[Merged] HTC Desire - Android Smartphone w/AMOLED screen, SenseUI, 5MP Camera


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Aug 8, 2009
I have been with apple since I was little and got my first iPod and never thought I would leave them but after reading about the htc desire and hearing that it is coming to AT&T in the summer I begin to wonder, could the next iPhone be that big of an upgrade?

Htc desire full on review:

and if it is on AT&T when it comes to the us will they limit like the backflip?
These are just my thoughts anyone have some thoughts on the subject?


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Dec 13, 2008
iPhone 3GS killer? Maybe.

iPhone 4.0 killer? You should probably wait to make that judgment until Steve actually unveils it.


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Dec 20, 2009
Bc Canada
How about the Sony xperia x10?

4 inch high res tough screen, 8.1 mp camera, 1ghz processor 512mb of ram. That's the phone I'm excited to see


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Jun 25, 2009
The iPhone's specs can almost always certainly (and has) been beat out at the time of release. When the 3G was released, it had a mediocre camera. Was missing tons of features. Still sold.

When the 3GS was released, it was a small improvement but still the camera was mediocre, no flash, etc. etc. Did it affect sales? No.

The iPhone will never be 'killed', it will never fade away. It's as much a part of society as the macbooks, imacs, etc are. It's part of Apple's line and probably always will be for...ever. People will talk about the HTC Legend or HTC Desire and sure spec-wise it's better - but to the general population it'll never take over the popularity or 'buzz' of the iPhone. It's just too well known.

Wendy's makes better hamburgers than McDonalds but McDonalds is still #1.


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Apr 16, 2008
At the iPhone hacks section.
Thats the problem you reading about it and checking out the spec sheet.
You should be comparing them hands on both. Just cause it looks good on paper it doesnt mean the user experience will be an "iPhone Killer" type.


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Jun 16, 2008
Meh! I rather have the EVO. I rather onscreen buttons verses physical. I also dont need a trackball.


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Mar 15, 2010
I love my iPhone... But when I look at the Miezou M8 and soon to be M9, or the Nokia N86 and N97, I'm ready to ditch my iPhone for something like that!


Those phones rock!


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Jan 12, 2009
When will people get over the overused misnomer of 'iPhone Killer?' Obviously nothing has even come close to the iPhone (in sales or likability) in it's history, and I don't see that changing. The closest thing has been the Droid and the Pre, and we know how lackluster their markets have ended up being.


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Aug 8, 2009
Ronnyuk please let us know how it is I'm curious to see if it is really that good.

As for the popularity contest, yes apple will always win unfortunately but atleast informed iPhone users like us will have some great options even on AT&T (if you are in the US) this year.

Finally, I used the term iPhone killer because that is what people called the nexus one and this is basically an upgraded N1.


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Jun 25, 2009
Post of the year.
Only that it's not true. Some guys are posting pictures of some massive guns on a few threads. Some of those guns would not just kill an iPod, they would kill an iMac!

I would say that they would kill you, but we know that "guns don't kill people, rappers do".


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Oct 23, 2008
I don't see why the iPhone needs to be killed. It's a good phone, but there is room for more than 1 good phone. So need for any killing imo. Buy the phone you like.


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Mar 26, 2008
Hidden in that geekgasm review are reasons why the iPhone sells so well.

"takes around 30 minutes to set up"

People want the phone to not take long to get working. With the iPhone, you plug it into your computer, and it syncs your contacts from there. Speaking of syncing...

"The PC software was once again not present - downloading HTC Sync found the phone and registered it under the Desire name, but failed to synchronise or connect to actually back up the data."

So now the person has to go find the sync software, and then it doesn't work anyway. So if you lose or break your phone, all your data on it is lost, too. Of course that NEVER happens...

Sense UI sounds nice but complicated. I know people who never used the full capabilities of the old Palm OS. They were amazed that you could get a different UI look from the default or get prettier looking fonts. So you expect non-geeks to figure out all the fancy settings and tweaks possible here, too? The iPhone keeps it simple. So the average person (you know, like most of the world) can figure out how to use it.

Android phones are for geeks. They're great geek phones. But the majority of the world is not geek. That is what the iPhone targets. And there are still a lot of people that the iPhone is "too much" for them.

It's like saying that the BMW M3 is a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry killer (ignoring price difference for a moment). Sure, the BMW has much better performance on the street. But most people don't care about that. They want their car to "just work" with little fuss.


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Jun 5, 2007
Torrance, CA
No phone will be an iPhone killer in the near future... It is just not feasible to create the type of infrastructure (app store, itunes, service provider with special data plans (att), and support). The last one being very important... Have a problem with an iPhone?, then go to the nearest Apple store and they'll replace it on the spot... Albeit a refurb, but better than the one that's not working. Try that with an HTC or any other.

It's not just the equipment or top spec any more. That may have worked in the 1990's and up until a few years ago... but now it's all about user experience (meaning simplicity). Just like the geek argument on the previous post, the only people able to use high spec devices were geeks and not the general public. On the flip side, most geeks, including myself, kind of enjoy that.

I have personally out grown the iPhone and looking for another device. Probably an Android. I want to change and get out of the "I too have an iPhone" crowd. That being said, I would probably miss the whole iPhone experience. It's funny... When the iPhone came out, I thought that my prayers for the smartphone of my dreams have been answered (it has - to a certain point), but I have outgrown it now. Is there such a thing as too user friendly? My wife's got one... and she likes it! That says it all.

Too many iPhones! Both a blessing and curse.


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May 11, 2009
Phones are rarely if ever branded "iPhone killer" by the company that makes the phone. That term is simply a media invention used on Apple forums such as this and tech bloggers sites. Nothing can kill the iPhone and nobody is trying to kill the iPhone. While Steve might develop personal agendas against competing companies, other companies goals are to sell X number of units in Y number of days making Z number of dollars.

There will never be an iPhone killer because the iPhone itself has yet to kill any other smartphone company. Palm is on the brink, but that's more due to its mismanagement of marketing WebOS (a fantastic system) and it's poor design of its only two phones than it is Apple.