Pedometer app that can work as a trip meter

Discussion in 'Apple Watch Apps' started by flogga, Jun 1, 2019.

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    I'm chasing an app that can show me the steps for a certain trip, not all day. So I press Start walk for hoewever long and then press Stop and it gives me how many steps. I have downloaded many apps but none that I have found seem to have this feature. It seems that it would be simple to implement. Get the current daily steps at Start, get the current steps at Stop. Deduct Start from Stop. Is there an app out there that will do this? I currently need to screen shot and Start and screenshot at Stop and then deduct myself.
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    Do mean a short trip like a walk for an hour or two, or a long trip, like backpacking for 7 days? For "walks" there are probably plenty of options; I have long used pedometer+ to track steps, and I see that I can configure what displays during the walk, and one of the fields available is steps (for the trip). But if you want to look at this data afterwards, I would use WorkOutDoors (much discussed here in other threads), because you can configure those screens for the watch during the workout, and you can review that data on the phone afterwards, and that includes total steps.
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    MapMyRun or MapMyWalk.

    However, if going to be OCD re: it vs what Health App says, don't bother. Between those two and my GPS tracking app, will get differences in steps, distance, speed, etc that will never jibe.

    Not interested in steps for a trip, so, MapMyRun for calorie burn estimate, HA for steps, GPS (Motion-X) for speed, distance, elevation.

    ADD: also MapMyHike. All the apps are basically the same core technology, just presented differently, depending on task at hand.
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    Thanks - I've just got WorkOutDoors - thank you :)

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