iPhone X Nearly 6 months in, the iPhone X isn't that successful

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Adelphos33, Mar 19, 2018.

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    Not every iPhone owner is willing to switch to android just because the competition offers a cheaper alternative with OLED. It also depends where Apple prices the 2018 OLED iPhones and the 6.1 LCD iPhone may not have as many as advantages the OLED models have with 3D touch, wireless charging and certain camera capabilities may not be included. But then again, the consumer may not care about those features and a 6.1 LCD cheaper price point Might be more attractive with similar iPhone X features.
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    Entertaining thread to say the least. When I really think about it, my dad has a 6 (6 figure job) girlfriend has an 8 (50k a year job) and I have an X (30k a year job). That doesn’t make much sense lol. Of my coworkers only one has an x, one has a 7 plus, one has an SE and a few have android. I really haven’t seen many Xs. I also am glad after reading this thread that my phone decision process is as simple as “I’ll have the new one” every year. Takes a load off not caring about what is more cost effective. Really a flip phone and a laptop is cost effective, but whatever. I think whatever you like is what you should use, to hell with everyone else’s opinion.

    I think the phone is too damn expensive, I really like it, I don’t think it has sold very well, I know Apple will survive even if everyone in this thread never buys another iPhone again, and I am a sure the next version of the X will be cheaper, and I’m also sure that ther will be an X plus that will cost the same as the current X. Then Apple can brag they dropped the price while still raking in the dough on the plus size.
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    Most people just can’t afford one or can even justify buying one when their 6, 6S, 7, etc is doing the job just fine. Those who are thinking about upgrading will likely go for the 7, 8, or 8 Plus which are more affordable in comparison. There’s a certain threshold that the average user just won’t go past and 1k is just pushing it. Sure, I’ve seen a few X’s around, but it really is dependant on the kind of people you associate yourself with. Younger people, celebrities, and those with high paying business type jobs for example are most likely to own one. My parents, friends, and most people around my area do not because their older phones which are around 3 years old at the most are doing just fine. The X isn’t that compelling to them for them to even think about plonking down 1k for one, and like I say they probably can’t afford it anyway. A 1k phone isn’t even on the radar when you’re struggling to pay bills and trying to get by, so getting longevity out of your older phone or buying a used 6S or 7 is the wiser, most sensible option.
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    I haven't seen many either. While the X is a fantastic phone, the most popular apps like Gmail, Facebook, Safari, Spotify and Safari look and function the same on an X as they do on an iPhone 7. Besides face unlock, there is nothing you can do on the X that you can't on an 7 or 6S.

    We have reached the point of diminishing returns. The only feature that could spark many upgrade in the next 12 months is AI camera. The Pixel 3 and Huawei P20 have cameras that are ground breaking in performance. I'm sure that the next iPhone will offer comparable image quality.

    Going forward, Apple and even Samsung will innovate more or keep price points more sane to entice consumers to upgrade more frequently again.
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    Apr 8, 2013
    The pixel 3?

    The camera on the X is better than it was on my 7 plus. The screen is better.

    Yes the apps run the same but to be honest those apps would work well enough on a 5 or 5S.
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    Nov 18, 2016
    The iPhone X is the best iPhone in the iPhone history. It is the most successful launch for those who “have” excellent purchasing power to get and keep it without any issues. A lot of “fake” news postings including notch exaggerated issues and any other excuses are intended to cover-up and prevent the success and persuade people for not buying it. Face it, anyone who really wants iPhone X but cannot afford it will be jealous and create any made up opinions / fake news to persuade others for not buying it so they will not have it as she or he cannot have it. I hope all MacRumor readers are smart enough to despise these type of pathetic fake news.
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    Wales, United Kingdom
    I’ll be honest, I could afford it but felt it was more than I was willing to pay for a mobile phone. I’m not jealous of those who own it though as there would be no point, I’d just buy it if that was the case. I guess I just really didn’t want it enough. For my needs I’m happy with a mid tier device.

    It’s price has been its stumbling block, not its physical design or capability.
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    Indeed. There is no shortage of people who are in no rush to upgrade to the most recent phone or the previous year's one.

    The leap in technology that make a real world difference isn't what it was in the days of the original iPhone and 3G.

    Eitherway I look forward to upgrading phone this year and it will be between the Pixel 3 whenever it comes out and the plus version of the iPhone X.

    Which ever one has an good OLED screen and AI camera will get my money. And yes, I will be using the phone used to save a few £100 pounds.
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    iPhoneX is the best phone period and my wallet is always open for Apple. But I will keep my 6S Plus until Apple figured out a way to get rid of the notch!!! I don't care about edge to edge display, but couldn't stand the notch. And finger prints reader need to be added back.
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    I honestly have no idea what you’re trying to say here. What does that even mean for those who have “Excellent purchasing power to get and keep it without any issues? “ Your above quote doesn’t make much sense.

    The iPhone X is a great iPhone, but is it the best iPhone in the history of all the iPhones? That would be up to the consumer to decide, that’s not something that can be definitively stated as a whole.

