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Jun 13, 2018
Hey there. I've been making a mess out of my apple mail for years being lazy to learn how to best organize and deal with tons and tons of mail. Now I'm at a crisis point trying to deal with multiple accounts and storying emails both "on my mac" and "iCloud". Does anyone know the best resource for getting educated on best practices dealing with Apple Email productivity, pros & cons, etc.?



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Jun 18, 2012
What is it you want to achieve? "Mess", "organize" and "deal with" aren't very specific.
I believe you are wanting an understanding of how to be organized in Mac Mail. You, like many of us, just can't find that Apple Owner's Manual ; ) Are there any suggestions out there of a concise and basic guide online for Mail?


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Feb 22, 2014
Cincinnati, Ohio
The best Mac manuals available are the David Pogue books. You don't have to read them cover to cover, but they are invaluable as a reference and instructional tool. Well written and entertaining as well. If you go online to solve your occasional Mac problem you will wade through 100 possible solutions. Skip and buy the book. It is worth it.


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Apr 27, 2011
Best bet is not to use Mail as a filing system. There are much better tools. If you need to save emails, export them as a PDF and put them into some sort of filing system. I like to maintain a lean email client.

For incoming messages I have a bunch of rules that presort my mail into different folders so I can process related messages together. Makes it easier to find the important messages since my inbox stays small.


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Apr 13, 2011
The darn rules don't work when the incoming mail has a "send to archive" code, whatever that may be.
I have managed to get rid of the offers for "tactical flashlights". None of them come with 20 watt UV lasers, so they're not much use.
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