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  1. D

    Resolved iMac 2011 w/ Thunderbolt 3 Dual NVMe Enclosure not showing in Disk Utility

    Hey, from what I've read (example here) it's possible to hook up an NVMe drive to an iMac mid 2011 via an Apple T3 to T2 adapter and a self-powered dock. This is the setup I'm using, with a self-powered dual NVMe enclosure (from Sabrent found here). I'm running macOS Sierra 10.12.6. I'm able to...
  2. P

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 2012 NVME as boot drive for Ubuntu Server

    Hiya. I have repurposed an old 2012 Mac Pro as a dedicated test environment webserver by having a clean ubuntu server running on it and nothing else. Whole drive was wiped, no mac os is present. I was thinking of upgrading the current rusty sata HDD to a 256GB NVME drive i have just taken out of...
  3. L

    3rd party NVMe controller panic - random shutdowns on 2014 MBP?

    My MBP keeps on randomly freeze/shut down, and I'm not sure why: Some potential clues, but I have no idea what to make of them: 1. I upgraded my internal SSD using (Sintect adapter, Crucial P2) 2. It...
  4. A

    MP 7,1 Can you boot from third party NVMe HBA

    I'm still pretty new to all this, Is it true that mac removed the ability to boot from third party HBAs? If it helps, I'm using 11.6.6
  5. A

    MP 6,1 New internal SSD (WD_Black SN750 2TB) not showing during setup on late 2013 Mac Pro

    I am trying to set up my new internal SSD (WD_Black SN750 2TB) with a Sintech adapter on my late 2013 Mac Pro after my factory 256gb ssd failed a bit ago and am having issues where the new SSD seemingly is not being recognized. To begin I prepared a USB boot drive (tried both Big Sur & Mojave)...
  6. G

    Find out if internal nvme connector is broken

    The ssd in my macbook pro mid 2014 recently died so i booted into the macbook through an external drive. Now i would like to know if the connector is the problem before i buy a new ssd. so how can I find out if the connector is the problem before buying a new ssd?
  7. P

    MP 7,1 Sonnet Fusion U.2 and Kingston NVMe Panic/Crash

    I just installed the Sonnet Fusion U.2 and a Kingston DC1500M in my Mac Pro 7,1. The drive was recognized, formatted, and I’ve successfully installed and booted Monterey on it. However, shutdown and manual reboot both result in a kernel panic and subsequent restart. Sleep apparently causes the...
  8. spencersmitty

    2017 iMac 27" NVMe swap: slow OS, kernal-task taking CPU, temp sensor?

    hi, I recently swapped out my (2TB) dual fusion drive setup on my 2017 iMac 27", to a singular 2TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus NVMe with the Sintech adapter. Alongside the SSD swap, I also installed 32GB of Crucial memory, coming from the stock 8GB apple memory. Before I sealed the screen back up, I...
  9. stv_ph_

    Macbook Pro 17 Mid 2010 Upgrade with nVME

    Hi Guys, I have my Macbook Pro 17 Mid 2010 (Specs on the image) I wan have a regular HDD with 500GB, and im looking to upgrade the disk to a nMVE of 500gb or 1TB. I am not an expert on this, but i want to know if anyone has done this on this specific computer, Ive been researching on the...
  10. Alvin777

    What Happens If You Make a Fusion's Hardisk an External Drive?

    Hello MacRumors friends. What happens if you remove the hardisk of a Fusion drive and made it into an external drive? Would your User folders be there (Documents, Desktop, Pictures, etc.) and will it be readable? I plan to remove both the Apple SSD and the hardisk of the 2TB fusion drive in a...
  11. M

    A1398 (Macbook Pro mid-2014 15") NVME SSD Upgrade - OSX Install Boot Loop Solution

    Hello! I bought a Crucial 1TB P2 NVME SSD to replace my stock 256gb storage, plugged it in using an adapter from eBay, and to my enormous frustration the SSD was recognised and formatable in recovery mode disk utility, but upon attempting to install Big Sur via bootable USB, the installer got...
  12. H

