New to Mac, what's the best browser?


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Jul 11, 2007
I'm new to mac and have been hearing some bad things about safari...Currently I use firefox, which I really like as you can customize it and add things like stumble upon...
What would you say is the best browser for macs?


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Aug 7, 2007
I just got my first mac about a week ago. First few days I split time between firefox and safari. I'm now primarily using firefox...just like the fact I can change themes and there are lots of add-ons. Safari is pretty nice though.


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May 28, 2007
Firefox. There are a lot of add ons that will make your life easier, and there's more support for it (although that can change with Safari going to Windows).


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Jun 7, 2005
I use camino for the most part and safari for the pages that it won't open. I don't know why but I feel that safari is more of a ram hog.


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Jul 3, 2004
Manchester, UK
I use safari 99.9% of the time as it does pretty much everything that I need it to, though I have Firefox as some of my University network pages don't work with safari (2.0.4).

Oh, and I don't use Safari 3.x because my on-line banking isn't set up for it yet so I can't access it using that.


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Nov 29, 2005
a simulacrum
these are your options, as far as i'm concerned:
Safari - it is the default browser for the OS, so it should work the best, right?can't really customize it as much as Firefox, by why would you want to have that many extentions anyway? i have safariStand and Shaft on my Safari and i don't really care for any more customization
Firefox - not much i have to say about firefox, we all know it kicks ass, and you'll have the same interface roughly using it in both platforms, but it just doesn't look as good on the mac as it does on the pc, my humble opinion. extentions are great, but if you go over the top it will be a memory hog.i just use it for pages that don't work well with Safari or for flv downloads and so on...
Camino - pretty cool lightweight browser, i use it the most after Safari, gets the job done and works like a charm
Shiira - shiira looks awesome! it's by far the prettiest browser i've seen so far, but it really lacks in user experience... maybe i haven't used it enough, but i feel that a few key options are missing...
Opera - i had never used it before, but since it's my job, i have to test my websites on as many browsers as i can get my hands on... opera does look pretty fugly on the mac, but i must admit that it also looks very efficient... can't really express an opinion on it since i've practically never used it in a real-world situation

hope that helps
in the end, it's down to personal choice ;)


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Mar 15, 2006
I use Safari almost exclusively, with Inquisitor and Pithhelmet installed.
Pithhelmet is a really, really effective add-blocker. I can highly recommend it. The web without Pithhelmet is really a terrible mess.


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Aug 12, 2007
If your an ebay seller then Safari only allows you to use HTML for your description. I prefer Safari myself but use Firefox for ebay releated selling.


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Jul 25, 2007
I have been having crap luck with Firefox as of late, so I am using this new thing called Flock. It's pretty good, and more stable than the current release of FF.


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Jun 18, 2007
Browser Comparison

Personally, I like Opera. From everything I've heard, it renders pages the best, and it has a feature to disguise itself as IE or Firefox, so it works with almost every site I've seen. If you're worried about how well the browsers render pages, test them with this website.


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Aug 15, 2006
I use the Safari 3 beta, I run into no problems. I used to use Camino or Bon Echo
(Firefox) and those where all nice as well.

The Stig

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Nov 4, 2006
On the track
Internet Explorer is the best browser for Mac!!!

The Stig

J/K, Firefox works best for most things, I use it most of the time, and Safari only for a couple of things.