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  1. emraha06

    --Video added-- Here is why i hated my MBP 14 2023 (clicking keys, battery cycle count, gap assymetry)

    Here is the video proof... Attention for especially right shift key. Is this acceptable for $3,099.00 device.........? I have bought MBP 14 m2 max device but i hate it now. I am very unlucky person about Apple products. Almost %80 of my all devices (iphone, mac etc) came with 1 or more...
  2. T

    Noise app question

    G'day I've just started using the Noise app on my Apple Watch Series 8. Having come from the Series 3, this is my first time using it. Not sure if this is an issue, but the app will monitor noise for a few seconds after launching, then the screen will dim and noise monitoring will stop. I have...
  3. Monika_B

    Crackling noise when answering a call (iPhone 14 Pro Max)

    Is it normal to hear a loud crackling sound when answering a phone call? It happens only at the beginning. When my phone rings and I accept a call, immediately there's this crackling/clicking sound coming from the speakers for a second. Is it manufacturing defect or something else?
  4. MikeCam

    Does anybody else have this iMac 24 issue? Apple are refusing to help.

    When my iMac is asleep, from day one, it has spontaneously made this weird clicking sound. The screen illuminates and the sound starts immediately, it then just goes off by itself and happens again whenever. I have formatted and set up as new multiple times, and it continues to happen. It seems...
  5. ondert

    Brand New M1 iMac, is this coil whine?

    Hello, Yesterday we just bought an M1 iMac from a nearby Apple Store for my wife. I didn't have time to use it then but today when I turned it on, I've started hearing this high pitched sound. It's low in volume but constant and I don't need to come close to hear this. I'm able to pick this...
  6. C

    iPhone 13 Pro AirPods Max Background Noise during calls

    Hello everyone, I want to know if people that have AirPods Max are experiencing the same issue as me. Apparently when I’m having a phone call with my AirPods Max connected to my iPhone and I have the ambient noise mode ON or the noise cancelling mode ON, in places where there is a lot of...
  7. J

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Unknown alarm going off even after power cycle and all apps closed?

    Have been using iPhones for > 10 years and never had this happen, using latest iOS 15.3.1 as of this posting. 1) Does anyone know what this sound is from or what it is supposed to be indicating? 2) All applications are closed, it even started up again after a power cycle..? 3) After a third...
  8. Rainshadow

    iPad Pro Squeeze Clicking

    This is NOT a “gate” and it hasn’t affected performance, however, I was wondering what the hive mind thought of this. When I pick up my 12.9 iPP (2021) I can pretty regularly get a light “click” as if the case and screen are being squeezed enough to “click” together or on something inside...
  9. A

    M1 Max 16" Headphone Jack CPU Noise While Charging via Magsafe 3 or Left TB4 Ports

    I've noticed that whenever the laptop is charging via Magsafe 3 or a left TB4 port that there is CPU usage induced static noise through the headphone jack. It's especially prevalent while scrolling through a webpage and listening to a quiet Facetime call or YouTube video. The left channel of...
  10. arw

    MP 1,1-5,1 [fixed] Mac Pro 5,1 PSU high pitch noise

    Hey, this is my first thread and I just wanted to share my observations in case anyone else experiences the same. I recently acquired/upgraded to a Mac Pro 5,1 2010 Dual socket. I immediately noticed a very high pitch noise which was extremely annoying and audible even across the room. It...
  11. JippaLippa

    iPhone 13 Iphone 13 Abysmal Video Quality?

    Hello, everyone I'm a very loyal Apple user, therefore there's no phone for me other than the iPhone, and I recently upgraded from an Iphone XR to a 13 and I love it. Everything about the phone is amazing, especially the screen (once again, coming from the very cheaply made XR). There's one...
  12. M

    iPhone 13 Pro Poll for 'Does your iPhone 13 pro/pro max volume up button make metallic clicking noise vs volume down?'

    Just wanted to see if this is normal for iPhone 13 pro and pro max's. You will need to put your phone against your ear to hear it.
  13. Mr Screech

    Macmini M1 100% fan noise.

    Anyone willing to record the sound a macmini m1 makes at 100% fan noise? I have a macbookpro m1, and though very silent in general, the fan is extremely loud at 100% with a high pitch that's annoying. I'm curious if the macmini m1 has a more tolerable 100% fan noise. Greatly appreciated.
  14. H

    Apple Music Apple Music is making noises on My MacBook(M1)

    Isn't it support the lossless audio on a MacBook(M1) too? I found that When I changed a song from AAC to ALAC, occurred a big noise like in the recorded video. I am using Monterey and my friend is using Bigsur but both of these are the same situation. How can I fix this problem? ?
  15. H

    Apple Music is making noises on my Mac

    When I turned on the lossless audio and changed the song format from AAC to ALAC, occurred a noise. Recorded video, I changed a song from AAC to ALAC. Surprised by this big noise when I listened to music with my headset. It occurs in both headset and speaker and happens to my friend's Bigsur...
  16. Sexymofo33

    iPad Pro M1 iPad camera image quality

    The back camera and front as well show visible noise when I look in the camera app, especially when I zoom in.
  17. Intenditore

    Top-line MBPr 15" fan noise problem

    I've got a top-of-the-line 2015 MBPr. Oh, why did I ever thought to take the top model?! It kills me with unreasonable noise - as soon as dGPU is invoked it starts to whine, just watching a YT video, around very reasonable 60C - and 60-70% fanspeed. For nothing Even when I stop it, it makes...
  18. mohammad.golche

    imac 2011 27" power supply problems

    i have an imac 2011 27" , imac PSU was making the electrical buzzing noise. i replaced it with another PSU . now imac is silent but cpu fan is running at max rpm speed (4200). i checked HWMonitor temperatures and PSU temperature was 130 c , but PSU is not hot. please help me... where is...
  19. hsnv

    Strange annoying noisy inside 2019 Macbook Pro 16 inch

    I bought this MacBook in April. The sounds started a couple of months ago. Apple service hasn't found anything. Because the sound is not constant. Who has encountered something like this?
  20. lancee_xyz

    Strange and annoying fan noise in brand new iMac 27" 2020 (incl. audio file)

    Hi, I just replaced my late 2013 iMac 27" with a 2020 model to get the Big Sur experience :) Unfortunately my new iMac sounds strange - the fan make a clacking or engine like sound all the time when running at lowest RPM. iMac is 10 days old and does it ever since. Is this normal? I hope not...