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Apr 12, 2001

While leaker Jon Prosser claimed that a new MacBook Pro was coming at WWDC, Apple's keynote did not include any new hardware announcements. Instead, it is looking increasingly likely that redesigned 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models powered by a faster iteration of the M1 chip will be released in the third or fourth quarter of the year.


A paywalled preview of a DigiTimes report today claims that Apple suppliers will begin shipments for new MacBook Pro models in the third quarter, which starts in July and runs through September. It's unclear if these shipments are referring to new MacBook Pro models as a whole or individual components for the notebooks.

"Apple is expected to roll out two new MacBook Pro models later in 2021, with shipments slated to kick off in the third quarter, according to industry sources," the paywalled blurb reads. The full report should be published by tomorrow.

It's worth noting that while there were hopes that Apple would announce new MacBook Pro models at WWDC, supply chain reports from outlets like Nikkei Asia and DigiTimes have repeatedly suggested that mass production of new MacBook Pro models would not begin until at least the third quarter of the year. This timeframe should provide Apple with an opportunity to announce the new MacBook Pro models before the end of the year.

The new MacBook Pro models are each expected to feature a brighter mini-LED display, an improved iteration of the M1 chip, and a new design with a flatter top and bottom. The notebooks are also expected to regain some ports that Apple removed from the MacBook Pro in 2016, including an HDMI port, SD card slot, and a magnetic charging port. Rumors also suggest the Touch Bar will be retired in favor of physical Fn keys.

Article Link: New MacBook Pro Shipments Forecasted to Begin in Third Quarter


Sep 27, 2013
In retrospect, maybe it’s not a surprise they didn’t announce it yesterday. It would’ve been strange to release new iMacs with an M1 chip and then two weeks later announce the M1X chip.

Yeah but it’s also strange to put 2 fans in the new iMac design if they weren’t planning to allow M2 configurations soon. That’s 1.5 more fans than the M1 needs.


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Oct 19, 2016
Prosser was wrong, so instead you’re quoting Digitimes?! Seriously, stop with this rubbish — they aren’t credible and everyone knows it.
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Oct 13, 2016
So Macrumors, are you going to FINALLY stop using Prosser as a source? This joker has been wrong with every single one of his last few "predictions" it's sad.

What's even sadder is that you continually give "No Brows" Prosser page clicks
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