    MP 1,1-5,1 MP 5,1 (4,1) doesn't boot from PCIe NVME blade

    Greetings. I am on: 4,1 MP flashed to 5,1 Radeon RX 580 64 GB RAM 2x 3.33 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon Catalina (10.15.7) Boot ROM MP51.0089.B00 SATA SSD as boot disk 2x NVME M.2 blades via PCIe adapters on my two PCIe 4x lanes remaining after putting in the GPU (which covers my two 16x lanes) All...
  13. macjunkie2013

    Performance test of Mac Mini M1 w PNY CS3140 in Wavlink TB3 enclosure.

    I tested the speed of the new PNY XLR8 CS3140 1TB M.2 installed in a Wavlink TB3 enclosure connected to my Mac Mini 16/248GB/11.3.1. When booted on APPLE M1 internal SSD M1 Internal SSD speed is ~3177 write ~2850 read TB3 CS3140 SSD speed is ~2701 write ~2539 read When booted from TB3 SSD M1...
  14. JippaLippa

    Black Magic Disk Speed Test alternative, for testing disk speed

    Hello. I'd like to know if there's an alternative software (even paid) to the free Blackmagic Disk Speed test I can get for my mac. The reason I'd like a second test is that I sometimes experience weird behaviours with some SSDs, and this has been the same on different macs and different new...
  15. TheMacProUser

    MP 1,1-5,1 NVME on Mac Pro 3,1

    Hi everyone I know it’s been discussed a lot here but I’m still can’t get my Mac Pro to boot nvme i saw any possible guide but all the guides are written and I can’t understand them can someone send me a video of how to upgrade the 2008 Mac bootrom or maybe write me a new guide or just explain...
  16. B

    13" MBP (2017): Frequent kernel panic – IONVMeController related issue

    Hey guys! Lately I'm having some serious issues with my 2 yrs old 13" Macbook Pro (2017, with TouchBar, 4 Thunderbolts, 512Gb). It started about a year ago (while still on Catalina). When I left it in sleep mode for the night and I opened it in the morning I noticed that my computer restarted...
  17. T

    M1 + Anker NVME enclosure (RTL9210B-CG USB 3.1 Gen2) issue and solution

    I used Anker NVME enclosure (RTL9210B-CG USB 3.1 Gen2) w/ crucial 1TB P2 NVME drive for external storage. After I backup 3 of my iOS devices (using symlink) to my M1 and eject the drive, the drive could no longer mount to both M1 and an Intel Mac. The mac sees the usb chipset, but it just does...
  18. N

    Slow USB-C NVMe ssd performance on M1

    Hi, I just purchesed a intel 665p 1Tb m.2 NVMe disk and a USB 3.1 gen 2 compatible enclosure that I use with my MacBook Pro M1. The enclosure is a Icy Box IB-1817M-C31 and is said to be using chipset JMS583. I did a Blackmagic disk speed test v.3.3 and the results says that i get max approx...
  19. M

    MP 1,1-5,1 Upgrading the Mac Pro 5,1 for Video Editing

    I put together a video detailing the benchmarks and usability of my upgraded Mac Pro 5,1 for video editing: Here's a list of the upgraded Hardware: Mac Pro, Mid-2010 5,1 Dual 3.46Ghz 12 Core CPUs Radeon VII 16gb GPU 2tb NVME Boot Drive on a PCIe Board 4tb Raid NVME Scratch Disk on a Sonnet...
  20. M

    iMac 27" Late 2013 stock HDD + crucial NVME - Fan 1200rpm always

    Hello guys, i bought an old used iMac Late 2013 base model. I decided to install a 512gb ssd nvme crucial + mac adapter and leave the stock 1Tb hdd as it is. Everythings work well, i installed Catalina but i noticed that the main (and only) fan always spin at 1200rpm. In this imac the minimum...