1. D

    MacBook Pro 2012 Whirring Noise

    Hello everyone, A few days ago my faithful 2012 MacBook Pro began making a noise previously unheard by my ears. I would describe it as a kind of "whirring" sound from the left half of the computer (somewhere by the QWERTY keys), but not in the hard drive area (I have a Samsung 860 EVO SSD)...
  2. G

    16” MacBook Pro Weird Noise (Coil Whine?)

    Hi everyone, Picked up a new 2019 16” MBP base model w/ 512GB storage. Installed windows using bootcamp and then noticed an intermittent electronic scratching sound. With no apps running, I opened up the task manager and monitored CPU speed and saw that every couple of minutes the cpu speed...
  3. raab90

    Spindown / Disable internal unused iMac HDD

    I have a 2012 work iMac that I currently use with an external SSD as the boot drive for speed. The internal drive I believe is on the way out as its clicking and whirring a lot, I'm not bothered about any further damage to the drive as I have the SSD running my OS. BUT its a super annoying noise...
  4. Intenditore

    A1398 2015 - wearisome fan whine

    I've got A1398 2015 (2.8, R9 370X, High Sierra) which I was dreaming of for years! I bought it for silence as Apple values it much - and got something pretty different. First of all - paste is fresh (MX-4), fans are clean, SMC and NVRAM are reset. I undervolted with Volta (-60mv), turned off...
  5. Jbek7

    Thunderbolt Monitor 27 is making weird noise

    Here is my recording of the problem. It comes and goes and it doesn't bother me much but lately having all conference video calls from home and other people saying hearing this noise. Wondering if this is fixable.
  6. L

    Macbook Pro 16' Loud crack (not known speaker issue)

    Second time iv just noticed my macbook make a loud crack sound that i could literally feel with my hands on the chassis. Was very loud and only lasted a second. The laptop was opened while cold to the touch and then 25 mins in into use it happened. Not a huge issue but curious if like coil whine...
  7. verstaerker

    MP 7,1 Noiselevel

    since January I have a MacPro 2019 with the following config: 12 core 64 GB RAM 2 TB SSD Single VegaII in contrast to the numerous YouTube videos where there is raving about how quiet the MacPro is, I have to say that I perceive it quite loud. Definitely louder than my old MacMini setup with...
  8. T

    AirPods Pro Background Noise for person on other end

    When I use my AirPods Pro, the people I am talking to on the other end can hear EVERYTHING in the background very very loudly. Meaning that it is very very loud for them, everything I am doing is very amplified. Anything I can do to reduce the noise that the person I am talking to hears?
  9. M

    MacBook Pro 13’ 2017

    Top keys are making a weird clicking sound. Computer is not hot, it’s very cool. This is the first time this happens since I got it. Purchased about 13 months ago.
  10. alchemistics

    Yes the 16" MBP does run quieter with an eGPU on an external Monitor

    I share this information with you because I saw it coming up in several Threads if the 16" MBP connected to an eGPU does (and if how much) run quiter compared to having the monitor connected to the internal dGPU. And it does. Obviously. Quite a bit, in my personal use case - Webdevelopment (CPU...
  11. Jupiter-8

    iMac Pro iMac Pro Vega 64X fan noise?

    Hi everyone. Long time lurker, first time poster. How does the Vega 64X impact fan noise in the 8-Core or 10-Core iMac Pro? I’d love to hear from anyone using this config, especially for music production and design related work. A bit of background… After weeks of research, I'm about to pull...
  12. A

    Keyboard noise - add an isolation layer UNDER the keyboard?

    Hi, I have a Macbook Pro 2019 Do you think I can open/disassemble my macbook, and put a layer of sound-isolation UNDER my keyboard? The noise I am trying to get rid of is not the noise of the mechanical click of the keys, instead it is the noise of the mac itself acting as a sound box, as a...
  13. Kay_bee

    iPhone 11 Pro Not impressed with iPhone 11 pro Max camera

    Hello, I know that deep fusion feature is still on the way and it will improve the camera results. But I see so many great reviews about camera already and my personal experience with camera is not too different from iPhone XS. my photos are coming out too noisy. Am I the only one that...
  14. TheRiddler1982

    Fans running at max speed though temperatures and cpu clock are low

    Hi all, I have a Mid 2018 Macbook Pro with Vega 20 graphics unit running MacOS 10.14.6. What I notice since 2 months is the fact that the fan control somehow doesn't work. The fans are spinning at max rpms and both temperatures and cpu clock speed (utilization) are low. I have made a screenshot...
  15. T

    MacBook Pro (Touchbar) Cracking Noises

    Hey there! rocking a first gen MBP with Touchbar, pretty much maxed specs. it's been in service for almost everything there is (battery, left side ports, storrage controller, keyboard). but NOW is's started to make some freaking weird cracking noise a few minutes after i start using it. It's...
  16. Z

    Fan Noise Level on 27 inch iMac

    Hi guys, I have been a long term user of Macbook Pro and I am super happy about how dead silent those computers are. I cannot hear a single thing out of my 2015 macbook pro. Recently I purchase a brand new 2019 27inch iMac. It is the base model configured with 512g SSD. I find out there is a...
  17. WrightBrain

    CPU temps – 27 in vs 21.5

    I've done a lot of reading about how on the 27in iMac, the 4.2 Ghz i7 version runs hot and spins up the fan, while the 3.8 Ghz i5 version seems to run cooler. I was wondering if the 21.5 in iMac with the 3.6 Ghz i7 runs hot or not? Does anyone have any CPU temps to share? I was basically...
  18. K

    New Mac mini Noise Considerations

    I have a 2012 base Mac mini that I use for internet and email and in six years of use I have never heard any fan or other noise coming from this computer. I'm now going to purchase a new mini and I want it to be equally silent--everything else is of secondary importance. In configuring my new...
  19. bonjourx

    Macbook pro 2018 15' weird crackling/ static fan noise on low, is it normal?

    Ive noticed that my new MacBook Pro 2018 15inch is making a very minimal crackling/ static fan noise. you don't hear it when the fan is blowing so much. but when the fan is not on full force and just on low I could hear the very minimal crackling/ static noise. its not always there and its not...
  20. T

    Better CPU and RAM, less heat

    1.) Does better CPU in macbook (quad-core vs dual-core i5) will alow macbook to generate less heat? 2.) Does more RAM (16GB vs 8GB) allow macbook to generate less heat i.e. be cooler? 3.) Does dedicated graphic card in 15" version macbook pro, allow macbook to stay cooler while watching youtube...