Nearly Half of Surveyed U.S. Teens Using iPhones, Over One-Third Using iPads

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    Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster today released the results of his semi-annual survey of U.S. teenagers, finding that iPhone and iPad usage remains strong among the 5,200 teens included in the study. According to the report, 48% of teens now report that they are using iPhones, up from 40% just six months ago.
    In looking at tablets, 51% of teenagers now report using a tablet, up from 44% six months ago. Of those 51%, 63% are using full-size iPads and 5% are using iPad minis, meaning that nearly 35% of teenagers in the survey are currently using Apple tablets.
    Samsung has attempted to play up its appeal with younger consumers through ads portraying the iPhone as uncool, with one ad poking fun at Apple fans waiting in line for the latest gadget by showing one Samsung user in the line actually saving a spot for his parents. But Piper Jaffray's results suggest that the iPhone and iPad brands remain strong with U.S. teenagers, with Apple undoubtedly planning for those users to become lifelong Apple customers as they become locked into the company's app and content ecosystem.

    Article Link: Nearly Half of Surveyed U.S. Teens Using iPhones, Over One-Third Using iPads
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    For now...

    I was just in Asia and the vast majority of people we saw were on the Galaxy Note II. Apple needs to step it up on the innovation curve otherwise I think there's a rocky road ahead.
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    I wasn't allowed to own a tamagotchi until I was 18.
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    But 100% of their iMessages are down right now.
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    This topic says the United States I believe.
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    So in 10-20 years when these teens become parents, will their kids think Apple is uncool because "that's what my parents used"?

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    Ask the NSA
    simple minded people like simple to use things
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    Also, interesting how the Android tablet jumped from 16% to 24% in the 'plan to purchase'...
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    i just like smooth ui and stability. I've had tons of androids, including the S3. It's great, but i don't feel its "there" yet, although the OS has significantly improved. I will surely go back eventually as I am open minded and flexible.
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    Proud to be part of both of the teen iPad and iPhone bandwagons :D And no, there really is a general consensus in the Android vs. iOS field, the only Android users are either the really "nerdy" types (which isn't even entirely true and a lot who own Android phones own iPads which they prefer) or those who went Android because it's cheaper and aren't really enjoying it either.
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    And do you think their parents will buy them their next Apple product?
    On minimum wage, teens will see what an Apple product reallt costs once their are out of the house.
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    Yes I agree they need to innovate their supply chain and production. Apple is simply way behind as far as getting on all the carriers in Asia and other places that competitors exist in. Heck, they are only just now getting on Tmobile in the US and look how fast they are growing here while Android continues to lose marketshare.

    If they step up innovation in how they get their devices into Asia and the rest of the developing world, they can experience the same type of growth and dominance they are seeing in the U.S. The product itself is already innovative compared to the competition. Unless you consider something like "S Voice" innovation.
  16. rebe1, Apr 9, 2013
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    Uhuh, you were in "Asia". I think you need to define where in Asia you were at, because Asia is pretty big and consist of many countries.

    I just came back from Thailand, and the majority of the people had an iPhone 5 (Yes I was surprised), or iPhone 4/4S. Also noticeably owned were also Galaxy's, but definitely not as much as iPhones. iPads were everywhere. This was also the same in Japan and HongKong, although I'm pretty sure I saw more Galaxy's being owned in HongKong.

    BTW, it was great that I can get a nano sim and a week of 1GB 3G usage (ultd. edge speeds afterwards) for my iPhone 5 for equivalent of $7USD, and a second week for another $5-6USD. That's including the nano sim card, at the Bangkok International airport!

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    Because their parents laughed at them when they asked for an iPad. They'll have to settle for a Kindle Fire.
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    That's a really good point, and one that I hope isn't lost on Apple. As someone else mentioned, flip-phones are now often perceived as the "old geezer" phones. When the teens of today hit their 40s, what innovations will Apple have that will make a new generation of youth happy to be using the same technology as their parents?
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    Australia, Perth
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    If I was a teen I'd own all the same Apple products I own now... it's just cooler :p
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    It might be. There is one big problem with teens - they become non-teens very quickly. And new generation of teens may prefer "Pepsi". Also, teens represent such a small percentage of the population that any survey about the share of any particular product among them tells a lot about teens but not so much about the product.
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    Generally when people adopt a brand they stick with it.
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    yep, and clever people have better things to do than dick around with their home screen and root to cyanogen mod or wtf you guys call it.

    It is a good point, one that was already supposed to have been happening, see the mocking Samsung commercials with the kids parents in line waiting for the iPhone.

    This data flies in the face of that.
  24. cxny macrumors 6502

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    remarkable. if the teens revolt look out AAPL!
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    Hardly a ground breaking survey when only 5200 teens were surveyed!


    Yup, because thats all Android users do :rolleyes:

    Ive had my S3 for a year. It took 5 minutes to root and about 15 minutes to get my homescreen the way I wanted it. No customs roms or such like for me.

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