MWNY PowerMac Specs?


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Jul 12, 2001
Originally posted by j763
I think we'll see bumped up G4's AND G5's. I say this because of what I pointed out the other day...

If you didn't see it, think about this, Apple's Web Server has the directory ready to be used (it's currently pointing back at the main powermac page).

If we don't see any G5's at MWNY, there are going to be some really pissed off people out there...
new powermacs are going to be 7470 cpu's,same appear to be in xserve since they are only ones who support DDR and L3 cache
PPC 7500 will come out in new powermacs in mwny2003,and g5's might come out somewhere in 2004


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Jun 2, 2002
The G5 is already out....

If you guys haven't noticed, the G5 chipset is already out, straight from MacCentral:

G5 and the Mac

The automotive and communications markets are crucial to Motorola. However, Motorola's spokesperson told MacCentral that just because the latest fabrication technologies are being introduced into these markets first does not mean that Motorola is focusing development in these areas to the detriment of the computing space. The spokesperson said that the first G4 was the first Motorola product to be manufactured using a copper manufacturing process rather than aluminum and the copper process then was implemented on many of Motorola's other products. How and when new developments become implemented depends on when a technology becomes available, where the technology is most feasible and beneficial, and when it is convenient in the development cycle to implement it.

Motorola has already announced many G5 processor products -- the MPC 8540 in the networking space, announced at this year's Microprocessor Forum and the MPC5500 family in the automotive space, announced October 1, 2001. The MPC 8540 is one of the first G5 products to be announced and will be sampling in the first half of 2002, according to Motorola's Microprocessor Forum presentation. None of these G5 processors have all of the necessary components to be used by Apple on the desktop.

According to Motorola's microprocessor strategy roadmap, all fifth generation (or G5) products take advantage of Motorola's latest fabrication technologies. The G5 generation of Motorola processors use Motorola's seven layer 0.13-micron SOI manufacturing process. This is Motorola's most advanced manufacturing process, and is the most important of a half-dozen or so new features that Motorola is adding to its PowerPC processors with the fifth design generation. However, Motorola's spokesperson told MacCentral that Apollo was not able to take advantage of this process due to its earlier introduction date. The G5 products that Motorola has announced have all been announced in the past year since Apollo's announcement.

To date, Motorola has made no G5 announcements in the computing space. The processors that Apple would need have different capabilities and performance characteristics than those in the automotive or communications spaces. Typically, Motorola will publicly announce a major new generation of processors in a core market months to a year before it ships.

Motorola declined to comment about if the Apollo processor, or when an undisclosed G5 processor, would be used on any new high-end Power Macs. However, a G5 based Power Mac in the near future seems unlikely with the Apollo processor scheduled to ship so soon at a significant performance boost. Additionally, both Motorola and IBM typically announce new computing processors publicly before their adoption by major customers like Apple. Recent examples of this practice include the 7410 G4, which was announced by Motorola shortly before the Microprocessor Forum last year and later used by Apple in the Power Mac G4, and the 750CX and CXe, both introduced by IBM at last year's Embedded Processor Forum and later used by Apple in iMac and iBook models.

From reading this I think it is fairly probable for there to be a G5 at MWNY, this was from Dec 4 of 2001. If they had the G5 chip then, why wouldn't they have it for MacWorld 6 months later?

For full article read:


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Jun 2, 2002
CNN even is on the G5 trail!!!!!

This posted December 3, 2001...

Ok, look at this article:

Conceding that work on the G5 chip is progressing "well", Clark warned that Motorola "doesn't want to fan the flames of expectation".

"There's only one announced product built on the E500 core that's at the base of G5s," Clark explained. Announced at the Microprocessor Forum in San Jose in October, this is an embedded product (the MPC 8540) designed for high-speed networking applications.

If you have read up about the future networking aspects of macs: i.e. mb an upgrade to XServe?

Here is another snippit:

a G5-based product could be announced. The report claims Apple Computer's G5 products may feature speeds of up to 1.6GHz. It also predicts Apple will introduce a faster implementation of FireWire, with Double Data Rate RAM (DDR RAM), a fast system bus and up to 512K of on-die cache. Predictions from other sources posit the introduction of USB 2.0 and a much improved motherboard architecture.

