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Jun 4, 2023
So, I am planning to build a custom hackintosh inside an old MacPro case, like many other people seem to have done.

I haven't yet bought the MacPro case, or motherboard, but I am holding off temporarily until I can get more information on how to connect everything together, and the only bit I am struggling with so far is the front panel IO. Some of the builds I have seen on here seem to either have their own custom PCB with USB and the power button, which I do not have the expertise to do myself. Either that or they don't give any information about it at all, suggesting they just left it.

There is a custom adapter from BlackCH Mods that does the exact thing I want for the PowerMac G5, but I have had a hard time finding options on eBay for a G5 in reasonable condition near me. Is there anything like this for any of the later Mac Pros? Or an easier solution than soldering my own USBs onto a custom PCB?

I would greatly appreciate any help...
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