    You’re on an opinionated website where others are going to naturally express their dislikes about the iPhone X, but that doesn’t mean that everybody shares the same opinion either. If somebody wants the iPhone X, they will purchase it, there isn’t much persuading for someone to not buy an iPhone X, which the biggest factor would be the price point on how expensive it is.

    You really think there are those who are that superficial who just can’t have a smart phone to lie and persuade others to not buy it? I think you’re over exaggerating, it’s just a smart phone. Anyone in terms of affording a phone could easily finance it with very little credit to do so.

    I Also think you need to take into account that not everyone wants the iPhone X, even if they could afford it.
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    Right behind you
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    Your speculation on Apple’s current sales levels and go-forward pricing strategy is completely wrong and that’s because you aren’t the iPhone X’s target consumer. It’s the flagship model of a luxury brand. You figured out a way to get one, but it’s not designed for you.

    Apple will hold price on the current X as it is their best-selling iPhone. Apple won’t make a Plus sized X because there is no market for it as people who have to game and watch movies on a smartphone couldn't afford it.
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    not really bothered either way on this one but I have literally seen only maybe a handful of iPhone X in the wild. this is Manchester, England.
  15. newellj, Apr 4, 2018
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    So any criticism is either jealousy, psychological illness, or an Oliver Stone conspiracy theory? Really? :rolleyes:
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    I have absolutely no trouble paying cash up front for an iPhone X. I owned one for six weeks. Great hardware. Lousy user experience. But others will feel differently and YMMV.
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    For You

    A) You've no idea what Apple's expectations are
    B) From Apple's lips, the phone's selling well
    C) Apple hires/contracts several companies for redundancies and to reduce possibility of delays in production and distribution. Today, we're about five months away from the new iPhone. This time of the year they expect to ramp down production of the previous model and
    D) The've sold ('matched' no - beaten) sales of the iPhone 5s/6 days with each iteration! Maybe by a single percentage point, maybe a few. the bottom line, none of us have ANY idea until May 1, when they announce the earnings of the second and third months of the quarter's sales w/iPhone 8s comboed together? Not sure, but with sales in Q1 of 77/78 million iPhones, a projection of 50-55 million last quarter (Q2) ending 3.31 - as well as the sales of iPhone 7s, they're doing well - as well as they've ever done, and making more money with this lineup than any other in a decade. Period. Lets see what May 1 says. Just cause a couple of supplier cutoffs happened means nothing, as one can be more reliable than its redundancy etc. Cook's always said not to read in to supply chain info

    I'll toast (& vouch) for this. I've owned the X since the first week of December and I bought my wife and I's iPhone 1s in November 2007. The Xs are easily the best iPhone I've owned, and I will always keep my 7+ matte black. One of the beauties, bested only by my X :)

    Right with ya. Anyone who's bought an unlocked on a credit card that didn't pay it off immediately also paid over a thousand bucks on earlier iPhones. $1,000 is no magical number, the Note was 60 or 80 bucks less, can't get a Pixel, and the 9, same as the Galaxy S8 this year. The 9 just came out and there are true cash sales of $300 off new units! BOGOs w/24month, $40/month contracts aren't 'free phones' (Those who've highlighted sales of iPhones) and good luck trying to find a Pixel

    No, he (or she's) right. It's perfect. The 'stories' are just that. "Stories" of slumping sales as Apple marches along to the trumpet of a trillion

    I have a 2015 Kia Soul and have used every Beta build since, never lost CarPlay! You Audi and BMW owners ought to get a real whip!!! Sweet lil' Soul with a 10 year, 100k warranty and CarPlay doesn't break lol :)

    You might just be a perfect candidate for the beta program, or at least later builds - and will benefit from iOS's latest public release - as well, the developers have to update. I'm actually surprised how quickly most the apps I use frequently have, and were updated quickly...very few left to update and I have a couple hundred apps on mine.

    I produce as well - and while I feel the AirPods are the best Apple innovation since the original iPhone - we aren't anytime soon producing without wires, unfortunately :)
    Course, never know - the ridiculously produced crap being released today lacks any sort of dynamic range - mixed to within a dB or 2 of 0 for 128Kb MP3s and clock radios. Seems the newer generation is happy with its quality given its convenience = the main reason I hope to see LTE speeds and spectrums continue their growth in speed and ubiquity

    You're making crap up - who are you that would have a clue what the sales numbers are? They won't release until 5/1!

    Bad examples - both situations pay the carrier double the thousand bucks over two years to get your free 'X' and the GSach article, readjusting from 77 and 55 million to 77 and 53.4 or the 1% GS analyst prediction is your 'proof?'

    Yikes - no wonder the reality star, real estate dude's where he is

    It's a good argument to change the taxation of your country - as well, a warning why we should back off this BS w/China currently. These things have become our computers. Most of our computers today are our smart phones for MOST people. NOT talking 'us'. I'm typing this on my MacBook Pro (although its a 2015 15", I'm ill impressed by the latest design) -- but the true majority of the world, yes, including the developing world, it'll become our computer, across the world, day in and out - the most used computing device will certainly, and already most likely has - become our main 'computer'.

