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  1. B

    Was the second display "overload" issue corrected?

    I still have working mid2012 MBP with 8GB Ram. It has no any particular problem at the moment when I use it as is. But when I connect second display (no matter via thunderbolt or HDMI) the CPU overload does not allow to use any browser etc in addition to 2nd display. When I disconnect 2nd...
  2. D

    MBP WiFi slow after changing DNS on router

    Hey everyone, I have noticed this weird issue when trying to change DNS settings on my router (AirPort Extreme). As soon as I change the DNS settings on my router, WiFi speed on my MBP drops significantly (download drops from 300Mbps to like 15Mbps). All other devices work just fine though...
  3. R

    Weird problem with MBP A1261

    Hi! I'd been having a few troubles with a MBP 17 inches A1261. It turns on just fine, and it works OK, but when you try to resume it from sleep, if you try to open some app or even just the apple menu inmediately after, it turns off and then turns on but like dead (No chime, no picture, fans at...
  4. AjTee

    MacBook pro 16" - unremoval dust particles

    Hello all, I have notified unremoval dust particles on my MacBook Pro 16 screen during cleaning using special wipes for glossy screens and dry microfibre cloth. It looks like dust particle, but cannot be removed normally. It does not affect my visibility. What could it be? How can I remove...
  5. AjTee

    MacBook Pro 13" (2020) - bluish dot reflection in daylight on left bezel

    Hello, I found strange thing on my MBP 13" 2020 screen. There is a bluish reflection at right angles in daylight on the left side of the screen in the bezel. This looks like a dot, it is twice smaller than camera whole on the top bezel. I have checked it under lamp, under flashlight, I cannot...
  6. AjTee

    Resolved Chargers question

    Can I use charger from MacBook Pro 13(2020) with MacBook Pro 16? Are they exactly the same?
  7. AjTee

    Resolved Time Machine backup transfer between two MacBooks - questions

    Hello, I have two MacBooks my Personal - MBP 13 inch (2020), and for Business - MBP 16 inch (2019). I have one account connected to iCloud on my MBP 13 inch and two accounts on my MBP 16 inch - one of them is connected to the same iCloud account as my MBP 13 and one will be connected to my...
  8. Egorich

    Mid-2010 MBP 6,2 still panic reboots after capacitor replacement.

    A few weeks ago I finally replaced THEEE C5960 capacitor with a suggested here ceramic 330UF 2.5V X6S 1210 Taiyo Yuden. It did indeed fix the issue up until recently, when I had a few tabs in Chrome running and a few in Safari and decided on opening Photoshop. There it went - the black screen...
  9. R

    How long would MacBooks last, now after ARM..

    a quick and a noob question: how long could we assume a MacBook/Air/Pro could to current MacBooks, now after apple are incorporating their own apple silicon parts?
  10. AjTee

    Cleaning MacBook Pro chassis - what to use?

    Hello, What do you use to clean your MacBook Pro chassis/surface? Regards, J.
  11. AjTee

    Dust spots hard to remove from Retina screen

    Hi all, I have new MBP 2020. I was cleaning my MBP screen with microfibre cloth and Fellowes screen wipes. During cleaning I enabled flashlight in my iPhone and noticed some dust spots, which are hard to remove with microfibre cloth. I find that only way to remove them from screen is touch a...
  12. AjTee

    How do you clean your MBP screens?

    I use Fellowes Cleaning Wipes and dry wipe after.
  13. AjTee

    MBP 13 inch (2020) - small chip on out of the box device

    Hello, Last week I have ordered my new MacBook Pro 2020 13th inch model in Space Grey colour on store. I noticed small chip which looks like that it came with this unit from factory. This is near trackpad. There is no issues with this device I am OCD person. Please see photos...
  14. haaalp

    Another Success Story (fixing 2010 MBP)

    I bought a used 2010 MBP base model that had been dropped on the power cable. Paid $20 USD. After opening it up I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief that the power PCB was separate from the logic board! I'm guessing that is because that particular part must require replacement more often than the...
  15. S

    Wondering how many people need ethernet port?

    Hello, guys, could you let me know if you need to use an ethernet cable while working in the office with your MBP?? I am trying to buy a USB-C hub and not so sure if I need one with rj45 or not.
  16. iMacedonian

    MBA 2020 i5 512 GB SSD vs Base MBP 2020 i5 256 SSD

    As the title suggests, since these two are the same price, would it be a better choice to get the MBA 2020 with 512 SSD storage and 10th gen i5 vs the 8th gen i5 on the base model MBP with 256 SSD that has better screen and cooling mechanism? What would you do?
  17. Leet Apple

    Help me decide with MBP and What upgrade

    I want to purchase a new MBP I’m a photographer mainly use Lightroom. im coming off a 2010 15” MBP it’s due time. I don’t have a big budget but I do have a Apple discount I’m thinking of either a Baseline 13” with some major upgrades or a 16” with1 upgrade possibly 2. help me out please!! I...
  18. B

    Need help deciding a laptop

    I am deciding whether to get the 2020 13 inch Macbook Pro i5/16gb/256 or the 2020 13 inch Macbook Air i5/16gb/256. Looking to move on from my windows dell xps 13. I will be doing accounting work for my career so I will frequently be using email, adobe, mail, excel and word. I don't usually edit...
  19. M

    16" Macbook Pro 5300M or 5500M 4GB for my needs

    I'm looking to upgrade to the new 16" MBP (i7 not i9). I need the computer to easily handle 2 4K monitors and one 1080p monitor. I will not be using it for gaming, just productivity work but with lots of windows open: PyCharm, 20+ chrome, Airflow, RStudio. I know that I need at min 16GB of RAM...
  20. F


    Hey there! I'm a graphic designer, I do all my work on my iMac. But I want to buy an MBP/MBA where I can do "soft work" (Illustrator/Photoshop basic stuff), I'm confused if I should buy the new MBP 13 entry line or the MBA with i5. MBP, where I live, is 1 529,00 € and the MBA i5 is 1 279,00 €...