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Apr 12, 2001

With Apple's redesigned MacBook Pro believed to be just days away from being announced at Apple's "Unleashed" event, we have compiled all of the coherent rumors from our news coverage to build a full picture of the features and upgrades coming to the company's highly-anticipated new laptops.


It is worth noting that the rumors below are aggregated from our coverage from a wide range of sources, including leakers, analysts, and publications. The reliability of each source varies, so some of the rumored features may need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

That being said, this year's MacBook Pro rumors have been very consistent, with sources including Ming-Chi Kuo, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, and "Dylandkt," as well as MacRumors' own findings, presenting a very similar picture of the new machines.

The overall view of the redesigned MacBook Pro rumors gives a good idea of many of the upcoming upgrades and what users can largely expect from the new machines when they are officially revealed. Apple's "Unleashed" special event takes place on Monday, October 18, where the new MacBook Pro models are widely expected to be announced. For more detailed information about the redesigned MacBook Pro models, see our comprehensive "Everything We Know" guide.

Update October 15: Updated to include mention of a last-minute rumor of a display notch.

Article Link: New MacBook Pro Features Breakdown: Everything Rumors Say We Can Expect
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Juicy Box

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Sep 23, 2014
a MagSafe charging port on the left side of the machine
The thing I am looking forward to the most!

MagSafe has saved my wife's MBA from certain death many times, and was very sorry to see it go at the horrible "hello again" event back in 2016.

I just hope Apple sticks to what works and doesn't try to reinvent the wheel, potentially causing more problems than what they are trying to fix.


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Mar 29, 2016
It would be very unlike Apple to call the chip "M1X", as it would be based on the new CPU A15, and as such a new architecture with double the cache and much more powerful efficient cores. Thus, they will give the new CPU at least a new number!
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Jul 13, 2008
I'll be looking to get one next year, after all the issues with the screen, chassis, this or that that happens with a new design from Apple get ironed out. :D
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Mar 8, 2007
Shaping up to be a truly great update, and I think most of these predictions/rumours will come to pass.

Any guesses as to starting price? ?


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Mar 31, 2004
Washington, DC
While I like mag safe charging from way back. I did like be able to use whatever side of the computer I wanted to charge via usb c
I understand why MagSafe is popular and I welcome it back. However I truly hope that these also support USB-C charging or at very least Apple offers an official USB-C to MagSafe adapter. Being able to connect a single cable from a Thunderbolt dock to cover everything from display to power is very convenient, but more importantly having to carry a separate power adapter is an enormous hassle when traveling. With USB-C I can bring along one power adapter that can charge my phone, work laptop (PC), and personal laptop. USB-C also makes it very convenient to power a laptop off a battery pack without the inefficiency of an inverter.

I realize there are USB-C to MagSafe adapters but I haven’t found a good quality one made by a decent company yet.


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May 30, 2019
I look forward to buying the first revised version of this. Never buy v1.0 of Apple hardware. It’s almost always got problems that need to be fixed.
I'll be looking to get one next year, after all the issues with the screen, chassis, this or that that happens with a new design from Apple get ironed out. :D
Same here. My 15” 2017 could use an upgrade, but I intend to hold out till next year.
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Aug 14, 2009
While MagSafe would be nice, why not just design a USB-C MagSafe connector and stick with what is now a pretty standard, and widely available, power connector? The physical cable need only provide power, simplifying the design a bit; and allowing the port to be used as a normal USB C as well.

I imagine the price will be unleashed as well...

Orange Bat

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Mar 21, 2021
They should up the minimum storage to 1TB on MacBook Pros. 256GB was criminal when I bought mine in 2015 with limited funds. 512GB is a great improvement, but should be more for the price. (I bought my Mac Mini with 1TB. It’s the best value Mac in the line-up and I have zero complaints.)
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