New Razer Blade Stealth vs. Apple's MacBooks

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    What’s funny is just a few years ago this type of conversation was completely reversed when talking about Apple Mouse products (the old 1 button then the puck, the. The scroll wheel on the top).

    Huh? The controls you use are OS dependant and thus you’re using the OS a LOT more than you think.

    Cut, copy, paste.
    Renaming multiple files in a folder at once.
    Copying multiple files from various locations in the file system (UI not cmd-line)
    Then the big difference: screenshots - by default OSX still have more options than all Windows variants.

    There is a LOT more such as interactions between the core apps and third party apps within a UI, cloud storage interoperability (why MS OneNote still has its own sharing function that breaks your ability to edit notes if you use Windows explorer or OneDrive to move or share notes; and it’s Microsoft own products which they’ve made into enterprise a damn issue once you enable and protect your Documents folder for O365. Grrr! There literally hundreds of pages of complaints and troubleshooting suggestions that fail!)

    There is more of the core OS end users use than they realize. If you truly use the browser then you should be using a modern day dumb-terminal, tablet or compute-stick unless graphics use is a concern. My humble opinion here of course.

    You do realize laptops route power from adapter through the battery right? What’s worse is manually corporations still fail when creating their own images to include the proper manufacturers power management drivers to protect the battery. Many times in less than a year I’ve seen users complain their laptop suddenly will not power on where I disconnect from power adapter, pull the battery, reconnect adapter (sans-battery), and powers on. Then power off out back the battery and on only to install the drivers so the battery can be calibrated properly. 5 global corporations in the last 15yrs now on my 6th and nothing has changed.

    Laptop in external charger does stop charging the battery after a charging it: typically to 91% to preserve longevity but running off battery doesn’t affect laptop performance over time; that’s just cpu being affected and when battery is low OR performance is set to battery performance in Windows. I’ll agree some apps eat battery life due to heavy system performance use ... but the system doesn’t begin to drop I. Performance just due to battery life over time. Charge battery or plug in system is back to normal. Battery life is affected over time of long use as charging drops to minimal thresholds. I hope I’m explaining that right (though I have a feeling I’m not).
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    I get what you're saying. For general UI the differences are still quite small for me. You detail quite a bit of online interaction (cloud stuff, Office 365, etc.) that I don't use--neither Microsoft's nor Apple's. I use all my own "cloud" stuff, whether it's LAN storage, calendar/contact syncing, etc., so I'm pretty much always platform agnostic when it comes to that. This leaves only the idiosyncracies of the OS (control versus command modifier key, etc.) and I can handle those differences.

    Sometimes I do use a dumb terminal: usually my iPad with SSH or VNC.

    Don't get me wrong, I still like some of Apple's stuff, I just don't feel much of it is worth the premium price.
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    Yes I do.

    None of what you said stops this laptop from being used in a professional environment purchased by a company. ( Professional environments aren't exclusive to company offices of course)

    I certainly notice a performance drop when running my Macbook pro off the battery alone.

    Admittedly, it's very unlikely that it would be used in an office professional environment in any case since there are other laptops more suited towards that task.

    This is a laptop geared towards lightweight gaming.


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