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Apr 12, 2001

Microsoft Edge has overtaken Apple's Safari to become the world's second most popular desktop browser, based on data provided by web analytics service StatCounter.


According to the data, Microsoft Edge is now used on 10.07 percent of desktop computers worldwide, 0.46 percent ahead of Safari, which stands at 9.61 percent. Google Chrome remains in first place with a dominant 66.64 percent share, and Mozilla's Firefox stands in fourth with 7.86 percent.

As the default Windows 11 browser, the popularity of Edge has crept up in recent months, with the first concrete signs that it would surpass Safari to take second place coming in February, when it was used on 9.54 percent of desktops globally. Back in January 2021, Safari held a 10.38 percent market share, indicating a gradual slippage in popularity over the last 14 months.

Meanwhile, first-placed Chrome has seen its user base increase incrementally over that time, but perhaps surprisingly, Firefox has leaked users since the beginning of the year, despite regular updates and improvements. That suggests Safari's hold on third place isn't in immediate danger, having lost only 0.23 percent share since February, but things could always change fast if Apple decides to introduce sweeping changes to the way Safari works in macOS 13 later this year.


When it comes to mobile platforms, it's a different story, reflecting Microsoft's lack of a mobile operating system since the demise of Windows Mobile. In StatCounter's analysis, Edge doesn't even make it into the top six browsers on mobile, but first-placed Chrome commands 62.87 of usage share, with Safari on iPhones and iPads taking a comfortable 25.35 percent in second place, 20.65 percent ahead of third-placed Samsung Internet, with 4.9 percent.

Looking at the overall statistics for desktop and mobile, Chrome leads with 64.36 percent, Safari lies in second with 19.13 percent, and Edge stands in third with 4.07 percent of the total market share. Trailing the top three are Firefox, Samsung Internet, and Opera with 3.41 percent, 2.84 percent, and 2.07 percent, respectively, in that order of position.

Safari for desktop has faced complaints from some users in recent years because of bugs, user experience, and website compatibility, causing Apple's Safari team to ask for feedback about how it can improve. At WWDC last year, Apple introduced a radical redesign of its browser, but the changes were met with derision, and Apple eventually rolled many of them back before releasing the final version to the public in September.

With the likes of Brave, Vivaldi, and DuckDuckGo in its rearview mirror, Apple is likely to be wary of making such substantial changes in future versions of its native browser, leading to a focus on bug fixes and performance improvements instead.

Article Link: Microsoft Edge Overtakes Safari as World's Second Most Popular Desktop Browser
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Oct 13, 2021
Makes sense honestly and a smart move by Microsoft. They swallowed their pride and took the most popular browser (Chrome), reskinned it, and added a few extras. They made it easy for people who don’t trust Google to switch and not lose any functionality with their browsing habits.


Jul 12, 2016
Personally, the Edge web browser means nothing to me. It’s all personal preference of what the user is specifically geared towards navigating and parsing through.

It’s like the same thing in terms of android versus iOS, consumers aren’t necessarily choosing what is ‘popular’, but what they’re accustomed to using in terms of preference.
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Aug 17, 2016
I have been using it everywhere (Mac and PC’s) since it was in late beta.

The web for most part is Chromium focused and Edge is Chromium without Google.

Having a browser that is cross platform is great. Especially one that supports multiple profiles.

I even use it on my iOS devices, everything syncs.

Safari is the browser I use on my Mac’s to download Edge then it is never used again.

Mr. Dee

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Dec 4, 2003
Mozilla Firefox has a serious memory management problem on Apple Silicon. If I leave certain tabs open it brings my M1 MacBook Pro to a crawl. Killing it and the Mac becomes super fast. This does not happen with Chrome or Safari. I thinking of switching Firefox for maybe Brave.
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Oct 25, 2016
emoji of raising hand on my iPhone and my IMac!.
Where is the fantastic hardware and software integration in iOS that makes Apple apps so great performing?.
Edge is but perfect, but I even use the test flight version in my iPhone and it has:1. Font size control (47 years old, so my perfect view is no more) and 2. Very decent ads and tracking control integrated that “simply works”.
Not perfect, still miss a little some things of Safari, but much happy using Edge after 5 years of poor innovation in Safari.
Favorites managent is a mess, but I can livez
Next step: better keyboards on iOS (more adjustable sizes, remove the “period” from the side of the space bar, predictions above the typed key ;as Black berry keyboard).

Really, Apple’s innovation last year was a “focus mode” that nobody actually uses beyond the “don’t disturb” . This year I have no hopes as Apple engineers are so lazy to go back to the office and have synergy with each other’s.


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Oct 13, 2021
Mozilla Firefox has a serious memory management problem on Apple Silicon. If I leave certain tabs open it brings my M1 MacBook Pro to a crawl. Killing it and the Mac becomes super fast. This does not happen with Chrome or Safari. I thinking of switching Firefox for maybe Brave.
Safari has serious memory management problems on Apple Silicon in my use case so it’s a no-go option for me.
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