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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by strawbale, Dec 19, 2018.

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    According to (the LCD of) my UPS (#20), my MM2018 (i5/8/256) still draws about 10W when asleep, whereas my monitor hardly anything when asleep. With these settings:

    Screenshot 2018-12-19 at 17.53.54.png

    What have others 'measured' ?

    Or does can you only really put the MM itself asleep with 'apple symbol' (where did that go in Mojave?) > Sleep ?

    On my older MMs the above screen would allow you to set the timer for Computer to as well (it had two sliders).
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    I can't say anything about power draw while asleep, but if you want to cut it lower here are my tips:
    If you go into Terminal, type pmset -g it reports the current power management settings.
    One thing to note is that standbydelay is set to 24 hours (86400), much longer than on a laptop.
    Standby is when the machine is completely powered down. So one option is to reduce the standby delay time.
    Alternatively, I have modified hibernatemode to 25 rather than 3.
    Mode 25 means that the system goes into hibernaton with no power draw immediately upon sleeping (no delay at all).
    I also use hibernate mode 25 with my iMac. It means you can even turn the system off at the wall, move the entire system, and when you plug back in it wakes back up from sleep just like a laptop with a battery does, with windows, apps, and contents of RAM untouched.
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    The settings that you posted are going to make your Mac go to sleep after 1 minute (I learned that just now, I really didn't know where the sleep schedule/timer went and I just tested it to answer you). If you want it not to sleep when the display goes to sleep, just select the first checkbox that says "Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off".

    As for the consumption:

    I have a different Mini (i7, 3.2GHz, 8GB RAM) and it uses 1,3W/h sleeping.
    If I connect a USB-C external SSD, while sleeping, it consumes 2,4W/h

    Other tests:
    Idle, without the external drive: 9,2W/h
    idle with the external SSD: 11,5W/h
    Off: 0,4W/h

    NOTE: this Mini uses less energy compared to the 2012 version that I have (i7, 2.6Ghz, 16GB RAM). For example, idle with the same SSD, it used 15,2W/h...
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    We're talking 3,4,5 watts here, vis-a-vis sleep or idle.
    Virtually -- nothing.
    That miniscule "difference" ain't gonna "save the planet".

    If one is that concerned about power usage, power it off and pull the plug out of the wall -- because the Mini even consumes power when powered off and plugged in!

    Personal experience:
    I'm not particularly worried about "saving the environment", but when I'm not using it I'll power it down -and- turn off the power strip to which it and all my other peripherals are connected...
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    No reason not to enable hibernatemode saves needing to power down.
  6. megaseppl macrumors member

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    I had to disable Power Nap at my Mac Mini.
    With Power Nap it did not really sleep, still consumed almost 20 Watts constantly (together with several external devices, 3 screens etc.) and heated up to more than 46°C - because the fan did not run.
    I have made tons of measurements and documentation about my tests and the result was: I had to turn off Power Nap AND change from a USB-C Hub to USB 3.1 Hub (both have made probs with sleep).

    Edit: here is my post about my problems with sleep:

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