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Mar 21, 2011
It's starting to happen... No business can escape, not even Apple can say "production won't be affected"


Oct 11, 2011
iPhone 12 to be roughly on time but the pro series will be delayed is whats been rumoured for ages
When did Apple set a date for iPhone 12? They didn’t so it’s not delayed.
for you young kids out there, that headline is click bait. When Apple announces a ship date then if they can’t meet that ship date that is what delayed is. So anyone that says iPhone 12 is delayed is not intelligent
Was going to say this, these rumours are just like clockwork. Same applies to headlines like "Hottest summer ever we're all going to die through drought" and "Apocalyptic snow this winter, buy shovels now!".
Yea I used to goto this site all the time, it is useless. I know it is a rumor site but come on, they don’t have to take random peoples tweets as “leakers” That Dan guy that does videos is they only one that works hard.
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