    I certainly spend more time on iOS than macOS today, with iPad Pro and iPhone X - it's amazing the fluency between the two, and when home or the office, with macOS on the iMac or MacBook Pro, the continuity using handoff is amazing - and I'm not here to excuse all Apple's mistakes, but the iPhone X isn't one of em

    Thats a different discussion - but we've been purchasing computers now for four decades, three in the home and office, over the last 2.5. They've become cheaper, the smartphone has taken it's place and when the math is said and done... there is an insignificant difference buying a top tier smartphone every 24 months today, than buying the best laptop every 3 or 4 years just a decade ago - I'd argue we're getting a helluva lot more bang for a lot less buck today
    Though not a need, it's close

    Cool - not for you - for me, I can't stop gesturing on my iPads. Lack of home button is forgotten within a week, Face ID regardless of what you read is fast or faster than Touch ID as its already ready when you swipe up! Quick flick, no need to locate homer, just flick n fly - it's a beast of a phone, best of the lot. I've owned every iPhone and I'm a billionaire! (One's true, one's not)
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    Oct 24, 2013
  18. Dodgeman macrumors 65816

    Nov 30, 2016
    I said it before. There are things I dislike about android and iOS.
    I wanted to make a change from iOS for various reasons. I owned Samsung and Apple, each time each phone made me want to switch. I went through a lot of iPhones but have after 4 or so years switched it up to Samsung. The samsung device is useful and there are things I dislike but I keep telling myself to get used to, which is what I probably should have done with the iPhone. Oh well.
    Funny thing is I thought of switching back to the X and couldnt get my phone to do a complete mirror copy so I scrapped the idea. My not with a promotion was only 750 or so odd dollars this iphone was over 1100.
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    Wales, United Kingdom
    To be honest I’m not one of these people who is obsessed with shaving hundredths of a second off how quickly my iPhone unlocks. I have no idea how quickly touchID takes on my 6S but I’m guessing it’s just under 1 second. I mean really, is this a competition? It’s plenty quick enough for me right now. The iPhone X I am sure is amazeballs etc, but it’s more than I need to pay to get an iPhone with all the needed features of iOS. The iPhone is more a tool for me rather than a fashion accessory.
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    Mar 19, 2015
    And if they're going to make that comparison the fact that FaceID has a higher failure rate means the passcode has to be entered more frequently needs to be factored into the equation.
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    Aug 16, 2012
    Thanks For response!
    I know it sounds Wierd but aitpods give me headaches and I never Have headaches normally(I probably havent experienced headache More than 10times in my whole Life)
    But These Airpods ,use the Right Airpod as an access point , It sends the signal Frome the right to the left while the brain is in the middle, there are threads on this forum and even apple disscussions forums about this, lots of People are having the same issue so although i love the comcept of airpods but they are completely useless for me,

    To be honest i still like the 6s+ more than any other iphone, i have the 256gb x but Man,The battery life stability of IOS its nothing like the 6S+ on ios9
    When i got the 6S ,the battery barely drained even after doing lots of stuff(if i remember correctly,cuz its been ~2.5years+)
    But the x,every few minutes i lookk at the battery guage it drops a Few Percents,
    My battery is not defective 100% health less than 20 charge cycles and I dont play games On it just browsing whatching Youtube and Checking instagram, these stuff Drain the battery pretty Quickly, and nope Background app refresh Is Not on for any of those apps that drain the battery just with background activity

    Yeah were not producing without headphones anytime soon
    Mixing is possible but production, Youre right,i guess theres no way

    I wish i had bought the 8 plus it still lacks a headphone Jack but at least its not some fancy phone With a Bad battery life(i dont care what people say on these forums For me its Not as good as what i remember about the 6S+ and One of my relatives has the X,experiences the same thing...)

    Anyways, thanks for eesponse and about the beta Program , I might get that on the X,i couldnt believe when it started to lag like crazy On 11.2.6
    It was smooth but On the day of 11.3 release it started lagging Heavily once i updated to 11.3 it was Smooth again,
    Come On apple what are U doing
  22. chabig macrumors 601

    Sep 6, 2002
    No. That’s makes no sense for two reasons. First, why would Apple put a second radio between the source and the left AirPod? Second, how come the left AirPod can work alone, without the right?
  23. parajba macrumors 6502

    Apr 19, 2008
  24. Persian-apple macrumors regular


    Aug 16, 2012
    I Did A bit of research and Lots of websites say that the phone sends the signal to the right air pod and Then the Right Sends it to the left one via another bluetooth signal ,
    And The left one Might Be able to directly take signals From the phone when The right one is not in use just search for headaches caused by this and youll find lots of Busy forums
    Im not saying it makes sense Or not tehnically
    But personally I never have headaches and this thing Just makes my head exlode Gives me wierd headaches Even some visual symptoms, Idk man but theres definitly something wrong with em at least In my experience sorry for the punctuations i was in a hurry its hard to read without them i know
    God bless Bro
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    Sep 23, 2014
    Strange at the RSA conference today and didn't see one iPhone X. I would've thought I'd see a lot of them. Maybe it isn't as successful as I thought.

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