That is a lot of what we have been hearing lately eh????

Want Rapid I/O?! here ya go!

He confirmed that G5 features will include a Rapid Input/Output architecture, and 32-bit and 64-bit backward-compatible chips. These microprocessors will be built using Motorola's 0.1-micron silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology. Motorola expects to reach 2GHz capacity with these chips "at some point", he said.

You guys might be suprised yet... It has been 6 months since these posts... If you know anything about electrical engineering and development processes, six months is plenty of time to implement.


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May 29, 2002
For what it's worth when the G4 systems were released it caught everyone offguard. All of the rumor sites that I recall were not expecting the announcement and were quite surprised. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple pulled something similar again. If I were to make a wild guess though I would say that the system won't be called a G5 and will be one more level up to become the truly highend.

I realize that goes against the simplicity of the product line that they've talked about before but with the latest moves in the video industry, I'm guessing that Apple is going to want a big ticket powerhouse to sell folks. And we've already seen the eMac added to the public line just after Jobs declared the CRT dead.

As always it's anyone's guess what will happen.


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Apr 1, 2002
I'm gonna tell you something

Every time you post a reply in this tread i get an e-mail, it's over a month since i got that e-mail last time, so how and why are you digging up these old topics?


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May 28, 2002
Scotland, UK
L2 Cache on New PMs

Hey folks,

Given the speed increase when the iBook G3 went from 256k L2 to 512k, will we be seeing a similiar increase on the new G4s for thge PMs?
Just a thought.


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May 2, 2002
To my understandng, they were gonna have this swag green-light, and would charge through the keyboard, and would only need to be chared every week or so, i hope that's a reality, it's be SOO cool!


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Jul 3, 2002
Omaha, NE
P4 verse Mac

HOT NEWS!!!!!!

I have been informed that the 2.4 Ghz P4’s don’t operate at 2.4 Ghz.
My electronics teacher informed me that a true and verifiable test was performed on the P4 to measure it’s operating speed. The University that did the study hooked up oscilloscopes to the P4 to find it’s Hertz reading. What they discovered was the main cpu runs at 1.2 Ghz and the co-processor (Internal Math) runs at 1.0 Ghz. Intel added the 2 speeds together to advertise a total additive speed of 2.4 Ghz. The P4 isn’t a true 2.4 Ghz and up processor. The P4 actual speed runs far less than the advertised speed. Intel can do this cause there isn’t any government regulation on processor speeds. This is very similar to the case of the monitors being sold by viewable and monitor size. The government started to require a “buyer beware” regulation stating the true viewable size verse the monitor’s physical size. Not many people know this fact cause the results have just been published. This also explains the huge difference in the Athlon 1.7Ghz kiling the P4 2.4Ghz. Come on guys do the math 1.7 greater than 2.4????? I’ll try to find a link soon and post it. This could really change the future of the computer industry. All you people thinking wintel is winning......surprise!! Bottom line stick with the MAC. Intel is pulling the wool over people’s eyes. Just like Microsoft. Like those apples....

Wake up people!!!!
Spread the real News!!!!
Knowledge is contagious!!!


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Mar 10, 2002
my thoughts ...

fast - 933Mhz
faster - 1.13GHz
fastest - 1.33GHz

don't know about a dual????

All g4, of course, nothing faster. 1.5GHz will never happen, i'd like to see it, but with everyones hopes up, apple will disappoint. however, if the fastest come out at 1.33GHz, that would then become the fast model at San Francisco and things could line up as

Fast 1.33GHz
Faster 1.66Ghz
Fastest 2.0GHz

just a thought is all


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Jan 7, 2002
Johnny7896 - HOT NEWS

Hey Johnny, didn't you post this one a some days back in the 'Apple market share grows' thread.

It kicked off an amusing tit for tat posting session I'll grant you, but if you haven't got anything new to say or can't keep to the topic, give it a rest mate.


Back to the New Power Macs - sound good to me, I just hope the DVD writer is in the base model too.