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powermac g5

  1. Y

    Powermac G5 not Booting up.

    Hi All, I'm new here, and a first time Mac use, so I hope this goes to the right place? I got hold of a Powermac G5 from an auction and got it up and running by re-seating all the boards etc, and it was loaded with stuff from a DJ. Everything worked fine until I messed up by going to the Disk...
  2. H

    G5 Quad boots but #7 RED LED turns on and then off briefly, then goes to sleep.

    So I have a G5 quad and it boots ok, then the fans start to get pretty loud (I don’t believe full speed but I would say faster than it should be, but then after a couple of minutes, it freezes up and goes to sleep (sometimes it just freezes on what ever screen your on). I checked the LCS and it...
  3. Appleuser201

    PowerMac G5 Linux Performance

    I haven't seen a G5 be so fast on the internet before, is this video real? YouTube plays smoothly at 720p 60 frames per second using firefox 47. Is 16.04 ubuntu always this good on older G5's?
  4. smartyhall

    PowerMac7,3 Boot Issues

    I just recently picked up a PowerMac7,3 with the dual 2.3 GHz PowerPC 970FX option. It was missing its drives, so I dug out an older SATA drive, stuffed it in, and went to boot a Tiger install disk. The install disk boots, sees the drive, and completes the install. However, it won't actually...
  5. necreation

    Powermac G5 keeps going to sleep

    Hi guys, I owns several Powermac G5. There's one particular Powermac G5 2.0 DP 2003 model that has been working fine for a few months. It was running really well until one day when I thought everything was fine, one of a new intern that has assigned to this system reported to me that the Mac...
  6. error2507

    AcBel 600 Watt compatible with PowerMac G5?

    In my previous post some people said that I should change the PSU from my PowerMac G5. My question: Is the AcBel 600 Watt PSU compatible with it? I am new to PowerMacs #12 My serial number is CK422H6MR5J . I looked it up on and it says A1047 (EMC 1969) is my model name.
  7. error2507

    PowerMac G5 not turning on

    Hey! So I recently got a PowerMac G5 and when I first booted it, just the fans where spinning but nothing else. I thought I could solve that problem later and decided to clean the Mac up, since there was dust everywhere. After I did that, I wanted to turn it on again. But nothing happened. When...
  8. Shadow9x99

    GeForce 7800 GTX 256MB for PowerMac G5

    So, last night I picked up a mint 2.3GHz DC PMG5 on Craigslist for $20 (came with a 20" Cinema Display :) It's my first PowerMac and I'm looking into getting a better GPU. From all the research I've done it seems that there's more than 1 variant of the Quadro FX 4500 Mac edition, one for the EFI...
  9. J

    Media100 HDX nonlinear video editing bundles for PowerMac G5 PCI-Xs

    We're moving offices and vintage PowerMac G5 Media100 HDX bundles need a new home. Each bundle includes Media100 HDX capture/playback PCI-X card, breakout-box with cables, documentation, flying cow analog-digital audio converter, Media100 v10 and v11.5 original & back-up software discs with...
  10. ModernGnome

    Anyone Have the Liquid Cooling System for a Power Mac G5

    Hello, I recently purchased a used Power Mac G5 to use as a media computer for things like Netflix. I've been looking for a liquid cooled G5 for quite some time now, but found a non-liquid cooled version locally for a good deal so I purchased it. I would still really like to have a liquid...
  11. Appleuser201

    Anyone still use a PowerPC mac as their daily machine?

    Anyone out there still own and use a PowerPC Mac as their main daily driver? While PowerPC macs haven't been made since 2006, they still are to me personally a TRUE macintosh and not associated with that intel windows garbage. I know the PowerMac g5 machines are actually still decent in...
  12. namethisfile

    Are there still any Powermac G5 owners out there?

    I found a silver tower computer shimmering in the sunlight at my local recycling center. I approached the object casually as to not bring any attention to what I was going to do. I bent down and looked at it. There was no mistaking at what I was looking at--a bonafide mac tower discarded like...
  13. Mac03ForLife

    G5 Twitches, Won't fully boot

    Hello! This is unusual, considering I generally can help most people Anyways I was reconfiguring my workshop last night, and after not booting my PMacG5 for close to 2 months, I decided I would hit the button and see what happens. As it turns out, it clicks, the fans twitch, but it won't get...
  14. GuiPol

    Power Mac G5 (june 2004) processor upgrade compatibility

    Hello guys ! So i've got my hands on 2 power mac G5 recently, apparently dead : The first one would be this one : Dual 2 ghz from june 2003 stamped powermac 7,2 and the second one ...
  15. computiNATEor

    Dead PMG5 (June 04, LCS dual-2.5)

    Hey there, I need some advice regarding my next course of action with my June 04 PowerMac7,3 (dual-2.5 w/ Liquid Cooling System). I recently replaced all the hoses and the coolant, and reapplied thermal paste after a thorough cleaning. I blew the case out with some compressed air, too. I...
  16. punger

    Looking for ASD 2.5.8

    Hello, I have a Powermac G5 DP 2.5 and it runs hot (50C Idle, up to 72C at full load). I want to replace the thermal paste to extend the life of the machine but also in hopes of getting the fans to run much slower as the computer is extremely loud most of the time (around 40-50% CPU usage...
  17. MacSoftware3

    Plans for buying PowerMac G5

    Hello there everybody, I am considering to buy a PowerMac G5 DP 2.0GHz + 4GB RAM. The only thing which keeps me away from it is the ATI Radeon 9600 Pro, which isn't a very capable card as far as I know. I am from the Netherlands, and on Dutch eBay like websites, no special Mac graphics cards...
  18. barnturkeys

    PowerPC G5 Startup Issues

    I am not too well versed with the internal parts or setup dialogue, but I will try my best to explain my issue. One day, it wouldn't turn on. There were previous incidents where I would find the computer fans on full tilt and would manually shutdown. I replaced the power supply and battery...
  19. Mac03ForLife

    CD/DVD Drive Dead on PMacG5?

    Hi. I recently inherited a PowerMac G5 (Dual 1.8, 512mb RAM), and I went to load an Audio CD into the Pioneer optical drive, and it just spun, made a few honking noises, and spit it out. I have extra IDE as well as SATA optical drives, any suggestions / How easy is it to replace this drive...
  20. Project Alice

    another g5 startup thread

    Hi all, I have a dual 2.0 G5, it sat for a little over a year but the last time it was hooked up it worked just fine and never really had any issues until now. It starts up, chimes. and thats it. No video. I can hear hard disk activity for a couple seconds, my display light turns green for...