simply nothing special...

I wouldn't be surprised if this is not the final design; it could even be radically different. The hardware is likely final, but the case? It's pretty bland. Anyone in love with it is just drunk on the koolaid.


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Jul 7, 2009
South Carolina
i actually can get used to it, really... im on verizon and i would not have a second thought if this was released today. diddnt apple go to a different manufacturer to make the verizon iPhone and couldn't that explain the new design? :apple: :)


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Sep 16, 2007
In the end is matters how it feels in your hands. The spec boost is nice. If it feels like the 1G iPod touch, which had sharper edges, then I might keep my 3GS. I like where this design is going, but I do like the smooth feel of the current iPhone design.


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Nov 30, 2004
Toronto, ON
Get rid of the seams and bring the buttons up to par with iPad and you got a winner. Relocate the SIM slot to a cleverly hidden area such as inside the dock connector. The resulting clean lines around the aluminum sides will be more Apple like. The glass/ceramic back is great.


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Aug 2, 2002
Cork, Ireland.
Nice. Slimmer is good - and the flat sides look better for grip. Much prefer it to the current design.

Hoping for a cheap upgrade from O2....

After G

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Aug 27, 2003
I rather think the new design looks better. I have the 2G iPhone and hope this is available in the US unlocked so I can pick one up at a reasonable price.


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Jan 7, 2008
New York City
I guess this is a better place for a more formal critique. Here is my take on this as a designer:

I feel this iteration is a step backwards for a number of reasons. The design as a whole is much less familiar as an iPhone and an Apple product. The classic silver bezel is gone as are the simplistic lines that grace all of Apple's industrial designs. By removing the curved backing, Apple has taken away ergonomic considerations, something they were careful to champion when the first iPhone and even the iPad were released.

Taking this a step further, the transition between the glass front and the aluminum center housing is awkward. Evidence by the close up images provided by Gizmodo, the materials are not flush and come together more like tectonic plates than a finely tuned industrial design. There are also smaller design inconsistencies, including the volume buttons, which no longer have their contexts defined. What this means is that the previous volume rocker made it clear that the top was volume up and the bottom volume down. These new buttons, perhaps to Apple's benefit, are no longer as strictly defined.

Overall, the 3G/3GS seem much more well executed and resolved. I will be disappointed if this turns out to be the real deal, but I am extremely doubtful.


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Oct 29, 2007
the 13 colonies
What about what IS NOT new here?

Clearly there won't be any Verizon available for this phone either way. Ugly or not, millions of people will not be getting it. You can put those Verizon rumors in the trash for this year.


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Aug 12, 2008
Houston, Tx
First thing i thought when I saw it was "Looks liek a MacBook Pro"

I like it. However, I'm thinking that just a little bit of a radius on the back would be nice. I never really thought about how much more comfortable it makes the phone.

If you don't believe me, hold your phone backwards (with the screen towards your palm) and you'll notice. Seems like it helps grip the phone better (less drops). I have a EDGE iPhone and a 3G and my 3G always feels more "secure" in my hand. I never use a case. Critics WILL bash the phone due to it lacking a radius. They will call it a brick, they will call it ugly, they will say it is not comfortable.

I just wonder if Apple did this on purpose. It just seems like some of the leaks on their products (whether real or fake) have got to be controlled and initiated by Apple to stir up talk about their product before the official unveiling.

To me, I'm not sure if this would be the finally version if it is truly an Apple product. The silver bezel is missing, and that seems to be the one thing that makes the iPhone an iPhone. Honestly, when you see that phone do you think "iPhone" immediately?

All I know is that I'm due for a new phone, and I've been waiting since January for a new generation to hit the store.


Mar 26, 2008
ironically i just wrote my cancellation of my current iPhone plan which expires in june ... where can i get it :p i'm sold if it ends up looking like that


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Aug 28, 2008
Beverly, Massachusetts
Things like the flash and front facing camera are nice. I hate how it has no curves. it looks like a brick. the border looks like plastic to me, but i hope its aluminum. I will only like those seems there if the battery is replaceable... otherwise, its fugly.

Reed Rothchild

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Jan 5, 2010
Design looks a few years old, which is pretty good for Apple. No doubt this will eventually be heralded as yet another genius design by Ives, even by the legion of macrumor members who were so happy to rip it to pieces when it was thought to be a fake (that was a brilliant thread :D).


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Jul 1, 2008
I was sceptical towards the design when the first pictures was posted but these high quality pics makes it look pretty good. It's a few things that needs to be tuned though like the seams.


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Jan 11, 2007
Wales, UK
i just don't like the join's in the bezel. Apple seems to avoid showing any kind of joins in their products. That join just implies to me that that part moves or unfolds in some way. And it's not going to be for a replaceable battery, there's no chance.
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