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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by archangel890, Nov 15, 2015.

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    So I have started having random reboot problems on my Mac Pro 4,1 early 2009 and just recently had an actual freeze mid gameplay on Heros of the Storm where I saw distorted pixelated blocks on my screen, I am under the impression that it is likely that I have a graphics card problem. I am currently running a GTX 285 mac edition (which I have seen at this point is a very dated card) so I was looking to replace it and or upgrade it but am having little to no luck finding any options... The best option for what I was looking for was the GTX680 Mac Edition which I can't seem to find anywhere short of the occasional used one on, or a few on Ebay which I can't tell if they are flashed versions of the PC card or what. Trying to find a reliable source where I can buy something to rectify my problem. I am always hesistant to buy a used one...

    I am also unaware of how the whole flashing process works on some of the more up to date PC cards, and whether it's worth it and what kind of support El Capitan has for drivers for better cards within a reasonable price range...
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    You don't necessarily need to flash a card to use it with a Mac. You only need to do so if you want boot screens. You really should read the Nvidia Mac FAQ, it probably answers your questions and provides a lot of other info you might not have even thought to ask about:

    I wish someone would make a similar FAQ for AMD cards.

    I've flashed a 680 myself, it is quite easy unless you have an exotic model 680. Here are the threads for the 4GB and 2GB models:

    As mentioned before, Macvidcards provides a service for many Nvidia and AMD cards if you want a pre-flashed card. I currently have a GTX980 from Macvidcards:

    Hope this helps.

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