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    I have a MacBook mid 2010 (White). I installed an ssd along with 8gb of ram. It is great for light web browsing, but it shows it's age in any other application. I am a sophomore in HS and currently enrolled in AP CS, going into AI next year. Running and compiling with eclipse is totally possible but its age shows when compiling programs. I plan on majoring in CS(or something similar in college) and I was looking at purchasing a MBP that I could use until I graduate from college. I was considering purchasing a tb 13 MBP 2017 with 16gb of ram, in order to future proof the device. My main questions are will it be adequate in 6 years from now, should I wait for another MBP update, and if to purchase, should I go all out of the 13inch model?

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    I don't think the 2017 MBP will physically last 6 years.

    Here is my own detailed log of my experience with it - link.
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    Hi Jaybro,

    By the vast majority of credible accounts, the 13 MBP 2017 should last a good long while. At this point, the only concern for long-term reliability is the keyboard which while not nearly the problem this forum makes it out to be, is a valid concern. It wouldn't stop me from getting one, but if you're the type who likes to eat over your keyboard or doesn't ever want to have to blow some compressed air in there once in a blue moon, then I'd suggest holding off.

    Two related thoughts...

    1. Just generally speaking, it rarely pans out well to "future proof" a build... buy for the next 3 years, and you can re-assess your computer needs in 3 years - whether that means sticking with what you've got because it's still working fine for you, or selling it and putting the money towards a new one (the overall money spent really doesn't work out that much different buying/selling every few years vs running it into the ground until it's practically worthless). You'll avoid the performance roller coaster of having more performance than you need right now, and it underperforming in years 4-6.

    2. This is especially true considering you have 3 years of high school ahead of you and your plans may change or you may need something different for college. Just when you're getting to college and your computer requirements may increase significantly, your laptop will already be 3 years old.
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    How long are you going to keep spamming the forum with links to your thread? I mean, is this something that's just this week's special, or are you going to still be linking to it next week?... you going to keep this up until the new year? What's your plan? We're all on the edge of our seats.
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    I would take into consideration that companies like Apple pay people (indirectly, agencies) to make sure they get good coverage on forums and social media.

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