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Discussion in 'iPad' started by applejack91, Mar 19, 2016.

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    Long time apple user looking to buy a brand new 128gb wifi only iPad Pro at best buy. I am going to need this before the fall semester starts (august) and wanted to know if this $100 off is a good deal to bite on? I know apple products rarely go on sale and usually only knock prices when the new version is coming out. From past experiences do you think i should wait a couple months? Do you think the smaller screen coming out soon will have an impact on this price? All opinions welcome. TIA
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    If you don't mind buying from eBay it's $70 less there at $780. Search this forum for iPad pro eBay it's close to the top as inhabit replied in there

    Also education pricing from Apple don't forget. And figure buying st full price online with no tax may save as much or more

    Combine an online deal like eBay and no tax and you're saving hundreds.

    I got my iPad Air 2 direct from
    An Apple Store after talking to the manager about the fact they were so much chooser elsewhere and the fact I had to pay tax and figured is wait and see what else came out. They took $100 off in store from the air 2 I'd imagine they can do more on the pro. In going down today to see what deal I could maybe get. Depends how many are moving but the eBay $780 for a 128 wifi with no tax is an incredible price.

    Prices drop online and other places fast. I wouldn't say they're lowering prices or releasing an update. And most places have a 30 day return.

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