Next-Generation iPhone Dock/Headphone Jack Assembly Paired with Rear Shell


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Apr 12, 2001

Following up on last week's photos of iPad mini and next-generation iPhone parts including Apple's new, smaller dock connector and the bottom-mounted headphone jack, parts and repair firm iResQ has taken the iPhone part and placed it in a rear shell obtained from a separate source.

The two parts fit together extremely well, with screw holes and components lining up perfectly. While the fit is not conclusive evidence of the legitimacy of these parts, it does provide additional confidence that they are intended to be used together. The photos also provide a better idea of what the next iPhone will look like when viewed from the bottom, with the significantly smaller dock connector making room for the headphone jack and a larger speaker grille along the bottom edge of the device.

Next-generation iPhone (left) compared to iPhone 4S (right)

A number of parts claimed to be for the next-generation iPhone have already leaked, giving a good idea of what the device with its taller 4-inch display will look like. One of the key parts observers have been waiting for is the device's logic board, and while photos of one did leak earlier this month, most of the details were obscured by shielding on the part.

Apple is expected to introduce the next-generation iPhone on September 12, with the "iPad mini" potentially seeing an introduction on the same date, although some sources have speculated that Apple will wait to introduce the smaller iPad at a later date.

Article Link: Next-Generation iPhone Dock/Headphone Jack Assembly Paired with Rear Shell


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Jul 15, 2004
Oh for goodness sakes just ship me one. Stop reverse stripping in front of me. You had me a 4".


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Sep 8, 2011
New England
Wouldn't it be funny if every few days more and more parts were leaked and added to this assembly until on Sept 12th there was a fully assembled iphone.


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Jun 8, 2007
Sweet mother can somebody just pop off that shielding and see how much ram and what processor is in this thing?


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Oct 29, 2007
An unshielded PCB is pretty much all we're missing. It kills me the one we saw didn't have the shield removed. We could have learned a lot - CPU type, LTE included/not included (although antenna hook ups seem to suggest so), possibly RAM amount, etc.


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Jul 17, 2010
Not that much thinner after all huh? Or bad angle?

Edit: yea, didn't think about the front glass. Doh! Stupid of me. Disregard this asinine comment.
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Oct 5, 2008
Maybe its me, but the new iPhone doesn't look THAT thin to me compared to the 4S. They were talking like the new iPhone would be 7.6MM


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Oct 29, 2007
Not that much thinner after all huh? Or bad angle?
The front screen protrudes from the device on a 4/4S and is not included in the picture. We don't know to what extent it does on the new iPhone.

the iphone 4 next to it is missing its top glass. the next iphone is going to essentially be the 4/4s with no glass.
It will most certainly still have the front glass and we don't know how much it will stick out, if any.


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Apr 3, 2009
I wonder if iResQ lost major trust from Apple over this. I'm not going to complain about leaks though :)


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Mar 7, 2012
Honestly, that new iPhone, I hope to see some major design differences, and not just a thinner and longer one...

One thing that I'm sure if Jobs was alive, he wouldn't approve, the amount of holes for speaker and mic, it's different, asymmetric and it looks a non-apple product... we are missing Jobs perfectionism.:confused:
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