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  1. 81Tiger04

    M1 16" MBP w/ 65w monitor - OK?

    I've got a M1 16" MBP that I currently use with the Dell S2722QC monitor. I like to minimize the number of wires on my desk so I only have the monitor plugged into my laptop. However, it just occurred to me that the monitor I use provides 65w. Is this a problem? Will it damage my MBP battery?
  2. skylar3

    Battery Capacity 2021 MBP 16

    Dear All, I recently took a look at the battery capacity of my 2021 M1 Pro MBP, bought around February 2022, and noticed that it has dropped significantly after 45 charge cycles (compared for example to my much older iPhone, after 2 years still at 88 percent). According to settings the maximum...
  3. GMGN

    Who builts GPU for M1/M2 MBP?

    Yeah... Just being curious...Is it still Intel? Or Apple itself.
  4. PandaNix

    Apple care report for **** brand new MBP

    LTDR: is there a reason why I would be worse off waiting 4 more weeks to report to Apple Care? Because I'm going to be out of the country. In the end of July this year I upgraded from my 2012 MBP, which was my first one and it was amazing. Main reason to upgrade was that it was becoming slow...
  5. T

    MBP Late 2011 bluetooth "no information found"

    Hi all I recently bought a MBP late 2011 (15inch model) but it does not seem to have bluetooth working. I have tried: 1) resetting nvram 2) resetting smc 3) reinstalling MacOs High Sierra (the most recent MacOs that can be installed) 4) replaced the Wifi/bluetooth module. After all in System...
  6. AstroRexaur

    Cooling System in a M1 Pro, how it works in clamshell mode?

    How works the cooling system (fans) in a MacBook Pro 14" in clamshell mode? When the screen is open the hot air comes out from the bottom of the screen. So, i was wondering how it works and if it affects the cooling when the fans are in use in clamshell mode?
  7. circatee

    MagSafe 3 or USB C

    From what I've read so far, it seems that MagSafe is merely faster at charging than USB C. However, I currently use a MBP 2019, with USB C, and all my accessories work with it fine. Would it not be better to merely stick with a USB C MBP, versus a MagSafe one? Was thinking of upgrading my MBP...
  8. A

    MacBook Pro 13 2020 (four thunderbolt ports) compatibility with LG 40WP95C-W

    Hi All, I'm hoping that someone can confirm if a MacBook Pro 13 2020 (four thunderbolt ports) will work with the LG 40WP95C-W monitor using HiDPI scaling at 3840x1620? I have been reading up for a while although there are some many factors to consider and honestly I'm slightly confused. I've...
  9. AjTee

    MBP 14" M1 Pro battery drain issue

    Hello, I have found that these two processes wake my laptop during sleep: What are these two processes? Can I disable them? I have already disabled power nap, tcpkeepalive, screen time, proximitywake. Bluetooth is still enabled. I have attached file with pmset -g log | grep "Wake Requests"...
  10. L

    What would you do if you where in my place?

    Hey so, im in a really hard place deciding what to do and i need some input and opinions from others. So my problem: I just got finished with school. I just started a business/sidehustle as a cutter. So im cutting videos for youtubers. Also i just got very interested in graphics design. My...
  11. AstroRexaur

    MBA M2 has stronger hinges than MBP 14" M1Pro

    I had my MBP 14" for about 2.5 months. Today arrived my new MBA M2, instantly noticed the stronger hinges and more sturdiness feeling compared to the MBP 14". It's me or is a placebo effect?
  12. K

    Expected release of MacBook Pro 14" with M2 Pro processor

    I am planning to upgrade from my personal MacBook Pro 2011 to MBP 14" model. As a developer, I am not interested in MBP 13 or MBA. So, 1) When can we expect MacBook Pro 14" with M2 Pro processor? Can we get this year itself? 2) Will it use 5nm as M2 or advanced 3nm process? As I use MBP for...
  13. T

    Buying help: MBA or MBP for mostly clamshell mode?

    After many, many months of delaying replacing my mid-2015 MPB in light of new product announcements, it is time. At this point in time, the MBP is overkill, as I use it mainly for remote work via Logmein connected to an office Windows system. My only concern with a MBA is whether I would have...
  14. nnavas13

    Should I wait for the MBP 14" M2 Pro or buy the MBP 14" M1 Pro now?

    I am an engineering student and I need a new MacBook Pro. If I buy the M1 Pro now, it will arrive by the first week of august (I live in Spain and there is no stock anywhere because of the supply chain crisis), just in time for the next academic year. (MBP 14", 8 14 16, 16GB, 1 TB) If Apple...
  15. H

    Would 16" be much more useful as a third monitor than 14"?

    Hi! I'm currently using a 2017 27" iMac for software development, and I'm thinking of buying a new Macbook (m1pro 32gb 1TB). Like many people, I'm having a hard time between 14" and 16". In my situation it's too hard to decision. - 16" is quite heavy, but I'll probably use it 95-98% of...
  16. macnerd77

    2019 MBP 16” vs 2022 Mac Studio for coding

    Hey all, I searched the forum and could not find an answer to this question. I currently have a2019 MBP 16” i9 1tb 16gb. I am going to be starting online iOS programming courses this fall at UC San Diego online. I feel like the MBP is starting to get sluggish And I really want to upgrade...
  17. JuanKr

    Weird problem - Screen MBP 14

    Hi there, I have a strange problem with my MBP 14 screen when it reproduces white backgrounds. Please check the video: The Macbook does not know which correct white has to show and starts to flick between the two options. It does not happen all the time, it is random, but it happens...
  18. Change Agent

    legacyloader-arm64 keeps wanting permission: indeed annoying

    I just set up two MBP’ M1. One of them pops up this box on a regular basis. Boring indeed. I find it strange as both machines are more or less identically set up, different users but same software. Any tips on how to fix this or why it happens? The box: the machine:
  19. B

    Replacement Rubber Feet for 2007 15” MacBook Pro?

    So while I‘ve been lusting after a new laptop, I recently stumbled upon my old 2007 15” MacBook Pro (3,1), which still works the treat (it’s the model notorious for GPU failure, it had a full logic board replacement back in the day with this issue). Anyways, I want to polish the old girl up and...
  20. A

    Mac OS X Blinking folder icon, key combinations not working!

    Hello, I recently purchased an old Macbook Pro 2014. Then I had to factory reset the computer because I don't want the data of previous owner. After wiping out the hard disk, I tried to reinstall the os from recovery mode over the internet. But I couldn't do that because it gave the error "the...