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Dec 20, 2018
hi, this is my first thread, I hope someone may help me.

Current situation:

mp 4.1 upg 5.1
6x3.46 w3690
gtx680 flashed
24gb 1333
system disk(s) sonnet tempo ssd pro plus raid 0 2x256 gb 850pro - write 980 mb/s

I want to upgrade a little, and change from the raid 0 sonnet system to nvme 970. with 10.14

Hardware is installed, but no detection.

I didn´t flash the kext file yet, because I´m not sure about the process becaus step1
csrutil disable; reboot
doesn´t work on the sonnet system because I can´t go into the "startup terminal" setup. I can´t install bootcamp or intervene in any case during the starting process with this configuration.

Today I tested Installing High Sierra on a second ssd bay and it worked but not really good. After a few tries 10.13.1 it was bootable but the system drive wasn´t initialized - very strange. The system ran but you got no drive. And for installing mojave you need 10.13.6 (normal update oder combo update) but i tried all options to install but got no good satisfying result.

Then i changed to the 10.12.6 raid system as startup volume as before and evereything worked fine and the ssd bay was initialized correctly.

tomorrow I want to try to do the same procedure without the ssd raid system inside

should I change the graphics card for the installing process to the original gt 120 gra cd?

nvme as bootable startup volume possible or only a dream?

thx for help
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